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Dream Hugs and Kisses

Slurple Kisses are Wonderful

June 6th 2008 2:33 pm
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Hi evryone, my name is Kiki.. as of yesterday Heehee..

i think i only had a number for the first part of my life.. i don't realy know all there is to the story, all i realy know is what i know..

but i would like to say hi, and introduce myself to all the wonderful dogsters & casters in the whole wide world.. *~Slurple Kisses~*

(those are Slurpy People Kisses) i love 'em!

anywho, i am Kiki, and i was living at a place that was not so nice.. not that i realy knew, cause i had nothing to compare it to... all i did was stay mostely in a kennel outside, and have babies.. that's all i realy knew, i dont think it was very fun, and i sure wish no puppies or kitties ever had to live that way.. cause your tail don't wag and you cant give Slurple Kisses!

I was sitting around like most days in my kennel, in the heat and all the sudden i was taken out, on a trip.. wasn't sure what was happening, cause i don't ever remember getting out before.. maybe i did, and just don't remember..

but i was taken and met some peoples that made my tail wiggle and my heart giggle.. These wunerful peoples at the Tulsa Boxer Rescue in Oklahoma took me in and I mean IN.. I got to go inside..OMDoggies, it is wondeful..! (good thing i hear too, cause i guess we were all going to be put to sleep-what ever that was)

i heared them talking about other doggies that have found wunerful familes and homes.. and though not sure what that meant, it made them all smile.. they told me someday i would have a reason to smile too.. i heared that a pawesome family was going to let me come live wiff them for awhile so these pawesome Awesome peeps could find me a Furever Home, where i can learn to run and play and be happy too. So they found this Awesome House and BIG Family, and i mean Realy Big Family, to come get me and take me home wiff them while we look for Furever Happy Tales.

This is where i learned that i had been short changed in life, and all that i was missing.. Cause this Lady showed up and she was soooo sweet to me.. she treated me like a queen, a princess and a girly girl.. like i had allways dreamed of..
She gives Kisses, Hugs and a Smiley Heart..

So, this Pawesome Lady took me for another drive.. Kinda scary i must admit, but not as bad as giving birth.. Heehee

We ended up at this house, where a Big Guy was standing in the front waiting on us.. OMDoggies, this scruffy man opened up the car door and started loving all over me and smothering me with kisses in minutes.. I never knowed how good kisses tasted, so I quickely started learning how to give my patented Slurple Kisses* Special Slurpy People Kisses.. It's pawesome

So the adventure was over right? NOT.. heehee
Those of you that know these two peoples, are laughing right now.. Hey, No Tears..unless they are Happy Tears.. So the Adventure had JUST Started.. We entered a yard, where there was something icky all over it.. well not so Icky, kinda squishy and soft .. (grass)

Their hearts broke as they figured i probably had never experienced grass.. My home was a kennel of concrete, and i had a little trouble walking at first.. but if ya ever walked barepawed on green grass you know how wonerful it feels, so i loved it quick! My Tail started dancing and wouldnt stop.. UNTIL I Heard it..

**Woof, Yip, YAP and BARK** 4 very distinctive sounds

Inside that house, blocked off by a gate there were four very excited Doggies looking at me..

Now, i don't know how you would handle that, but i wiggled right up to them and tried to give a few welcome me kisses...

but.. i got to walk all over the back yard, and explore grass, and all the bright colored stuff there (Yard Full of Toys, Swimmin Pools, etc)

after some time, the man brought out this little gray doggie he called boogie.. we hit it off right away... well, i did, he seemed a little scared, but i'm a momma so i just showed him i was a sweety.. he was still shy, but getting better, he gave me a quick kiss and runned off.. He Boogie's fur sure

i walked some more and next this guy.. I can Call My Foster Pop's.. heehee, brought out a furby.. little guy growled at me right away.. i tried to say hi, but he was having nothing of it.. Foster Pop's and Momma G. took us both on a little stroll around the yard several times, threw some of those colorful things to us, and soon we were not paying too very much attention to each other... He's a Rascal

Next Came the Woof.. OMDoggies she was Beautiful.. i got to meet Sassy Girl.. Now there's a Princess that knows how to live.. i think i will learn lots from her.. We got along great, snifs and wiggles and curious of one another, but all in all a few good kisses and we seemed to look forward to getting to know one another better.. and do all that girlee stuff she will teach me..

Then it Happened Ladies.. I saw the BARK, I allmost fainted.. maybe it was all the NEW, but i am pretty sure it was the Handsome Sight of the Most Striking ManDog, i had ever seen.. I went straight from reserved Lady to Swooning Teenager in a split second.. I could Follow this Guy Anywhere.. He was Larger than Life, and I let him Know It.. He was too Cool to realy pay me much attention.. you know how them Cool Guys act.. You could tell he was tough, but i saw the Softy at Heart quick.. He Growled once in awhile a little when i crowded him.. I'm not kidding Girls, i followed him all over the place.. Hey, what can i say, he's Rocks

anyways, we stopped and they put some Fresh water out.. OMDoggies, it was so cold i wasn't sure what to do with it.. But it was great.. but i was more intrested in all the cool doggies, so in time we all got to hang out in small groups and then all togather...

It was quite a day... By Bed time i was so comfy.. I was Drinking well, eating, and did i mention I am House broke.. I did all my stuff out side..They seemed very pleased.. I had Picked out a Realy Fun Squeaky for myself.. heehee, a Santa Paws Squeaky and took it evrywhere i went.. I snuggled, Cuddled, visited, even got something called treats.. Not sure what they are, and didnt know what to do.. but i found out what not to do.. Drop it on the floor and walk away, cause that little furby will grab it lightning fast.. heehee

Well that's pretty much my first day... Today was even more Fun.. I will try and tell you about it soon.. There was so much new, that i have to tell it in parts.. Everything is New to me.. i never had a real life, so everything is amazing and wonderful..

For now all i can say is I real Realy Hope to Find me a Furever Home that is as Special to Special Doggies (and we all are) this one..

I'll Lap up the Love until then here, and be realy realy ready fur my new Home and Family.. Looks like I get to start something called Trainning soon and Walks.. Sounds Exciting and makes the other doggies tails wag, so it must be great.

Have a Pawesome Day and remember to smile along the way.. Makes Happy Tails and Happy Tales!

*~Slurple Kisses*~ Kiki


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