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OMD! I'm Royalty Now!

July 28th 2008 9:55 pm
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I can't believe it! I've been named August Royal of the Month for the group Princess Divas and Prince Charmings!
I just luv this group! Everyone is so fun and furiendly! And I've been on a pawsome vacation all summer in Cancun with my PDPC pals! It has been so exciting! Pawsome awesome food, activities and events! We have 3 beautiful meals a day which are usually prepared by Chef Bailey. And our event/activities coordinator Buttercup always has something great planned, like snorkeling, dance lessons, swimming with the Sting Rays and so much more! We've also had some great guests, David Copperfield, Gloria Estefan, and the Beach Boys, just to name a few!
If all you furs have a chance, you should check it out, you'll luv it! e_charmings-5258


Dear Diary, This is Sugar

June 8th 2008 10:30 pm
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Oh my, oh my.....I am usually such a graceful little girl, that's why they call me the Daring Young Doggie On The Flying Trapeze, because I can jump so far. But being able to jump far was no help to me the other day! I jumped down off the chair, which wasn't too high(well maybe it is, cuz I'm so small), and when I landed, my toenail got caught in the carpet and ouchie did that hurt! I started yipping and yapping (which by the way, I never do) and when my mommy called me over to her she saw that I was limping. She thought I might have broken my leg, so she took me to see Dr. B. But luckily, it was only my toe/paw. And Dr. B said he wouldn't be able to put a cast on it, but he would wrap it up and said I had to keep it on for 2 weeks. The least he could have done was use a pretty color, like pink or purple, but he used the plain old everyday stuff. It doesn't even go with my pink collar! My furiend Mercedes has a broken leg and they gave her a nice pink cast. Well, when my mommy's caregiver came over, she started laughing, because she said I looked so cute, yeah right, cause later I heard her and my mommy saying I looked like I had a peg leg! And that I looked like I was always waving. I'm so embarrassed! So whenever they tried to take my picture I wouldn't pose like I usually do. But they got a few anyway, and would you believe that they posted them? Oh the humiliation....well I'll be as good as new in a couple of weeks! Gotta run, well walk very carefully. Talk to you soon! Tail Wags and Kisses, Sugar

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