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Hello to all my pals

Diary of The Day !!

February 12th 2013 4:42 am
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Hello to all my Dogster pals , Mum has just told me my 5th birthday Diary is" Diary of the day" , i feel very honoured to get it, thank you to who ever gave it to me, Woof Woof.

Woofs & Tailwags
from Rosie xx


5 years old today !!

February 10th 2013 11:11 am
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Happy Birthday Rosie .from Mum, Dad & Charlie.
Cant believe i have been here for five years, mummy said i am a good girl still, except on walks,i dont like other dogs, i squeal,last year i saw this dog before mummy did & i pulled her over, i dont fight , i just want to say Hello to them. i missed Emma today to share my birthday with, poor emma.

Woof & Tailwags
from Rosie


first hair cut

June 24th 2009 6:23 am
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Hello every one, just thought you would like to know i have been to the groomers for the very first time, mummy thought i was getting a bit scruffy, we were there a long time but the groomer did have Emma to do aswell, but she was only shampoo,d & nails clipped, i had the full works, i freaked out when Tracey got the clippers out so she had to clip me with scissors, i didnt much like being dried either, mummy forgot to tell her i dont like noise at all.
I look so different now, mummy was so pleased when she saw me, she can see my lovely eyes now, she said i do look more like a norfolk terrier x Bichon-frise now.
Please have a look at my photo,s & see what you think.
Love to all my pals, Rosie xx


1 Year Old To-Day

February 10th 2009 5:56 am
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Its my Birthday to-day, i am one year old, mummy thinks i might start to behave my self now, little does she know B O L .
I still chew things to beyond recognition, i am not allowed soft toys any more but the hardest toys she can find.
Mummy still loves me though & tells me i am really a good girl, still a baby really, perhaps i am one that isnt adult till i am 2yrs old, good oh, i can still chew B O L .
Apart from all the naughty things i do , i make up for in sooooooo many ways, i am very affectionate, very clean, & love to cuddle up on mummy,s knee & give her kisses.
Happy birthday to me, Rosie xx
Rosie is one of the most playful & loving dogs we have ever had, she has a lovely nature, we love her to bits, Happy Birthday Rosie, Love Mummy & Daddy, xx
Happy Birthday Rosie , love from Emma & Charlie xx


My first sight of snow

February 4th 2009 6:33 am
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My first sight of snow and i love it, i ran round and round the garden for ages, mummy was waiting for me to slow down so she could take some photos, it didnt happen, so she got her mobile phone and got a very short video of me, i ran so fast i was out of shot for some of the time.
The day before i lost my white ball in the snow, its my favourite toy and was looking around for it, mummy told me to go and find it then, so i did , i dug in the snow till , Hey i found it, i came rushing back in to show mummy how clever i was, she said , oh you are soooooo clever and gave me lots of hugs and kisses.
Emma And Charlie just go out and look at the snow, they have seen it all before probably, but not as much as this mummy said.Charlie only has little legs and the snow is deep so his tummy gets cold, Emmas feathers on her ears and legs get lumps of snow on them which she doesnt like, she has to bite them out, but me , i dont care, I LOVE IT.
Happy in the snow Rosie xxx


I am Feeling Fine

August 13th 2008 6:50 am
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As you all know i went in to be spayed yesterday, i couldnt have any thing to eat from 7pm the day before, & had to be at the surgery at 8 - 55 am, it was a horrid morning the rain was so heavy i didnt go out to toilet.
The vet Mr , H came in , in his jolly mood & examined me all over , even my lip where i was stung by that wasp, he said i was fine , had a very strong heart , then stuck a needle in my leg, OUCH ! thats to calm you down he said, would you be calm after that, i didnt feel calm but i thought i had better be good, he then said to Mummy, you can go now, i will take very good care of her, mummy felt like crying but she didnt, she just kissed me & told me to be a good if i could be any thing else shut up in a cage for a while.i felt very sleepy.
Next thing remember was being awake again & a nice nurse saying Hello little one, your mummy & daddy are here to take you home.

When we got home i was still sleepy so i got in the nice cosy bed mummy had got ready for me & slept for 2 hours, then i had a little walk round wondering if it was tea time as i was sooooo hungry with missing my breakfast, mummy had even cooked chicken for me, which was very yummy as i had never had that before.
I am supose to be kept quiet & not jump on the furniture, mummy said to get me to do that she would need super glue B O L .
I am trying to be good.
Emma & Charlie havent come very near me yet as they said i smell like the vet.
I have to go back next week for a check up & thank that nice Mr H for looking after me so well.
Nearly back to normal, Love Rosie xxxxxxx
Mummy can stop worrying now, its all over, PHEW !



August 11th 2008 6:29 am
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All was going so well today, untill we were let in the big room, i thought , Wow, a new toy to play with , a bit small but a toy is a toy, so i made a grab for this black & yellow striped thing that was making a funny noise, Charlie tried to get it first , i bit it & jumped on it & it made a funnier noise then, so did i , i squealed & jumped back out of the way, this toy had stung my lip & my paw, mummy shouted at me to stop as it was a wasp & by now very angry, daddy got it out of the window, mummy had a look inside my mouth but luckily it hadnt stung in there, my lips were very swollen & hard, i was very scared & shaking so mummy gave me a cuddle, i was very quiet after that for well over an hour, just licking my poor lips,
It wasnt a very nice experience but i,m glad Charlie didnt get it first as he,s only little.
Hope tomorrow is a better day, but i dont think so , mummy is taking me to the vets & i am to be spayed, mummy said i wont feel any thing as i will be asleep, if i feel well enough later i will let you know how i got on, mummy might have to type it for me as she said i might be a little drowsy still. Wish me luck, Love to all my doggy friends, Rosie, xxxx


First walk out

May 29th 2008 7:20 am
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Well i had my very first walk out in the big wide world today, first mummy put my collar & lead on, but i got in a tangle with Emma & Charlie & nearly got my head out of that , so mummy went back inside & put my harness on, that felt much better & i quietened down a bit then.
We got to the park , daddy had to take Charlie round with him as mummy couldnt manage three dogs, i had to walk at mummy,s right side but wanted to go round to the other side where Emma was, Emma didnt like being on the left either but we all enjoyed the walk, I THINK,
I was very hungry when we got back & tired, mummy said she thinks i slept all the time they were at work as the paper in the crate was intact & not shredded like it usualy is .
We should have a better walk tomorrow if i can remember what to do , not to pull, not to eat rubbish & not to chew my lead , or what not to do, B O L .
Roll on tomorrow, Rosie, 16 Weeks Old.


Life is for bouncing around

May 18th 2008 8:11 am
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Hey, this is my first try at writing my diary, i have been here for nearly two weeks now & it gets better by the day, i wasnt even nervous when mummy brought me home, she put me down & i jumped straight on a big soft ball & carried it off to play with, mummy thought that was amazing as i had never seen a toy before, i was brought up out side with nothing to play with.
Then i met the owner of the ball, Charlie, he sniffed me & growled , he didnt like me at all, what he didnt know, mummy had got me as a playmate for him, B O L . I think mummy should have warned him, I came as a bit of a shock to him, i tried for four days to be nice & get him to play with me & finaly on the fifth day we played chase round & round the lawn, it was great, guess who was out of breath first, not we have fun every day, just as mummy hoped we would, he still tells me off when he,s had enough play, but life is just great here, My other big sister is Emma, she was never taught to play as she was kept for breeding before she came to live here, yesterday she joined in the play for the first time, she didnt play for long, mummy saw her & she stopped, think she was embarrassed at being caught playing.
I cant go for walks yet , as i still have to have my 2nd injection on thursday, then i have to wait for a week, then yippee i can go out into the big world, well the park anyway, mummy has bought me a new collar & lead & a harness to see how i get on with either.
My mummy & daddy are very nice , mummy is a real softie, i met my big human sister the other day, she isnt really a doggie person, but she likes us three, she thinks im cute,she even said , I want one, every one is going puppy broody since i came here.
Well its time for more fun now if Charlie has woken up, will write more after i have been out for the first time to let you all know how it went.
Cheers, Rosie.

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