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Brandy is Doing Well

April 1st 2009 8:26 am
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Brandy had a spate of trouble with her diabetes - testing negative for glucose both at the vet and at home (urine testing). Since in the current economy we can't really afford the vet testing anymore I took her home and started testing with Diastyxx. I stopped the insulin for a day and her glucose came back up and have since monitored the amount of glucose daily and give her insulin doses as suggested by the urine tests. She is pretty stable now and on the occasion where she tests very low I skip an insulin shot and she comes right back on schedule. So, so far, so good. Will make a visit to the vet this month to report how it is going and see what the vet says but won't have them do a day long test. My vet is very good - she is fresh out of vet school but seems to know a lot about diabetes.

I have suspected that extra exercise has triggered the low glucose and need to follow up on that more. Don't think I had mentioned below that Brandy had gone blind shortly after I got her (a side effect of diabetes) but I have been teaching her to play ball. My Goldie had played ball during the last two years of her life while she was blind but of course she had learned while still sighted. I use one of the balls that has a rope through it as I can put a bit of liverwurst where the hole for the rope is. Brandy hears the ball hit the ground and runs to the area where it fell and then quickly finds it from the smell of the liverwurst. She hasn't learned to bring it back to me yet but I'm sure she will. We have postponed ball playing for the time being but after I talk to the vet will continue again.


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