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From the Rainbow Bridge

6 years ago

October 8th 2006 5:04 pm
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Hi Sweet Shawn...well, 6 years ago today you left us for the Bridge. We miss you so much. You were always such a joyful, happy girl. Your tail always wagged and you walked around with a smile on your face...even when you were in pain from the cancer. I will always remember the good times...the smoosh..... your HAVING to have a toy in your mouth to greet people and how you would run around looking for just the right you knew your toys by name and how I had a name picked out for them before I even brought them home. How you loved to cuddle and how I sang to you putting your name into songs...and you never once complained about my singing! You brought a very special joy to our lives and that will never be forgotten..... your other gift to us was Marlowe who would not be here had you not left so early. While he is so totally different from you, he keeps us smiling everyday and for that I am grateful.
You are always in our hearts girlfriend and we will always love you and always miss you.................



December 24th 2005 7:07 pm
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Merry Christmas Girlfriend...I love you


Always my angel

October 8th 2005 7:58 am
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Hey baby girl.....just a note to tell you I miss you every day. Today marks 5 years since we sent you off to the wonders of the Bridge. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my sweet Shawnee. I think instead of crying this year, I am going to celebrate your life and the joy you brought to ours....ok, maybe I'll cry alittle. You were always such a lady....and such a sweet loving girl.......from the moment we held you as a pup until that day we held you and sent you off, you filled our lives with love and I thank you for that. You were and always will be our presious angel. So until the day we meet again play in those fields and send us kisses from the clouds........We love you..........


Happy birthday

July 1st 2005 8:59 pm
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Happy Birthday baby girl, we love you.


My Precious Girl

June 30th 2005 7:23 pm
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I was putting on some of your pictures today Shawn, and I remembered, tomorrow would have been your 11th birthday had you stayed with us.
So many memories came flooding back, the way you loved your toys, Dakota, your poppa and your momma. How you loved playing and running around barking, with or without a toy in your mouth. I will never forget the famous PUSH and all the affection you gave. Also the heartache at finding you had cancer and the months we tried all we could to save you. How I wish you didn't have to go thru what you did. You were such a sweet, loving girl, you shouldn't have had to suffer. We can't change things, they happen for a reason. If you hadn't gone, Marlowe wouldn't have come to live with us and we wouldn't have known the joy he has brought. You filled our lives with your love for 6 years, and I am grateful for each and every moment. Just wanted to say thank you for blessing us with the time you had. I love you and miss you......


He's here

April 9th 2005 9:01 pm
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Oh mom I know you are so very sad but I've been waiting for Dakota. I was right there when he got to the Bridge. He looks great, young and slim like he used to be. I showed him around here, we played tag like we used to and he of course is taking time out to lay in the sun. We have lots of friends here and we are all so happy. We do what we want and there is always good food, and plenty of it. Dakota can have as many Baa Baa Q's as he wants. He can just eat that all the time. You know how happy that would make him. I have friends here, but I was lonely......I'm not anymore. My best friend and I are togeather again. Thank you mom for sending him to me.


Dog of the Day

April 5th 2005 8:59 am
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Thank you Dogster for honoring my precious angel with Dog of the Day. Shawnee was a very special lady with a heart of gold. The main picture of her was taken the day she left us. She had been so sick all morning. When we finally made the arrangements to send her to the Bridge she got up and played for 20 minutes as if the cancer had no effect on her. Her gift to us on her last day. She blessed our lives for the short time she was here and she is always in our thoughts. Her ashes are home with us in a special box my husband made just for her. Shawnee would thank you with a lot of butt wiggles and kisses, me....... a heartfelt thanks.


I'll watch over her

January 16th 2005 6:52 pm
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I'm breaking the rules, but it should be okay this time. Tell Auntie Denise that Pinot is here with me and I will watch over her. She is such a little squirt and so very very young. She doesn't know what happened to her, but she says it happened fast and there was nothing anyone could do, even though they tried. She knows her mom has a broken heart and that makes her sad. She says she had the best mom for those few weeks. She got SO much love and that's all she wanted or needed. Her mom would always play with her and hug her and tell her how beautiful she was and she knows she was a lucky little puppy. So just know she is here at the Rainbow Bridge with me and we will be waiting togeather.....................

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