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Nanaki's New Family

No sleep!

June 25th 2008 8:31 am
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Crate training was going great. Nanaki was sleeping almost all the way through the night. Then something changed and the last 2 nights have been night number 1 all over again. Crying, howling, etc all night long!!! We don't know what to do, I'm afraid if he keeps it up we'll have to put him in the basement by himself, which I don't want to do at all. But we need sleep. I know huskies love to be close to people, after all, if I leave him in the room around bed time with my wife while I get ready, I'll come back and he'll be sound asleep as close to her as possible on the floor. I'd love to leave him there all night, but I know when he wakes up - chew time!!! So that's a no go for now until he's house trained better. I've been walking him/running him every night for about 30 mins, but tonight I'm going to try to do it twice once being right before bed time to really drain his energy and get him good and tired. We'll see how it goes! I post the results in the next day or so of experiment 001 sleep better.


First week

June 24th 2008 8:29 am
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So far he's adapting very well to the new home. Within the first day he was very comfortable. He love's to run around the yard and chase us and play, play, and play... Did I mention he loves to play? His first night wasn't so good - lots of crying and doing things with his voice I didn't think was possible (and I owned a Husky before, but he was 2 when we got him). He loves people and isn't shy at all. So far he's been on 5 car rides and falls asleep everytime, to the vet 2 times (fell asleep the second time), and met numerous people.

We did find out that he had Coccidia (which the breeder is paying for). At first he had an upset tummy and we figured it was due to the stress, new move, new home, away from his mommy and brother and sisters, but it only got worse. The vet wanted us to keep an eye on it and we took him back for another checkup a couple days later. Lucky we caught it, he's on medicine, feeling somewhat better, and still eats, drinks, and more energy than he knows what to do with. We put him on a good schedule, run in the morning, breakfast, play, crash and sleep, then come home, run, play, food, play, play, play, play, sleep - repeat. So he seems to be getting enough exercise.

He learned go potty, go poop, and leave it (kinda). But we're trying to get through the chewing phase where he wants to chew everything in sight, especially us. But he is starting to sleep through the night for the most part (yeah).

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