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Life and all it's changes

April 21st 2012 7:57 am
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Hiya pups,
It's beened a few hard months here in our world. We moved in with Gram after Christmas cause she was havin trubble with some of the daily livin stuff. Then Gram got sick and hadda go to the hospital, then I got sick an hadda go to the hospital. Then I camed home then Gram camed home. I got better but Gram dint. She just got sicker and sicker and sicker till she went to heaven to be with God. Momma says Gram wanted to be in her own home not some hospital so that is what we did. It's beened very strange here at Gram's house since she died. Old Stink-face goes and lays unner Grams bedside table. When Momma comes home from somewhere he goes to the door and looks for Gram. I guess I'm smarter than him cause I know Gram is in heaven.

Now Momma says we are gonna move back to our nuther house. I don't know how I feel bout that. I just got use to livin here. Do you suppose I'll still like my nuther house? Momma says she went there yesterday and the strawberries are bloomin. I'm guessin I'll still like my nuther house.

Momma says she is so grateful for dogster and her dogster pals. Sometimes when something awful is happenin, specially if it has sumthin to do with us pups, Mom knows that she can count on her dogster pals to listen and unnerstand and give good words of support. I know its hard to 'magine but there are some peeple out there who dont unnerstand how to love a pup and how 'portant us pups is to our peeple. Many times when my sisfur Delphi was so sick peeple told Momma not to spend the money for the vet and to have her "put down" cause after all "she is just a dog". Momma always knewed that she wouldn't hear that kinda bunk on dogster. Anyhoo, we is in a time in our lives where lots of changes are happenin. It's kinda good but kinda sad at the same time.

Bittersweet smoochies


I'm an edjumakaded pup now

January 23rd 2012 3:08 pm
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Now that I'm a workin pup I'm gettin smarter and smarter alla the time. Know what I learned today? If you get into your car an drive up to a house and just sit there next to the window the people inside will give you their foods!!!! Mom an me have done that a few times since I started workin with her. It's a real cool trick. You pups otta try it sometimes.

Oh great Dog! Will you lookit the time. I'm late for my mid afternoon nap. A workin pup gots to stay on schedule.....

Woof atcha later pups



I'm a workin pup now

January 13th 2012 8:47 pm
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Wow it's beened a really longer time since I wrote in my diary. Me an Old Stink-face an Mom moved in with my Gram so we can help her out. But 'cause me an Old Stink-face fatso butt head don't get along I have been goin to workin with Mom every day. Let me tell you that workin stuff is HARD! I have to run up and down the hall an check in with Scott who works in the nuther office (an he shares his lunch with me)then I take a little nappy on the couch, then I play with some toys and sometimes MOm leaves me all alone an 'in charge'. She even says 'You're in charge while MOmmy is gone' before she leaves. That is a huge responsibility ya know. When we get home from workin at night I'm sooooo tired. I like to lay in Gram's lap an I fall asleep while she is pettin me. Gram tells Mom she is makin me work too hard! Mom keeps sayin she needs to find a pet sitter for me but until she figgers out what to do I'm gonna keep bein a 'working pup'.


I got attacked by a rain bird

August 19th 2011 9:03 pm
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I got attacked in my backyard tonight. There I was mindin my own business and I went into the grass. Momma started yellin at me to come back but I dint listen then alla of a sudden I felt sumthin sprayin me.....I tried to runned away but the spray just kept followin I runned the nuther way....Momma is yellin at me to come to her but I couldn't get away from that stoopid sprayin....I keeped running away but it kept followin me............Momma finally runned out into the grass and scooped me up.......turned out that we had a bad old rain bird in our yard. Those things are really bad. Good thing Momma was there to save me.


What the dogtor said

April 27th 2011 9:46 am
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Well, I went to the dogtor yesterday. I hadda have a bunch of pictures taken of my insides and the dogtor decided that I have this thing called congestive heart failure. See my heart is old and tired and it's beened workin too hard so it got all big and stretched out and is pressin on my lungs which makes my lungs get fluids in em and it's hard fur me to breathe, and that is why I beened coughin at night. So I gots to take two kinds of medicine, one that makes it easier fur my heart to pump my bloods around an the nuther is to keep the fluids from stayin in my insides....unfortunately that one makes me thirsty and makes me pee.....alot....(sigh) Anyhoo, that's bout it. My dogtor says I could live the rest of my life an not get any worser, or I could get worser sooner. We'll just have to wait an see. One way or ta other I'm gonna keep being a happy dood cuz that's just how I roll! BOLBOLBOLBOLBOLBOLBOL!

Makin lemonade outta them lemons,


I gots to go to the dogtor

April 25th 2011 11:59 am
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Momma called my dogtor today an made a 'pointment fur tomorrow. Momma says I beened coughing a lot at nighttime and she is worried bout me. See, last time I was at the dogtor cause my back hurt the dogtor says I gots a enlarged heart. Sometimes bein big-hearted is a good thing, but its not the same thing fur me. Momma is thinkin my heart is tired an that is why I am coughing so much at night. Since I camed to live wif my Mom six years ago I've had a little cough that happens when I play tug-the-sock wif Mom or when Mom chases me round the backyard. Sure hope my dogtor has some good things to tell Mom.

I'll keeps ya posted.



There was a boogiler in our house!

March 17th 2011 2:30 pm
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So this mornin Momma camed out of the room from gettin ready for workin and she sees one of her sewerin patterns onna sewerin room floor an it's all tored up! Momma says "JR!!!! did you tear up this pattern?" I says nooooooo Momma I dint....while you was inna shower an gettin ready this boogiler camed inna house an he sneaked inna sewerin room....he sneaked right past Old Stink-face fatso and Delphi, but he dint sneak past me....I jumped offa my pillow and ranned after him into the sewerin room just in time to see him pick up that pattern and start tearin it up! I grrrrrr'ed and woofed at him an he dropped the pattern an alla those little pieces he tored off right there onna floor before he ranned out the door an jumped over the fence. *I look at Momma with my biggest brown sincere eyes*......Momma just sighed and picked up the pieces......I think she b'leived me.....don't you???

It wasn't till later she found the boogiler had pooped onna kitchen floor too!!!

Got ta run....I gots a little sumthin stuck in my teef....feels kinda like paper!


I need a GPS

October 29th 2010 7:39 am
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I keep on gettin losed in the backyard. Well not really losed, but I'm havin trubble findin my way to the back door. See MOmma has our back yard divided in half...half fur me and the garden and half fur Old Stink-face...well lately I been furgittin how to find the gate that leads to the patio so I can come in. Momma calls me and I run to the fence and stand there and look at her. Sometimes I jump up and down to make sure she sees me...but I can't seem to 'member where I left that stoopid gate. So Momma hasta come out and go to the gate so I can see where it is...then I go.....OH! Now I 'member....Momma says it's all just part of gettin matchoor or sumthin. She says she has it too cause she can't 'member where she puts stuff sometimes.

But hey, I 'member the 'potant stuff, like where is my food dish and where is my bed!

Woof atcha later doods and dood-ettes!


A mountain lion was in our kitchen

October 25th 2010 9:04 am
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Momma camed out to the kitchen from her shower this mornin an I heard her yell..,"JR, did you do all this poop in my kitchen???"....I ran out to look an I tole her 'no Momma that's not mine....that's ummmmmmmmmmmmmm....mountain lion poop....yup thats it...there was a mountain lion in here this mornin...he came in to eat Old Stink-face but I tole him that my Momma really loved the old fatso...go the mountain lion says he don't care that he's gonna leave there wif some fluffy white pup in his can be Old Stink-face or it can me me!!! YIKES!!! Well, I give lettin him have Old Stink-face some seriously thinkin...but I knowed how sad you would be if Old Stink-face got I stooded up as tall as I can get and I tooked a big breath and I WOOOOOFFFFFEEEEDD at that mountain lion...yup that's what I did all righty. I woofed at it was such a big scary woof that the mountain lion turned around an ranned out the back door an jumped over the back fence....yup...that's 'zactly how it happened..........really.....honest....yup....(nods head vigorously)....."
I'm not sure she believes me cause I couldn't hear what she was mutterin while she was cleanin up my.......I mean the mountain lion poop.


Feelig groovy!

September 9th 2010 7:45 am
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Just wanted alla my pals ta know I am feelin fine this mornin. I hadda good nights sleep (even if the old gal was takin up more than her allowed 18 inches) and am back ta my prancin and dancin self. Momma says we needs ta be careful cause it's the time of year when the buzzy bees are cold and on the ground an movin slow. I'd better watch where I puts my paws!

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