They did not want "TO GIVE ME UP!"

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Mamma was in the Hospital, and Daddy said we missed her so- much we all laid by the door......

January 15th 2011 5:19 pm
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We could not figure out what had happened, Mamma and Daddy left together one night, but Daddy came home, without Mamma....We did not understand...Daddy tried to explain to us that Mamma had boo-boos and was sick, but she would be back soon. So we all laid by the door , awaiting her arrival. Daddy's soon turned into Monday night, Tues, Wed, Thurs, and THEN it happened we saw Momma walking thru the snow to the front door!!!
Oh, Happy Days are here again! WE loved on her and loved on her for hours. Me, Copper smiled at her, like noone else can, and gave her kisses, and just looked at me.. and the connection between Copper and me is so strong, and I Looked back at him, and we both knew that the Lord had made me well, and brought his Mamma home to him.......Thank You Jesus...

Copper and Mamma


For My Beloved, Lotus , Whom I will Love till Forever and- Eternity 08-16-2010

August 16th 2010 1:55 pm
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As Long as Forever
I WIll stay by your side
I will be your companion
Your Friend and your Guide

AS Long as Forever
And as long as you care
I will do anything for you
I will go anywhere

I Will Bring you the Sunshine
I will comfort your fears
I will gather up Rainbows
To chase all your tears

As Long as Forever
My Heart will be True
For as long as I live


From the Most Wonderful Girl Fur in the World Whom I LOVE ,- AND WILL LOVE FOREVER! 08-08-2010

August 7th 2010 6:59 pm
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i promise

I'm making a promise
counting on forever
knowing anything could happen

I promise to love only you
till time ends
praying it never does

I promise when your weak
I'll try to be strong
though it can be hard for me

I promise to love you more then you
such a relief
knowing you are my rock

I promise to forget every time
you fall a little short
knowing I will do the same at times

I promise you'll always be my best friend
and the only person
I could miss so painfully

I promise to give you everything I have
even if it isn't very pretty
I'm putting it in your hands

I promise to always want you
even when your moody
god knows I have my days too

I promise to tell you I love you
with every breath
till I have no more left

I'm making a promise
counting on forever
knowing anything could happen


Angel Of My Life 2010

May 29th 2010 11:45 am
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Author: Manuel

I love you so much that words can't explain
this joy that I have for you.

When I am at the weakest point of my life
you are there encouraging me to run this race
because I am not only cause you are there with me.

You are on my mind day and night.

When we are apart I picture you gracious smile and gentle hug.

I can let my feelings out to you and won't regret it
because no matter what is you are always on my side.

I thank God for sending me someone like you who is precious and loving.

So I can truly say that you are the Angel of My Life!

I Love You Sweet Copper!


Here In This House - -

May 26th 2010 9:02 am
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Here in This House
Here in this house.....

I will never know the loneliness I hear in the barks of the other dogs "out there".
I can sleep soundly, assured that when I wake my world will not have changed.
I will never know hunger, or the fear of not knowing if I'll eat.
I will not shiver in the cold, or grow weary from the heat.
I will feel the suns warmth, and the rains coolness,
and be allowed to smell all that can reach my nose.
My fur will shine, and never be dirty or matted.
Here in this house....

There will be an effort to communicate with me on my level.
I will be talked to and even if I don't understand,
I can enjoy the warmth of the words.
I will be given a name so that I may know who I am among many.
My name will be used in joy, and I will love the sound of it!
Here in this house....

I will never be a substitute for anything I am not.
I will never be used to improve peoples' images of themselves.
I will be loved because I am who I am, not someone's idea of who I should be.
I will never suffer for someone's anger, impatience, or stupidity.
I will be taught all the things I need to know to be loved by all.
If I do not learn my lessons well, they will look to my teacher for the blame.
Here in this house....

I can trust arms that hold, hands that touch...
knowing that, what they do, they do it for the good of me.
If I am ill, I will be doctored.
If I am scared, I will be calmed.
If sad, I will be cheered.
No matter what I look like, I will be considered beautiful and thought to be of value.
I will never be cast out because I am too old, too ill, too unruly, or not cute enough.
My life is a responsibility, and not an afterthought.
I will learn that humans can almost, sometimes, be as kind and as fair as dogs.

Here in this house...
I will belong.
I will be home.

Author unknown


My Lighthouse - -

May 17th 2010 8:56 pm
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My Lighthouse

A million glistening stars,
Can brightly shine across the night.
But never hold a candle to
The lighthouse in the night.

Brilliant moonbeams can,
Light the darkest night.
But never hold a candle to
The lighthouse in the night.

Brilliant powdered blue sky and
Blazing golden sun on a summer’s day.
Still can never hold a candle to
The lighthouse in the night.

The Lord, is the beacon who’s
Flame is strong and bright.
Nothing can ever hold a candle
To the lighthouse in the night.

All of my days and all of my nights,
Shall be guided by His light.
Only Jesus, can be my lighthouse,
To keep my earthly candle burning bright


Letting Go - -

May 15th 2010 3:43 pm
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Letting Go
Author Unknown

Letting go does not mean to stop caring~
It means I can’t do it for some else.
Letting go is not cutting myself off
It is the realization I can’t control another.
Letting go is not to enable~
But to allow learning from natural consequences.
Letting go is to admit powerlessness~
Which means the outcome is not in my hands.
Letting go is not to try and change or blame another~
It is to make the most of myself.
Letting go is not to care for~
But to care about.
Letting go is not to fix~ but to be supportive~ it’s not to
Judge but to allow another to be a human being.
Letting go is not to be in the middle of arranging the outcome~
To allow others to affect their own destinies.
Letting go is not to be protective~
It is to permit another to face reality.
Letting go is not to deny but to accept.
Letting go is not to nag, scold or argue~ but instead
Search out my own shortcomings and correct them.
Letting go is not to adjust everything to my own desires
But to take each day as it comes and cherish myself in it.
Letting go is not to criticize and regulate anybody~
But to become what I believe I can be.
Letting go is not to regret the past~ but to grow and
Live for the future.
Letting go is to fear less and live more


For Mother's Day 05-09-2010 From Amazing Grace and Grandma- Keda

May 3rd 2010 2:48 pm
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Mary Dow Brine (1816-1913)

The woman was old and ragged and gray
And bent with the chill of the Winter's day.

The street was wet with a recent snow
And the woman's feet were aged and slow.

She stood at the crossing and waited long,
Alone, uncared for, amid the throng

Of human beings who passed her by
Nor heeded the glance of her anxious eyes.

Down the street, with laughter and shout,
Glad in the freedom of "school let out,"

Came the boys like a flock of sheep,
Hailing the snow piled white and deep.

Past the woman so old and gray
Hastened the children on their way.

Nor offered a helping hand to her -
So meek, so timid, afraid to stir

Lest the carriage wheels or the horses' feet
Should crowd her down in the slippery street.

At last came one of the merry troop,
The gayest laddie of all the group;

He paused beside her and whispered low,
"I'll help you cross, if you wish to go."

Her aged hand on his strong young arm
She placed, and so, without hurt or harm,

He guided the trembling feet along,
Proud that his own were firm and strong.

Then back again to his friends he went,
His young heart happy and well content.

"She's somebody's mother, boys, you know,
For all she's aged and poor and slow,

"And I hope some fellow will lend a hand
To help my mother, you understand,

"If ever she's poor and old and gray,
When her own dear boy is far away."

And "somebody's mother" bowed low her head
In her home that night, and the prayer she said

Was "God be kind to the noble boy,
Who is somebody's son, and pride and joy!"


Here Are My Five That I have Picked to Be on My Team for- Football Tag!

January 29th 2009 2:52 pm
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1. Snoop Dog-(27317_
2. Rippy-(70977)
3. Bailey-(76321)
4. Brutus-(82517)
5. Charlie-(142524)

Copper 01-29-2009


I have been tagged by my BFF, Spinner! It is Football TAG!

January 29th 2009 11:04 am
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Five things about ME!

1. I have a big fenced in backyard to run and play in!

2. I have the best brothers and sisters in the whole WORLD!(Ashton, Haro, Harley, Lucy and Molly!)

3. My Mom and I go on special car rides and she buys me a FOOTLONG HOTDOG!!! YUMMY!

4. I have a beautiful Wife, named Skye.

5. I have The Best Friend in the Whole World! SPINNER!!
Copper =)

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