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A Day In The Life of Monty

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Why Me???

October 11th 2008 10:28 am
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I have not written in my diary for awhile but today has been one of those days nothing going right. My doggie I had since I first came here is in the trash. A 25 pound bouncing baby boy well BOl bounced right on me! Oh boy knocked the air right out of me, momma was comforting me & sneezed right in my face! Ewww! How rude here I was enjoying my kisses and wham right in the face! I know she has the flue but I am no Kleenex! Just when I thought today could turn around I got to finish off Pauline spaghetti, (yummy) momma says the word I guess you need a bath! HOW DARE SHE! Have I not been throe enough today. I could have bitten Henry but I did not , I could have jump from here arms and not let her cuddle me but I stayed. With boogies and all now I get re payed this way! Will I gotta go. Wish momma luck I already decided I am not going to make this easy for her. BOL MWAH Monty



July 1st 2008 6:02 pm
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Ok bear with me this is my first time. I never been tagged before.. Soo excited!! =}
4 Jobs I Have
Sneaking food from my sister
Tearing up my toys
barking at the bath tub
Nibbling on my momma toes

4 Place I have lived
The place I was born
& Here with my momma
I guess I have not lived four places ={ Sorry

4 Place I have Been
The beach
The park
The Clip Joint ( My Groomers)
Grandmas House

4 Places I would rather be...
In bed sleeping on my pile of pillows
Eating grass & barking at cats
Publix ( they have so much food there!)
Some where that gets seasons & snow..

4 Pups I tagged
Penny Jo 482604
Frodo 601377
Thali 587421
Mitzi 202 655337


Just A Quick Look Back...

May 31st 2008 1:06 pm
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Mariah is getting worse yesterday when she was out for her walk she collapsed and could not get up! Which made me take a quick look back at everything this amazing dog has done for our family and it makes me nerves about the hole she is going to leave when she gone..It seems only yesterday that we went to she her, I was 12 I wanted a cool dog like a Irish Wolfhound or Mastif, not a shih tzu! Shih tzu (I thought at the time) were for old lady and fancy men not a teen age girl trying to fit in. My mom feel in love I had to admit she was cute but three hundred and fifty dollars for a guinea pig that barks is crazy.. It did not take long to realize all I have ever thought about shih tzu was wrong. She was feisty and loyal. I remember that Christmas she got pigs ear it was way to big for her and when she carried it around see could not see were she was going and ran into walls! I remember her curling up next to me a night ad giving me a quick kiss good night ever night. She has given far more then she has received.. And I think I am that much of a better person for having the privileged to know her.. To us she is not "just a dog" she is like my little sister and the best friend I ever had.. Noting but love..


Todays Been A Good Day

April 19th 2008 12:58 pm
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So today has been going so good so far I got some of Paulines Happy Meal and a little bite of fruit watermelon yum! I got to jump all over the bed and growl & nipped at the sheets as mommy tried to make it, also I was honor with question of the day. What more can a pup ask for maybe anouther doggie my mommy and daddy got at Pets mart but they say no I ripped that one up to fast in last then a month it looked and smelles like trash mommy would clean it but sscared it fall apart.They tell me to play with my turkey. Yes I say today is a bed of rose! Plus Mollie Tzu mommy might help make my pictures wonderful as hers oh course she is much prettier than me then again she is a classy girl and is supposed to be! She is to sweet! I bet if she was food she be waterrmelon, sweet and refreshing! BOL I love watermelon! TTFN Monty


What a Day!

April 17th 2008 6:26 pm
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Today is my mommy 25 th birthday,, plus Henry got his second shots now that he is four mouth old, (poor little man) mommy gave me some luch meat and a piece of cheese, it was yummy! Pauline got her ice cream all over the place and I barked a big ugly cat that was sleeping on my car! I know doggies can't drive but it is still mine and that all there is to it. BOL. Mommy will have more fun Sunday due to the fact thats daddy day off (all ready planning on dump the kids on him!) But don't all mommies deserve time to relax, after all it is the hardest and most important thing to do after all. Its not easy to be a mommy I know I am not making it any easier. Monty


Getting There

April 14th 2008 2:55 pm
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It seems in my short life I seem to be spending a lot of time GETTING THERE, like my post mommy always sighs and says "its getting there" or cleaning the plates, picking up after my sister, or my potty training (I'm not train my potty to do anything thank you very much!) But what does she mean she is not going no where oh well I guess it is one more wierd thing the big one do! Well time for my nap I am not tried yet but am getting there, bol. Monty


A Day At The Groomers

April 7th 2008 6:22 pm
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Today I am looking quit sharp after a going to The Clip Joint mommy gets me the works. I really love it there they treat me like the little prince that I am. Not only that I got to have fun making a nest of mommy hair she gets pissy at me, but I fell it should be grateful after all most people have to pay for such a fancy hair do. Some nerve! Well mommy has to go take care of Henry, he has been fussy how much fun is that I wish if I whined and moaned all day mommy knock her self out trying to please me! TTFN Monty


Early Spring Cleaning

April 6th 2008 5:20 pm
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So this passed days I have been away with my mommy cleaning which is kinda hard when you have tons of toys and other bs and no place to put it. I was a big help I helped mop and broom also I grab hold of my mommies night gown and make sure she did not get lost in the mess which is called Paulines room only letting go to chew on a very pretty pink My Little Pony. I will tell you something boring days and snoring nights I am glad thats over or is it sorry have to go eat my dinner and tear up the couch, I really hate it! TTFN Monty


Why Are you Doing This To Me???

April 1st 2008 6:44 pm
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Today my mommy said I was a smelly boy, hey I worked hard to smell this way! What happens next, I got a BATH! Mommy never did this to me before why now, I have done nothing to desevre this! Its bad enough I got sent to the groomers now I have to look forward to this at home too, say it ain't so! Whats wrong with a dog smeling like a dog? Now I smell like flowers and mint, how manly right. Well off to try to get my sibs ready for bed, this should be fun it would be easier to just leave them outside and let them fend for them selves mommy say we an not do that oh well guess back to screaming and crying. Wish me luck (I need it!) Monty XOXOX'S


Paulines Birthday Party

March 31st 2008 1:10 pm
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So sunday my sister had her birthday party which for any one who has been to a four year olds birthday I invy you! It started off with getting ballons which takes forever, food which I only got a small snack here and there in the park with kids running around acting foolish. Mariha my grandmas shih tzu bite my tail and paw all I wanted to do was play. Mommy say she is old and wants to be left alone. A big lab came and scaried me under the table which I refused to come out of till I knew he was gone for crying out loud Florida has a leash law where was his my I ask! I came and crash so tried my mommy was too. Plus now we have the fun of trying to clean up all the toys she got! Well TTFN Monty

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