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I'm On Cloud Nine

We Are Planning A Dogster Pup Meet

May 3rd 2011 4:07 pm
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Hello all furs that live in Oregon. This year we are going to have a Dogster Pup Meet. We are shooting for Sept 17th. We now have a Dog Park opened so we have a safe place for all your precious furs. We would love to have all thoes who live in Oregon...or any State for that matter... that would love to come to please pmail us and let us know your interest in having one. It would be wonderful to meet in the fur. There will be drawings and gifts for the ones attending. Lots of pictures and a video will be taken and posted on Dogster. I live in California but I am going to have a sit down strike until my daddy agrees to bring me.

Please plan to bring a picture of your Bridge Angel as we will have a memorial table to honor them.

Please pmail me and let us know if you can make it and we will add you to our list.

Hugs/Purry Hugs
Spy, Natalie, Cricket


This Entry Is For My Family~I LOVE YOU SO......

September 28th 2010 10:26 am
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Dear Diary, you will not believe what has been going on in my life. I met and fell in love with the most beautiful and the most incredible woman. Her name is Bizkit. How I love the sound of her name. She has two daughters and one son. I asked this incredible woman to be my wife and she said "YES". You can't imagine how happy I was. I thought I couldn't be any happier but I was wrong. My Bizkit let me Adopt her babies Skye, Star and Archie. Yes, before we are married. As far as I am concerned, we are committed to each other. Only a piece of paper, or lack of the paper, says whether or not we are married. We are married in my heart. It is just when I take them home or go visit them, I have to leave and go to my home.

My Bizkit and I are the proud owners of a Catering Service. It is called Snoop's and Bizkit's Catering Service. We work together to build it just as we work together in the Steak House. We are a team and I have to say we are the greatest and the strongest team. We are perfect together in every way. I love this woman and our children more than life itself. One would say "It should be illegal to be so happy." Well I am glad it isn't because I would be sitting on the inside looking out.

Bizkit, my Princess, my son Archie, my daughters Skye and Star, you have made your man and your daddy the happiest man in the whole universe. I love you more than life. You ARE my life.

Your Snoop/Daddy Forever


Dogster Chose My Diary..YIIIIPPPPEEEE

June 17th 2009 1:23 pm
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I can't believe Dogster chose my diary as one of the Featured Diaries. I am so proud to have been chosen. Thank you Dogster. You have made this pup so very happy and proud.
Here is the letter I got from Dogster:

Snoop is a Dogster Daily Diary Pick!

Dogster wanted you to know that Snoop is one of today's featured diaries and it will be displayed all day on our Diary Central page at under 'Today's Picks'.

I know I know, we're barking like mad over here too!

Thanks so much for running with the Dogster pack and keeping a diary.

Much Woof,

For the love of dog


I Got Adopted

June 10th 2009 6:06 pm
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My very first entry into my diary. I never had anything happen to put in here. Well I should have put in here when mom and dad Thumper and Princess Adopted me. Sorry Mom and Dad. I finally have my wonderful and loving forever home. I even have a sissy. Her name is Tassy Susanne.

I came from a very abusive home and now I have the most loving mommy and daddy. Now my sissy Tassy sure delights in teasing and pestering me but I love her.

There is nothing greater than being adopted. This means the mommy's and daddy's chose us.

I love you mommy, daddy and sissy Tassy.

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