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Age: 13 Years   Sex: Female

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My registered name is Baldwin's Miss Gambler, but I also answer to Miss G. (I'm also called Mommy's Girl, and my Mojo happily answers with many licks to Daddy's Girl.)

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:

October 14th 2003

I love spending time with Mommy and Daddy(and even Mojo) the most, we can be doing anything, it doesn't matter.

I hate motorcycles! I also hate the music that plays during a scary movie. I run from the room and hide most of the time. I'm also like my Mommy in that I hate fake friends who just want to use me, I'm too smart for that.

Favorite Toy:
I love whatever my adopted child(Mojo) has at the moment, that's always my favorite toy! (Especially if it squeaks, LOVE those squeakers! But Mojo holds the title for "Fastest Desqueaker In The West" so my time with a squeaker is always limited.)

Favorite Food:
Hmmmmmmm............ I'll have to get back to you, I don't have just one favorite dish, because it's all good!!

Favorite Walk:
I love any walk that takes me to Starbucks, I can even find my way there by myself, tried to once, got on the elevator with my Mojo and took off. The front desk coppers caught us! (That's Mojo over there in the photos with me. She's blind and deaf.)

Best Tricks:
My best trick would be to sleep like a person(when Mojo isn't sleeping on my back!). I also sleep with my tongue out, and keep it out when I wake up, or if I am tired, till Mommy tells me to put it back in my mouth where it belongs. She's a good Mommy.

Arrival Story:
I was born in another state, by a wonderful breeder who loved me and my parents dearly, but I have come to love Sin City with every ounce of fat on me. The lights, the action, the entertainment, THE FOOD!!! Sorry, I have to go, must find a slot machine, now, and a hot dog(not the Mojo kind).

I am a Red and White Pembroke Corgi(the kind that lives with the Queen, which means I have no tail). I'm very red on top, like the Corgis of old, with a very white chest and tummy. I have no white collar(because that's what Mommy wanted, and what Mommy wants, Mommy gets). My paws are dipped in white and I have dark coffee colored eyes(a very intense look, I say a lot with my eyes). I love to play dress-up and I hate to get dirty and just have to stay clean. Mommy calls me a girly-girl. My Mommy is a screenwriter, TV and movies, but she has a children's book coming out(and it has a Corgi in it who is a lot like me, gotta love that!), and she just sold a screenplay for a movie that is the story of me and my Mojo. You can say that we give Mommy lots of inspiration. I just hope that I get to play myself, nobody is a bigger diva than me!

Forums Motto:
2 cool for backstabbers, I prefer twits.

My Sidekick:
You can say that I am a working dog, I sure consider myself one! Ever since I found Mojo(a Blue Merle Piebald Toy Size(smaller than Miniature) Dachshund), it's been my job to raise that dog. She had been placed in a basket and dumped like garbage when she was a tiny tiny puppy and I sniffed her out and begged to keep her(I had to promise Mommy that I would take care of her, and I have kept my word, but it has been hard work!) She's two years old and has been blind since birth, and went deaf before her second birthday. These issues, we have been told, are due to bad breeding, something that Mommy is becoming quite outspoken about. Mommy says that she is the very first dog to have her very own seeing eye dog. We do everything together, Mommy says that there must be magnets inside of us. I grumble a lot about her, but I love my Mojo, and I will always be there for her to lean on, or lay on, she likes to sleep on my back, see the photo over there??? She pushes at my rear to tell me to get down so that she can climb on and take a nap. I also have used this method to dump her in the toilet, Mommy was quite mad. Most recently, I used this mode to dump her over the side of the bathtub, into Mommy's water and bubbles. Mommy didn't get that upset this time, because it made Mojo smell like peaches, and Mommy loves peaches. I do these things only as payback, Mojo drives me crazy at times, and she chews everything!!! She loves her BoBo's, and I try and make her mad by hiding them, yes, I know that it's mean to treat a blind dog like that, but she always sniffs them out(she sniffs so hard that she snorts!). It's a form of exercise. (And did you know that you CAN play hide and seek with a blind dog? I do it all the time with Mojo.) Mommy has to keep my favorite toys away from my Mojo because she is the current FDITW Champ(that's "Fastest Desqueaker In The West"). Have I mentioned before that I love my Mommy??? If she could only stop Mojo from squealing. Mommy says the reason that Dachshunds have a big chest is because they have a huge heart. No it isn't! They have that big chest because they have huge lungs!!! She's so silly, my Daddy taught her to stand on her back two legs for a treat(Mojo that is, not my Mommy, even though my Mommy is known to share her treats with me late at night, shhhhh, don't tell Mojo, she just thinks it's every now and then, I'm good at sneaking away when she's asleep.), now Mojo stands up at attention whenever she hears anyone near her. She just assumes that it's someone who's going to give her a treat, I keep waiting for her to salute! Whatever am I going to do with her???? Mommy and Daddy are good to us, they even let us sleep in the bed. I sleep under the covers against Mommy's legs, have since I was a puppy. (Mojo sleeps up near her face. Mommy has to keep a close eye on her, even when she's sleeping. That's my Mojo!)

Morning Routine:
Well, I love to wake up and give a good ARRROOOOOO, just to let Mommy know that I am available to be fed. Now Mojo has a different way to wake up my Mommy, a very different way, and a little unpleasant. Have I mentioned that my Mojo has a problem with her tongue? I haven't? Well, she does, and the problem is that IT NEVER STOPS MOVING!! That little girl licks everything, and I do mean everything. I feel so sorry for Mommy when she gets out of the shower, she literally has to run from Mojo, who chases her with her tail and tongue wagging, and Mommy always has to let Mojo catch her(before she hurts herself, a blind dog doesn't chase safely!) and just to make her calm down, she allows my wild-child to "put her stink on her". (That's Mommy's phrase for it, and it just means that for some strange reason Mojo just HAS to lick behind both of Mommy's ears and the top of her feet, yes, both odd and gross and Mojo has demanded this since she was a puppy! It's just so much easier, and quieter, to give Mojo what she wants.) In the mornings, remember, I am under the covers, but I know my Mojo and my Mommy are awake when I hear my Mommy squeal, "NO FRENCH MOJO, NO FRENCH!!!" That's when I know that it's time to crawl out from under the covers and greet her with my best Corgi ARRROOOOOO. She appreciates my way of waking up, it doesn't make her run for the mouthwash. Mojo, gotta love her!

I just have to share this with my furfriends on here. My Mojo has just started something that's really bugging me. If I have something that she wants, and I always seem to, she will come up to my face, nose to nose, then turn around and back her behind area right up into my face. It's as if she's saying......"I know that you can see me standing here, your eyesight is fine, but just in case you need a reminder, it's me, Mojo, your best buddy, your little girl, here, sniff"....... Lately, I have seen Mojo's butt more than I have seen her face! And talk about being fixated.... that little girl is on her way to being a card-carrying retriever. She loves her little lightweight toys, and can spend hours playing fetch with them, she seems to live for it(and yes, a blind dog can play fetch, Mojo's sense of smell is out of this world, and she can track the flight path of a thrown toy like no other dog). When she wakes up, she HAS to find her toys and wants to play fetch right away, and lately that's what she is still doing when it's time to go to bed. There's a mental issue there that Mommy needs to figure out, and fast. I feel like I have watched too much tennis, my neck is killing me.

My Bark:
Well, my bark is worse than my bite, I'm a lover, not a fighter(unlike my Mojo who clamps on to the side of my face and doesn't let go till I go find my Mommy, with Mojo still hanging there!!!) I "YIP" more than I yap, and that's just what it sounds like, "YIP". I do love to let out a good "Arrrrrroooooo", that always makes Mommy laugh for some reason, especially when my throat is scratchy and I have to keep trying till I get it out. Mojo barks(mostly sounds like "burrrr burrrr"), nothing original there, but she also squeals, as Mommy says, "the squeaky wheel, or in our case the squealing dog, gets the attention". Maybe my Mojo is smarter than I give her credit for.

I don't really have any, I'm rather intelligent and realized early on that Mommy and Daddy would give me what I want without me having to burn any calories or brain cells. Now, as for Mojo, as I mentioned before, she can stand on her back two legs and look really pretty for a treat, even twirl and do it. It's just so cute, even I have to admit that. And she can do a dance with her blankets. Mommy bought her some Winnie the Pooh baby receiving blankets(the real thin kind), and she just loves those. She'll put a corner in her mouth and just twirl and twirl. (This sounds cute, but she usually just tangles herself up in the blanket and has to have some help in getting out. Leave her in there I say, a few minutes couldn't hurt, right? My back could use a break!)

Mommy and I hung out for a spell on some Corgi sites, and just couldn't keep quiet when the rudeness occured, which was often(the "your dog isn't as good as my dog" attitude just drove us nuts!), nor could we stomach admins and moderators who were uneducated dictators addicted to the "power"(excuse me while I let out a good laugh/Arrrooo, what a joke they are, and they dispensed advice as if they knew what they were talking about, when actually they had more problems and questions than me or my Mommy!!!). And I forgot to mention the same couple of members who seem to have nothing better to do in there life than to spend tons of time correcting everyone and making every Corgi owner feel inferior(as if some of us smart ones couldn't do some investigating on our own and see that they are not what they appear to be!!!) So, that's why we set up home here, and we are loving it!! What a great group of dogs and wonderful owners, and what fun there is to have here. EXTRA NOTE: I love my Mojo to pieces, and want to spread the gospel because I would just love for her to be able to see me, or see our toys, or see the sights around town, and especially see Mommy and Daddy smiling at us, but she can't, and she will never hear us again either(and I would give my favorite toy away just for my Mojo to hear our Daddy tell her that he loves her). This just breaks my big heart. So, just because you think that your dogs are cute doesn't mean that you should be a breeder and breed them, there are all sorts of tests that professional breeders do to insure the correct progression of the breed, as well as to insure the good health of the puppies and parents. So many things can go wrong and if you are not a professional breeder, then you shouldn't be doing it. Please alter us, it's nothing to take lightly and play around with, don't risk our health or the health of our puppies. Be financially prepared for us, we aren't cheap. Budget for food, shots, physicals, emergencies(they will happen!), and even plan for training and activities(even daycare costs if needed). There are some great pet insurance companies out there, and that may make the difference of choosing to help us get well or to send us to the bridge too soon. We also require a lot of time, especially in the beginning(puppies can drive you nuts, and I have two words for you, CRATE-TRAIN!!!), so take your time and research the breeds and pick the right one for you. A good breeder will also be able to help pick the right puppy for you and your lifestyle. Some of them, like my Mojo, should come with warning labels, so be prepared. Also, know this, over 30,000 of my fellow dogs and cats are killed each year in Las Vegas shelters. Be true to yourself and to us, look into our eyes the next time you give us a hug. Do your part for animal rights OR animal welfare, as long as you do something, we deserve it. (And all PETA members are not radicals, they actually love their pets just like everyone else, my Mommy sure does. And she isn't a radical, just a little nuts, that's all.) *For locals looking for a dog, contact the Nevada SPCA : it's a no-kill shelter.*

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Message from Mommy to her Girls...

January 10th 2012 12:47 am
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The week after Thanksgiving I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and not only am I quite sick but will be having a surgery tomorrow that I will never be the same after. I love my girls so very much and just wanted to let them and everyone know how much they mean to me. J-Lo: I am so glad that you came into our lives. I have never met another person or animal who is so Zen and so together. (Keep learning from your Mommy, Miss G means well and she really didn't mean to hurt you that one time. Be careful with Mojo, she will lead you to the dark side.) Mojo: thank you for all the smiles and laughter, you have kept us on our toes and we would not have had it any other way. Miss Gambler: what can I say, you are my heart. We always get each other and feel each other's emotions and I know that this has hurt you the most. You and I are a part of each other, forever. I am so sorry that we all didn't get to have our normal Christmas, especially sorry for J-Lo, but you did love your gifts and that made me very happy! I will always love you guys and know that Daddy will take such great care of you!!!


Guess what we got for our Birthday?!?!?!

October 27th 2011 2:53 pm
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We got a living breathing Chihuahua!! (I just asked for cookies and a burger, and my Mojo just wanted a couple of toys, how did Mommy misunderstand that??) My new little girl is a rescue that my Mommy could not say no to(I will have to teach her how), she is red, just like me, same color even!! And the funny thing is that I like her, I really really like her. (And she likes me, Mojo is warming up to her now that she can tell that her Daddy is not going to be kidnapped from her. New girl is a Mommy's girl just like me.) She is happy and healthy and came from a puppy mill/backyard breeder operation. (She has a baby daddy, but I don't hold that against her.) She's happy and healthy and is learning to play. She acts like she has never ever seen a toy. She loves clothes(good thing that Mommy likes to buy them!). Mommy will post some photos of her on here soon, she is just going to join us here on this page, makes it easier that way. Oh, as for the name of my new little girl, it's J-Lo. Mommy says that there is just something about her that reminds her of the human J-Lo. As for her age, it's ironic that not only are the three of us all three years apart in age, but according to what my Mommy was told, her birthday is the day after mine, and the day before we celebrate my Mojo's. Three girls, all three years apart, and three birthdays in three days. Meant to be. **Family Circle magazine had an article that ranked the Cardigan Corgi as the runner-up for best dog for rural families(photo they used was of a Pembroke Corgi though!!) and they ranked the Dachshund as the runner-up for best dog with families with rambunctious kids(but a good breeder will not sell to someone with children under eight?!?!). I'm a little bummed, my Mojo and I both runner-up?? Oh well, our Mommy loves us, and so does J-Lo. Later!!!



September 19th 2011 11:51 am
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Mommy, congrats, but I saw the photos of you in that sparkly dress, and all I can say is, get ready for WHAT WAS SHE THINKING!! Later!!

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