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Here's the POOP scoop

January 24th 2010 10:54 pm
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We need a little Dogster guidance here and hope someone can help. We were reading the blog about owners who fail to pick up after their dogs and we have a little pawblem of our own. We NEVER potty in our front yard because mom likes the front yard to always look presentable, after all, it is the curb appeal for your home. Being a family of five dogs and never wanting to upset our neighbors, we had a fence put up immediately upon moving in. Our neighbor, however thinks it is perfectly acceptable to let their large yellow lab potty on our lawn as if it is his very own. This is very upsetting to mom because she feels if she can be considerate with five dogs, how can someone with just one dog be so lacking in return. We are, after all, next door neighbors. It has been casually brought up in many conversations yet they still fail to control their dog and he still potties all over the yard. The poop is disgusting but the even bigger problem is the urine. We never potty in the front yard, yet our front yard is urine burn central. It is unsightly to say the least. We had urine burns in the fall but with all the yellow snow we have now, we can only imagine what the grass will look like in the spring. What can we do? They simply fail to keep their dog on their own property and feel no need to confine him by other means. Even when they did confine him, the lead was so long he just walked on our property to potty anyway. I'm at a loss. The owners are nice people, they are simply bad neighbors. Our boy cannot even cut through his own lawn to get to the house for fear of stepping in poop.

The irritated MN Gang

Barked by: THE BOYZZZ (Dogster Member)

January 25th 2010 at 12:46 pm

WOW how inconsiderate of the neighbours!!
How about if you can afford it putting up a fence between their garden at the front and yours, fur when he is on his long leash, also there is something, Mummy will look it up, that you can spray on the grass that does not hurt pets but DOES work to keep animals off of it!! I know its not fun fur you guys but if you do not go out the front then it should not bother you all!!
Anyway we will try and find the stuff on the net and send you the link sweetie, failing that you could try LEMON SPRAY doggies dont like that!!

Barked by: Ernie Wigglesworth (Dogster Member)

January 26th 2010 at 7:37 pm

so sorry you're having problems with the neighbor's dog... at least it's not your neighbors tinkling! Our neighbors and their pals gather every afternoon in the garage and drink beer. Instead of going into their house to do their business, they step out of the garage into the alley, step over to the back of OUR fence, and let fly.... I complained once to our local precinct captain only to be told that it's a "cultural" thing. He made it sound like I was being racist to complain about it!!!! ARGGGGGHHHH!

Anywho... how's about a low fence (2.5 to 3 feet) to "frame" your picture-perfect property and prevent inopportune "fertilizing"?
Barked by: The MN Gang (Dogster Member)

January 29th 2010 at 9:40 am

Oh dear, you certainly have us beat on that one Dixie and Burt. BOL!

We fenced in the backyard, unfortunately it is not feasible to fence the front. Is it mean that mom would love to buy 1,000 mouse traps to lay all over the yard? Yeah, we know it is, but it is not really the dogs fault anyway. Goes straight to the owners. We'll have to see how bad the yard looks in the spring. If it is as bad as we think it will be, we'll just have to get a lot more serious with the owners. No more Mr. Nice Guy.


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