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Dream Hugs and Kisses

i never knowed...

June 8th 2008 6:24 am
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good morning dogster's & catster's..

i never knowed how many wonderful peoples, pups & kitties there were in the world..

in fact i realy never knowed alot of anything, cause where i come from i didn't get to do alot of anything..

But what a wonerful place this dogster & catster is.. Thank You everyone for all the pawesome presents on my page, the pup palsy requests, the intrest you have taken in my life and story, and all the wonerful things you bring to our world!

well, day 2 & 3 is in the recordered books, and they were very great days and nights...

i never knowed it could be this good! some more things i never knowed, but have learnded in a few days..

i never knowed how snuggly air conditioning makes you..
i never knowed how much wiggling one little tail could do..
i never knowed what hugs does for your smile
i never knowed how good pupcorn was.. yummy to the tummy
i never knowed how having brothers & sissy's could fill a day
i never knowed what it felt like to your heart to run and play
i never knowed what someone calling out your name felt like..
i never knowed that patience and tollerance means you are loved
i never knowed when you rolled over there could be a BELLY RUB in store fur you..
and i never knowed how totaly off the scale of pleasure a BELLY RUB Felt..
i never knowed what it felt like to actualy sleep on a soft place, and actualy sleep
i never knowed that one heart makes you live, but two makes you live better
i never knowed that the more kisses you get the more safe you feel
i never knowed that toys R just FUN!
i never knowed how good food tastes when it comes from a bowl instead of the ground..
i never knowed that your tongue doesn't hurt when you are not eating on concrete
i never knowed arms were meant for hugging
i never knowed that the world was so big
i never knowed i never knowed what it was like to get to dig..very cool
i never knowed i never knowed how entergetic cool water can make you
i never knowed that the world could be so great... when your not in a crate..

These R just a few things i dint know.. and in a very short day i have learnded..

i love this new way of life... i hope to find a wonderful furever home and show some family how much love i gots to give and all the things i never knowed but know now..

days two and 3 here have been wonderful, i am fitting in realy realy well..
Me and Boogie are buddies bestest i think.. He sure gives lots of kisses..
Me and Rascal are pretending the other isn't there.. but we sneak up and say hi to each other, and i see him coming over and saying "it will be OK Kiki" we LOVE YOU..
Me and Sassy are learning how to play.. if the peoples would just let us alone.. heehee. she's still totaly pawesome to me, so i try and get near as often as i can
Me and Dallas are doing pretty darn good.. He's still the Handsomestest ever Hedog.. and he's taken me in pretty good.. i see he started protecting me from every noise and things outside the fence, like he does the other doggies.. i think he digs me..

Regena is so loving and sweet and patient with me.. she realy seems to know how to Love things.. i love her too!

Pop's.. well, he's a grumpy one.. well not very much, and not to me, but it seems that everytime i tell him all the things i never knowed .. he gets kinda grumpy at my last people's where i lived..

i think if he could meet them, someone would be sleeping in that stinky ole kennel in the heat and eating off the floor.. and IT Wouldn't be Me! i think his heart is as big as Texas, and he just gets sad or mad when he thinks about what some peoples treat the world like.. He sure gives tons and tons of kisses.. so i think he digs me as much as i do him!

well, i better go before i miss something.. i never knowed what it was like to be Missing something, till i founs something worth missing..

tommorow i will tell you all about the WHAT Nots.. those are the "What Not To Do's" heehee, i've learned a few of those too!

Luvs and Slurple Kisses to everyone.. Thanks again fur welcoming me so great! i never knowed peoples, pups and kitties like you.. NOW i Know what i was realy missing!

Hope, Patience, Compassion & LOVE

bye bye 4 now.. i'll be back soon.. got to go smile at peoples and give "Take Me Home Kisses" heehee


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