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Tales from a really cute Shih Tzu

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Best news ever!

October 30th 2012 4:17 pm
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That vet just called momma and I don't have that terrible disease they thought I did. The test was negative. I am on the road to recovery. I am is eating, barking and begging and playing. The dogter just doesn't know what was wrong with me and it probably remain a mystery. Something viral or just some sort of inflammation. Momma is very happy. I still have to take the prednisone though and taper off of it and hopefully it doesn't come back.

Thank you all of my pals for your good wishes and the Power of the Paw. It worked.

Now Mia, it's your turn to get all better.


I'm playing!

October 29th 2012 12:51 pm
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Today, I decided to play with my toy. I love my squeaky toys. I just squeak them over and over again until momma goes crazy. I haven't been able to do it lately because of my mouth not being able to open. So momma heard squeaking and thought Luna was doing it but, then she saw it was me. I love making my momma smile.


Diary of the day

October 28th 2012 12:17 am
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Yay!! I am the DOD. How exciting for me. Momma is thrilled. Thanks Dogster HQ. Maybe momma will buy me some ice cream for a reward. I'm better but I still can't chew very well so ice cream would be perfect.


I ate solid food

October 27th 2012 7:26 pm
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Momma is so happy. I was able to open my mouth to eat some of momma's dinner. It wasn't much but I am starting to feel better. I know that it is the steroids making me be better but momma will take anything. I'm much happier today too. I went out with the boys today. Momma says I still have to eat the baby food stuff, that's okay thought I like it.

Thanks for all of the POP.



Little Hobo is sick.

October 25th 2012 6:21 pm
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Hi, this is Cindy, Hobo's momma. Hobo has something going on but the vet isn't quite sure what it is. It started about 2 weeks ago. For no apparent reason, he would just let out a cry and I just couldn't find what was wrong. As days went by, It got worse, he was letting out cries all the time. I could find nothing wrong but then he stopped eating, or when he tried, he would cry and run to me. So, a week ago, I took him to the vet. She couldn't figure it out, when she tried to open his mouth he cried like crazy. So, she took an x ray but it was normal. She thought it could be some sort of inflammation, so she gave him a shot of steroids and started him on an antibiotic and he was good for 2 days and then it started again only worse. He was still not eating, so I started to feed him baby food meat that he could just lick and not chew. I took him back yesterday and they have tentatively diagnosed him with Masticatory Myositis. We have to wait for the lab to come back but it sure sounds like that is it. I'll let you look it up if you want but it is an inflammatory disease in dogs affecting the muscles of mastication (chewing). It affects the muscles of the jaw and they can't chew and it causes pain if they open their jaws to chew. It is very rare and it is treated with large doses of Prednisone. It takes sometimes a year to clear up and the side effects of steroids that long can be troubling. In the mean time, he is eating baby food and milk and rice cereal. His spirits are good and he loves the people at the vet office, so he is always happy to go there.

So we wait for the results of the blood test and he is taking oral prednisone. Thankfully it comes in liquid form.

He needs the POP.


Today is my Birthday!!

March 8th 2012 10:33 am
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I turn 6 years old today. Momma keeps saying she doesn't know where time goes. Well, if she doesn't, I sure don't. The only time I know about is dinner time, wake up time and sleep time. Of course, sleep time happens throughuot the wake time.

Thanks to all of my pup pals for my birthday pressies and words.

Momma is going to take me to PetCo today so I can pick out a new toy so I can go home and tear the squeeker out of it in 2 minutes.




Coco Rose and Hobo

February 1st 2012 2:50 pm
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I am so excited. Coco Rose is my Valentine.


My new sister

July 9th 2011 11:49 am
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OK. I guess it is about time I write a little note about my new sister.

Just over two weeks ago, mom left the house with a leash but there wasn't a dog attached to it. I thought she was going to take me out for a walk but no. Just an empty leash.

Several hours later, she came home and guess what? She came in the house with some little white thing attached to the leash.

Well, Milo and I were very curious. The little white dog acted scared. I don't know why, we were just trying to smell her.

After the initial greeting and smelling, I was bored. I thought she was just visiting, so I went to sleep. When I woke up, she was still here. Hmmmm.

Here it is over 2 weeks later and she is still here. I have gotten used to her and I kind of like her. She plays with me and I like that.

My brother Milo really likes her too but, he has to act like the boss so she understands that this house is ruled by him and she has to mind him, or else. She seems to be a quick learner.

Oh no, mom is going to get the towel and dog shampoo out. It can't be for me, I just went to the groomer yesterday. I know, it's for Luna because she is white, she is going to get a lot of baths. Ha Ha ha!!!

Love Hobo


Not again

June 17th 2011 3:23 pm
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Last night mom noticed that my right eye was draining a lot but she couldn't see anything. She knew it was bothering me and I didn't want her to mess with it, so I snapped at her. She kept trying to look so I bit her. I tried to warn her. This morning when we got up, my eye was swollen shut. Mom knew exactly what it was. I had another foxtail in it. Last summer, I got 2 foxtails in my eye. They stick right in the eyeball like a knife. Mom called the dogtor right away and in we went. Sure enough, there it was. A great big one. My eyeball is scratched really bad too. Now I am getting eye drops for 2 weeks and I hate that. I'll try not to bite mom again but I am not promising anything.


I went to the doggie doctor.....

May 13th 2011 10:15 am
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Mom took me the the doctor yesterday because I am itching something terrible. As usual this time of year. I had to get two shots and some kind of pill for the itchiness. I also had to have a blood test.

Mom seems to think I have stinky breath, she says it smells like I eat poop!!! The doctor thinks so too, so I have to have my teeth cleaned and I might need to have some teeth pulled. That sounds horrible. So on June 1, I have to go to have that done. The thing is, when I am scared, I get a little snappy. I really don't mean to bite but I have to protect myself. I snapped at the doctor when she tried to pick me up, but everyone at the office knows I am really a very sweet dog so they tend to over look it.

Anyway, I will let you all know how it goes.



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