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June 6th 2008 9:11 pm
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Here is the Information of Kiki & Others Life Before the Wonderful People at the TULSA BOXER RESCUE Showed Love..

This is as tough of a situation as any rescue group should ever have to deal with, my friends.

About a month ago, the Tulsa Boxer Rescue was contacted by a vet's office regarding a breeder with 18 female boxers and 2 male boxers who were unable to reproduce and make a profit for him. He is now willing to turn them over to TBR. They were tentatively scheduled to go in to pull all 20 dogs out of the facility at one time and transport them directly to the vet's office for physical evaluation and temperament testing. From there they literally had nowhere to go. Generous donation that came in at the onset of this issue; but what they needed then was people. And they need ideas. Ideas and input are coveted right now, and They will be reading them all.

Here are parts of some of the rescuers/transporters stories (they had a caravan of 9 vehicles by the way):


Wow! What a day! Wish you could have all been there. Most of you reading this will have as hard of a time as we did understanding that these dogs (17 of them, not 20) were considered nothing more than livestock; that is how they were described. They were in their own outdoor pens with the only shade being inside a dog house where temperatures cannot be discussed. They are all well fed and they had water- let's not discuss quality here. We were given 14 dogs and later a 15th dog after one rescue team member was able to persuade the owner that this pup would not be a good breeder due to the deformity in his back legs. Go ahead and read between the lines- they kept two females. You guessed it. They intend to continue breeding our precious boxer breed! and they don't even know the difference between a brindle and a reverse brindle. We rescued 3 males, one young, one older and the pup. The 12 females range in age 3-7 yrs. and have clearly been bred to no end! They have never been in vehicles, never had a treat, never been in a house, never free to play and romp with buddies, never had a bath, in fact, most never even had a name. Three are being boarded in Bristow, and the rest are in private foster homess throughout Tulsa and surrounding areas and in OKC. I will share more with you all after a good night's sleep! Thank you all for caring and for being there when these dogs needed you!
Sincerely, Robin

This is what I did today along with my two daughters. We helped transport these poor babies. When we got there and they brought those dogs out they never even gave a wag of the tail. I swear they had never been out in the daylight or out free.
We got them back to Tulsa, took them to Petco, who bathed them and cleaned out their ears and did their nails for free.
Then they donated bags of Nutro dog food for each dog. I buy that for my babies and it costs 35.00 a bag. God bless Petco.
We took four of the dogs to Denise's house. She had cleaned up her storage shed, bought an air conditioner and had everything ready for them.
When they got in that back yard they became puppies. Real puppies. Running and having fun. One got in the storage room and found a bag of clothes and started throwing them out. It was like she was saying, "Here try this on, it will look good on you."
I hope we can find good homes for all of them. One of hers is older and will be hard to replace but they sure did not look like the dogs we got this morning.
We took three vehicles and brought back five dogs plus the crates. We had some good laughs and Treasure and I about died when the caravan of cars turned on to the red clay dirt road and drive through that red dust. I kid you not, you could not see the car in front of you or see where you were driving. On top of it the wind was blowing about 30 miles an hour.
She worked hard to get things ready and will have her hands full taking care of those four boxers plus her own Huge Boxer Will and her little Jack Russell, Grace. Get it, Will and Grace. And then she named two of her foster kids Karen and Jack. I am proud of her and Treasure both.
Treasure had a cutie named Becky and I kid you not, she never let that dog out of her sight, kissed it good by when it went in to get bathed and just fretted over her in general.
Good night. It has been a long day, a long drive and a warm and wonderful feeling to know we got these babies out of there.
To all of you in the Tulsa area, please pass the word around that these dogs need good homes. You will be able to see their pictures on Boxer rescue of Tulsa. Don't know the exact website but just do a search for that information.
They left the country to day, went to the city, got there shots and probably had their first bath. And all are sleeping in cool comfortable places tonight.


along with several other wonderful volunteers with TBR and Dr. Todd Mauldin caravaned out to the upper central part of the state (in the middle or nowhere on a red dirt road) to rescue 16 Boxers (14 females and 2 males) from a breeder. These dogs were being surrendered b/c they were no longer making a "profit" for the breeder. In fact the breeder advised us (TBR) that these dogs were not family pets they are "livestock". I know many of you have either been on a farm or was raised on a farm and we know livestock to be cows, pigs or chickens. Right? Never in my wildest dreams have I thought of dogs to be considered livestock, let alone a Boxer.
(This was pulled from the AKC website). Does this sound like they are describing livestock?
"One of the breed's most notable characteristics is its desire for human affection, especially from children. They are patient and spirited with children, but also protective, making them a popular choice for families. The Boxer requires little grooming, but needs daily exercise."
These 16 dogs were housed on concrete or dirt floors. They did have shelter, but no access to air conditioning in the summer or heating in the winter, no room for excercise. Let me reminder you the it was 6/4/08 and it was approximately 92 degrees out that day. All these dogs knew about life was to breed and make babies.
After rescuing these dogs we drove the 2+ hours back to Tulsa to the PetCo on Riverside where we were greeted by staff with open arms. Each dog was given a free bath, ears were cleaned and nails were clipped and on top of that each foster parent was given a free bag of dog food. (I am not talking about Old Roy I talking Science Diet)
A big thank you to PetCo. It is nice to see that there are others out there that care about these dogs. All dogs have now recieved their shots, baths and are settling into their new homes and a NEW LIFE.
Let me tell you about my foster, I have named her Lexie May AKA #7. We are thinking she is about 3 years old, but from the looks of her she appears to be a pup. She still had her winter coat on and like I said before it was at least 90 degrees outside. Can you imagine? She has had at least two litters of puppies. She is underweight and underloved. She is very terrified and scared to this new life that she is enduring.
It appears that she has never ridden in car, been in a house or been loved before. We are on our second day and she finally calmed down enough to eat her first meal (rice with chicken broth and dog food) she refused to eat the rice but could not chew up the dog food unless with was moistened. She is slowly beginning to trust Shannon and I. She has spent most of the time in her crate (where she feels safe from the unknown). We are slowly introducing her to the inside world (the house). She basically crawls across the floor in fear. It breaks my heart when she looks at me with her big brown eyes and they are filled with fear.
She has two fur siblings that are dying to meet her. I have reassured them that time would come (later rather than sooner). It is going to be a long road to recovery and I say recovery b/c she has never in her life been treated like a dog should be treated.
Thanks for taking the time to read this email and I hope it gives you a better perspective of the people that live in this world.

*** Read More about this at

Tulsa Boxer Rescue

Tulsa Boxer Rescue
under Available Boxers-15 Breeder Dogs Rescued

We were one of the Fortunate Families provided a blessing in Fostering one of these Little Girls.. Our Foster Baby Kiki.. a 5 Year Old Super Sweeet and Loving Doll!

Thank You Tulsa Boxer rescue, Volunteers and all that do this type of Wonderful Service.. Wo Luv Ya All! from the heart


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