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Becoming Taysia Blue

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The New Dog

March 28th 2009 7:43 am
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So.... a week ago, mom was actually worried that I wasn't going to make it through the night I was having so much difficulty breathing.

She was convinced that I had aspiration pneumonia. She brought me to the vet for some chest x-rays and a white cell test and good news! no pneumonia!

The vet checked me out all over and I came away with a pretty good bill of health. They did find that I have severe irritation in my larynx (no big surprise there) along with an infection. They gave me some drugs to supress my coughing and some others to clear up my infection.

It's been 48 hours and virtually not a cough has come out of me! Mom and dad haven't cleaned up any mucus pukeys either... (also knows as jellyfish).

I'm eating like a horse, playing with my sisters... mom doesn't know what to do with all my energy all of a sudden. After almost a year she feels like she has my MegaE under manageable coltrol and now thinking I may be able to be cough free. My cough has been pretty much chronic 24/7!

There's a saying among MegaE dog owners... "what worked today probably won't work tomorrow" But so far, so good.

Mom keeps asking me who the new dog is that moved in and looks a bit like Taysia Blue.

Please keep your paws crossed that I remain healthy and can ramp down from my drugs and still be cough free!


cough, cough, wheeze, wheeze...

March 24th 2009 11:03 am
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this has been a rough week for me. I don't have much energy, it seems like it's taking everything that I have to breathe. I'm not very hungry and it's hard to stand up on my back legs to eat. I have just enough energy to stand up and cough and lay back down again.

mom is going to take me in to x-ray my lungs, but she suspects that they are clear and the problem is with excess phlegm in my esophagus. she says its better to be safe than sorry.

mom's been gone and that's always really hard on me, but she told me this morning she doesn't have any more trips for awhile so that's good.

mom has been lying next to me in the evenings... so things aren't all bad.


Quirks and a bit of a soap box

March 19th 2009 9:36 pm
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So the dog fighting has mostly ended, but I still end up annoying Badger or Jambalaya. I take their toys, but I don't know what to do with them because for 9 years no one played with me or taught me to play. I didn't know what toys were.

I sometimes try to steal their food and they get really mad. I'm full and have put on weight, but what if I don't have food tomorrow? I used to have to worry about that. I have a condition that causes me to regurgitate my food. My new parents make sure that I eat standing on 2 paws vertically so it gets to my stomach. No one did that to me before so it was hit or miss that I got nutrition.

Because I regurgitated all the time, I've irritated my larynx so I cough all the time. Mom calls me Darth Tay sometimes and does really bad James Earl Jones imitations and talks about "Luke" Whatever.... silly mom.

I still regurgitate from time to time - I just can't help it. It's mostly water, but mom calls it jelly fish because it doesn't clean up as easy as water.

I do throw up mucus many times a day which is also due to complications from the Mega E. Mom and dad just clean it up. I flinch thinking maybe this time they'll hit me, but they never do. I guess memories from my other owner won't ever go away.

Mom hugs me and cries over my first 9 years of so called life. I don't care, I'm getting loved now...

I don't like the phone... Dad owns his own business and works from home and is on it a lot. I get really upset and start coughing and eventually might throw up over it. It's a mystery to my mom and dad why this would be... what happened in my life that makes me get so upset when someone's on the phone? If I had a better memory, I'd tell you...

My mom travels too much. That upsets me too. Dad says I have bad days when mom's gone. I just miss her and get upset and throw up more than usual.

I lived 9 years and never realized that there were other dogs out there - and that they were fun to play with!!! I used to want to eat other dogs and was what mom called unsocialized. That's not true anymore and mom just bought me a half year of daycamp and I get to go with Badger and Jambalaya every Wednesday! I love day camp!!

I've had a hard life up until I finally found a family to call my own. I look into mom's eyes and try to tell her that "I know" I try to let her know that I am so thankful everyday for the lovies, the walks, the patience, the treats, the healthy food, the vet care...

I just want to thank everyone of my pals who have adopted or rescued an animal - bless you. I want to thank everyone who has volunteered in a shelter or rescue group, anyone who has given time or money- bless you.

Most of all, I'm thankful to the friendships mom has found here... If it weren't for you, she wouldn't have volunteered, wouldn't have found me and I'd be a distant forgotten dog someone once had. Through dogster pals, mom has heeded hours of advice on behavior and health problems and she's learned to focus on what's most important. You know who you are... thank you. I owe you my life.


A message of Hope from Taysia Blue's mom. -

December 15th 2008 1:47 pm
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Christmas time is full of heart tugging stories; I have been witness to several while working as a volunteer at my local animal shelter.

I learned of a kitten who was making its way to his new home, moving from Alaska to Maryland. When the family stopped for gas in a suburb of Omaha, the kitten got out of the car. The family looked for awhile, but had to keep moving. I don’t remember if it were days or weeks later, but the kitten showed up at the shelter, well fed and very well cared for. The assessment team checked for a microchip and lo and behold, there was information in the system. The alternate contact was reached in Arizona who put the shelter in touch with the family’s new contact information in Maryland. The kitten flew on a plane within days and was reunited with her family – and was home for the holidays.

Another story I was told was about a dog. A trusted companion of a man in California one day went missing. The man was heartbroken and looked and looked for his dog. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. He believed that his dog was stolen, but couldn’t be sure. He thought of his friend often and wondered if he was alive, if he was warm and loved and happy. Half way across the country a German Sheppard found its way to our shelter. He was scanned for a microchip and the owner was called. Imagine the man’s surprise when after 3 long years is dog was found all the way in Nebraska. The man caught the first flight he could find to reunite himself with his dog, he rented a car and they both drove home.

These stories make me happy, they make me cry tears of joy and fill my heart with hope.

These stories make me ask, where is Blue? These stories give me hope that Blue may someday be found. It may be miles away; it may be years from now. My prayer is that Blue will one day find his way back home.


Megaesophagus - big name for a dinky dog

June 29th 2008 3:06 pm
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My vet thinks this is probably what I have... we're doing a process of elimination, but this seems to be what we're dealing with.

Essentially this is what it is all about... the esophagus in the tube connecting the throat to the stomach. When food is perceived in the esophagus, neurologic reflex causing muscle contraction and relaxation lead to repid transport of the food into the stomach. When these reflexes are interrupted, the esophagus loses its ability to transport food. Instead the esophagus loses all tone and dilates.

There are variations of this condition and luckily I don't have it horribly bad - if I did I probably wouldn't still be around! But I've probably had it for a long time and have never been treated so here I am at 9 years old and I'm just now working on a treatment.

I am able to eat solid food - kibble works just fine (some dogs with this need a feeding tube and have to be fed a liquidfied diet). Mom and Dad need to feed me in an elevated position or standing up on 2 legs.

The next step is to try to figure out what condition exists that caused the Megaesophagus.

The vet told mom that this is a difficult condition to manage, treatment requires dedication and commitment and the results may not be over the top great... but they are committed to making me as comfortable and as happy as possible.

Even Jambalaya has decided to be nice to me - that makes mom happier and it gives me more time out of my kennel so that's less stress! We're all feeling very blessed.


Why can't we all just get along?

May 23rd 2008 10:12 am
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Mom has been kind of sad lately... I'm not sure why, but I think she's worried that Jambalaya and I are not getting along.

She called a behaviorist early this week and the suggestion was that she needed to adopt me out or put me down. Niki's mom has been a God send spending up to an hour on the phone with her offering insight and suggestions ... Dad says that if we have to live (worst case scenerio) by keeping me and Jam separated all the time, then we will. Mom agrees, but thinks that we can work through and at least tolerate each other. She would never have me put down and she doesn't want to adopt me out... no one, except her HH friends would ever be good enough!

The vet delayed my tests for another 2 weeks, but I'm doing pretty good health wise. I got a professional bath and brush yesterday and I think I lost a couple pounds in fur!!!


I like this word: SPOILED!!!

May 16th 2008 8:27 am
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we've finally achieved some harmony in our house!!!
It's been pretty rocky with Jambalaya, but Mom has been taking advice from Nika's mom and things are working out pretty well!

I'm getting used to my new food, new surroundings and new rules.

I have a chronic cough, mom says it sounds like I've been a smoker all my life. It is worse in the morning and according to the sporadic vet records my new vet was able to find, it's been a problem since 2002! The seizures have also been on my record since 2002. No lab work was ever done to try to find the cause of either. I'm going in next week to have a full day of tests.

I don't look or feel like I'm 9 - Some of the funny things I do is:

I stomp my front feet to get my humom's attention
I do a hand stand on my front 2 legs to pee
I don't walk or run, I prance

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and well wishes! I'm so happy now, I'm going to love my new life!

Mom's off to order me a Coach collar just like Badger and Jambalaya. She says I deserve to be spoiled!!!


My first 24 hours in my new home!

May 11th 2008 10:26 am
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Wow, yesterday was a rocky road for all of us, but it's been good.

Mom came to the shelter to take me home, I had to first meet Badger & Jambalaya and the shelter behavior person had to approve of the introduction. We sorted out sime initial things and all went home.

Mom and dad gave me a bath. They shampooed me 2 times and the water was filthy. I got brushed and brushed and brushed. Mom thinks that she got most of the mats out of my fur, but there's some yet to work on. My coat is already softer.

I crave human touch, but I don't yet know what to do with the other huskies in the house.

Badger and I get along really well, but Jambalaya and I are having some issues. I'm not very socialized around other dogs and Jambalaya is really dominant (mom and dad thought just the opposite, but what they thought was Badger's dominance was simply indifference).

I've gone on long walks with the other dogs - this was Nika's mom's wonderful idea and that's helped a lot.

Mom and dad are being patient but firm with us so I think we'll all be fine - it will just take some time.

I've got a ton of energy and pull for a 9 year old girl. I've had a rough life - I was at the same shelter back in 2002 and then returned again last week.

Mom says that I have a bit of an overbite and a little bit of a snagle tooth. Put that together with the stress I've been under and it all aids my drooling problem. I don't really care. Mom and dad say that I'm adorable.

Happy Mother's Day to all!!!!!

And thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement!!!


May 10th, 2008

May 10th 2008 12:12 pm
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I'm in my new home at last!!!!!!!


May 7th, 2008

May 8th 2008 6:57 am
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Today I was excited for the lady to come and visit today… it’s becoming routine so I look forward to it now. I could hear her footsteps coming and as soon as I saw her, I got up from the back of my kennel where I was resting and met her at the front with my tail wagging. She tried to give me a Mother Hubbard crunchy treat, but I just spit it out… I knew she had the dried chicken livers!!! And she did of course.

I am officially no longer property of my former owner – I’m now considered abandoned and officially the property of the NE Humane Society. Today I will be assessed and brought out of Kennel 6 and into Kennel 4 or 5 which I’m told is a much happier place. I will be bathed and the volunteers will be able to walk me and I might even get to play with other dogs in play group!

The lady told me she’d be back today – and she’d find me whichever kennel I’m in. She said that she’d take me for a walk and would bring some Yummy Chummies for me… I hope they are as good as the chicken livers! I could meet Badger & Jambalaya and go to my new home as early as Thursday, but the lady is weighing the option to have one of her friends do the ‘dog introduction’. She’s not really found of the person who would do it on Thursday. She said that she’s not excited about me staying one more night in the shelter, but the dog introduction MUST go well… something about a life or death situation… so waiting for her friend would be best.

It’s not that bad here. I have a really big kennel and some nice people brought me a kong with peanut butter. I’ll be glad to be in a real home though. I want you to see my pretty face without the kennel bars… I want to be outside and smell the grass and flowers. I want to so some zoomies!

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