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I have been Love Tagged

July 18th 2007 11:32 am
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Thank you Poncho for tagging me with love. You know we think the world of you too.

Once tagged, please tag three other pooches and write why you love them in your diary

I'm tagging...Stormie cous. He and his pack are amazing and funny too! They are always there to lend and ear or a virtual hug....I love them to pieces

Then of course Talker....He loves me for me...even if I am a little snarky. He and his pack are wonderful and I'm so grateful to call them friends!

I'll keep this all in the Basenji family...

My last tag is for the tallest basenji I know....Patan. And I mean tall! He's HUGE. He and his pack keep me barooing and you gotta love that! I'm so happy to know them!


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