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The life of a real princess

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Delphi has crossed the bridge

June 28th 2011 8:35 am
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On Monday June 27th at about 9:00 a.m. I let Delphi go to be with God. Delphi had an intestinal disease that she could no longer fight. Delphi was one of the best friends I've ever had. She was loyal and loving, compassionate and caring. She never judged my appearance or actions. She just loved me. She was there for me when my human family was not. She shared my sorrows and joys. I will miss her sweet face and having her sleeping next to me each night. I am grateful for the 6 years we had together but can't help wishing there were more.

I love you my little Delly-belly and hope you are pain free and at peace. I will see you again someday. Watch for me.

With much love,
Your Momma bad!

March 23rd 2011 10:08 pm
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This morning something very funny happened. Well I thought it was funny. See while Momma was in the shower I was laying on the bed and I barfed. Hey sometimes I just barf what can I say. Well I went back to sleep and then Momma got out of the shower and came out all nice and clean. She put on her undies then sat on the bed to put on her socks.....guess where she sat...yup...right in my barf took a couple of seconds for it to register that her backside was getting shoulda seen the look on here face when she jumped up and saw what she was sitting in! She took it pretty good though. She said there are worse things she coulda sat in besides barf. bolbolbolbolbol

Life is never dull at our house!


today was my gotcha day

May 10th 2010 6:34 pm
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yup, five years ago I came to my furever home. It was such a long trip from my foster home in the midwest. I remember how long the plane ride was and I remember seeing my Mom and Auntie Alice for the first time. I was pretty scared and my eyes were huge!!! But I was sooooo thirsty so I drank a whole bunch of water. It had been a long time for me without a drink. When we headed home I sat on Auntie Alice's lap. I was still pretty scared.....and all that water in my tummy stated sloshing around and then ....UUURRRPPPPPPP.... I barfed it all up all over my Auntie. bolbolbolbolbol....good thing Momma had brought towels. When I got to my new home I met my new brother JR. He wasn't terribly friendly but we did finally lay down together on a blankie and went to sleep. I was so happy to be in my new home that for a long time after I arrived I would wake up in the night and kiss my Momma's head to say thank you for loving me. I'm a very lucky pup.


oh my dogness!

January 25th 2010 1:34 pm
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I have been very sick. I even hadda go to the big University dogtor teachin hospital in Pullman WA. I have a protein losing enteropathy called....are ya ready for this mouthful???.....intestinal lymphangiectasia...phew...that's hard to say! What it means is that my insides got all irritated then I couldn't absorb any of the good stuff that we get from our food. So now I hafta eat a vegable-tarian soy based diet. I can't figger out what kinda critter a soy is! I never saw one...have you? I wonder if it's got feathers, or scales, or hair or fur or what!! And I hafta take steriods for awhile until my insides are done being all irritated and angry. Pup, I'm tellin pup better get me upset since I'm on the "juice"....ya know....'roids!!! I'll turn into the incredible hulkpup......'roid rage!!!! ARRRRRGGGHHHHH....

My condition can't be cured, but hopefully it can be managed and I'll have a lot of years left to live. I'm gonna cross my toes and be a very good girl and hope this new food makes my tummy better!

Will you pups keep your eyes peeled for that soy critter? I'd sure like ta know if ya see one!!


oh poo...hadda see the dogtor today

August 31st 2009 4:27 pm
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My 'lallergies are actin up again and I been really itchy, so I been biting on my tail an pulling all of the hairs out so now my tail is nekkid. Momma knows what the problem is and was tryin to manage on her own, but wrapping my tail wasn't working...I kept pulling the wrap off...the lampshade didn't work cause I can still reach my tail with it on....bol.
So, Momma had to call the dogtor...poop! He's real nice and says I am such a nice girl...and I met a couple of nice doggies in the waiting room, but I had to have a shot and have some pills to take and Momma has to spray some stuff on my tail. If I'm not better by Wednesday I hafta go back. Poop again! I'm all itchy on my skin and paws and my eyes are all watery and my ears are all gunky all cause of my 'lallergies. The only good thing is Momma went and ordered some more of that yummy RAW food. I love that stuff!!! The dogtor says my 'lallergies are environmental, rather than food, but Momma says the only times I do really good is when she feeds me RAW. GRRRR...I'm gonna get in touch with my inner animal.


Oh my what a day we had

July 2nd 2009 9:53 pm
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we were very busy today. Momma is workin in the yard putting these hoses unner our bushes and our wheelbarrow broke, so Momma has been wantin one with two wheels in the front so she went and bought one she measured it and everything to make sure it would fit through our gate, then when she got it home...guess what...she forgot to include the wheels (which are on the outside) to get it through the gate she hadda take a board offa the gate...which left a hole...which I promptly slipped through...but she didn't notice until she caught old fat-boy Marley in the hole up to his shoulders...bol...guess sometimes it pays to be the little one! So when Momma finally discovered I'd gone on a "walkabout" I'd been gone awhile. Momma freaked out!!! She went runnin round the neighbor hood yellin for me and askin everybody if the had seen me....she finally caught up with me in a neighbors yard. I was there visitin a poor doggie who was tied up to a cable that was between two trees....poor fella....I feeled sorry for him, so I stopped to say hi and keep him company for awhile. Silly Momma was bout cryin when she found me...she's a worry wart! So then we go home and Momma plugs up the hole in the gate and goes back to work....It was soooo hot outside....bout 95 degrees....I was layin on my chair in the shade watchin Mom work....she was out putting hoses unner the trees when she started doin this funny dance.....and yellin.....bol...I guess some wasps who live in the tree didn't 'preciate Momma jigglin their bush all around so they stung her. Poor Momma finally hadda come in cause she was soooo hot and had a headache and the bee stings hurt.
We had to take a nap and wait till it got cooler outside. We'll have to get an early start again tomorrow!


I went to the dog park and played with the BIG dogs!

June 29th 2009 9:01 am
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yup, it's more gazing longingly through the fence at alla the doggies playin together while bein stuck in the 'small dog' side of the park.....Momma let me go over and play with the other pups and I had SUCH a good time...there were dogs that were soooo tall I hadda ask them to squat down a bit so I could have a sniff. And a lady had a whole bunch of puppies there...ooooh I just love puppies...these puppies were bigger than me, but that didn't matter....they were soooo sweet. I was so worn out when I got home that I hadda take a big long nap....I can't wait till I get to go again!!!


Naughty??? Me???

February 2nd 2009 8:05 am
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I was Naughty Tagged by Princess
I am supposed to name 5 things about me that are naughty..

This is gonna be very hard cause I am almost never naughty....almost.
1. I poop in Mommy's sewing room
2. I steal toys from my brothers
3. I run from Mommy when she is calling me.
4. I bark at the neighbors when they walk by my house.
5. I keep chewing on my feets even after Mommy tells me NO

Now I'm suppose to tag 5 of my pals so they can tattle on themselves!

Let's see.....I'm gonna tag
Ellie Mae


My Birthday is comin...

December 17th 2008 12:01 pm
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Wow it's beened awhile since I wroted in my diary....I guess I beened a busy girl. But now I am just so excited cause both my birthday and Christmas are just around the corner.

I think I heard Mommy talkin bout havin a birthday pawty for me. Since my birthday is on Christmas eve lotsa peoples will be able to come. I hope they bring lots of pawresents...oh wait...that's not very nice manners of it? I think I'll be 10 years old on my birthday but I will have to check with Mommy. I might be gonna be 11.

We have lotsa snow here it's taller than me! And it's sooooo cold outside....brrrrrr...Know what my meany old Mommy did? When I didn't want to go outside this morning, she pushed me out the door then shut my bootiful tail hairs in the door...she said she feeled bad, but I'll make her suffer for awhile before I forgive her.

I hope alla my pup pals and their families have a great holiday.

Bichon smoochies...


Sooooooo Scary......

July 20th 2008 4:47 pm
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the other night sumthin really scary happened....we was up kinda later than usual so it was really dark when Mommy told us potty outside before bed....JR went out first and when Mommy called him he wouldn't come back in....we could see him out there standing lookin at the he finally comes in, then it's Marleys turn...Marley goes out and pretty soon he's barkin really hard...well it's late and the neighbors don't like the barkin at any time of day, so Mom goes hustling to the door and can't see Marley but he's still barkin....a real I mean business bark....Mommy call and calls but he won't come...Mommy get the flashlight and her slippers and goes out...bout that time Marley come bounding outta the really tall flowers and tries to head around the other side of the flower patch (theres a bunch of big rocks with flowers and stuff growin up outta them so you cant go straight through the flowers you gotta come out and go around) any hoo.. Mommy grabs Marley up and shines her flashlight into hte flowers but doesn't hear anything.....but when old Mr barkity bark bark finally shuts up mommy hears this really low growling noise coming from the rock pile....YIPES....Mommy high tails it back into hte house and shuts the door....Marley kept wanting to go back outside, but Mommy knew that whatever was out there would kick Marley's backside but good......the whole thing was very scary...we still don't know if it was a possum, or a raccoon or what..we live near a nature preserve so there are coyotes and skunks and deers and all sorts of wild life within walkin distance.....whatever it was scared Mommy purty durned good!

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