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April 8th 2008 1:47 pm
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woof ! i got to play outside a lot lasterday ! mommy & daddy worked in the yard and i played with leaves TOO ! Mojo played with me some of the time, we played catch me if you can , but most of the time he napped on the piles of leaves mommy had piled up ! BOL ! Mojo & i was going to the pasture to sniff at a rabbits trail, BUT ! mommy said NO ! and we had to come back in the yard or we were going to have to go in the house* i didn't want to go in yet, it was so nice outside and i was having fun chasing leaves TOO ! i didn't want to go to the pasture, BUT ! Mojo made me ! he said if i didn't go with him that meant i was still a BABY ! got'ta go potty ! later, Sierra



April 7th 2008 7:13 pm
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woof ! we get to go outside for a long time today ! It is so pretty and warm ! Can't talk long right now ! i got'ta help do some yard work ! BOL ! later, Sierra



April 6th 2008 8:02 am
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woof ! what a yuukie day ! lasterday me & mojo had so much fun outside in the sunshine , running and playing too ! today it is yukkie ! cloudy, cold and the wind is mean too ! i am going to snuggle up with mommy & mojo and watch movies, maybe toomorrow i can go out to play again ! later, Sierra



April 5th 2008 3:46 am
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OH ! i am so glad it is not windy today ! i am going outside to play with Mojo when it warms - up * it is clear and the sun is coming back later, but right now it is COLD ! it got down to 36' last night and i have to wait for the sun to warm up the outside and then i can go out * i need to be in the sun today , mommy says, 'cause it gives me vitamins , but i 'm just a 'lil babee and i don't no what vitamins are , but they must be good for me 'cause mommy wants me to get some* got'ta go eat my barkfast before Mojo gets into it ! BOL ! later, Sierra



April 4th 2008 12:50 pm
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woof ! i got so scared this morn'n !! there was a real bad storm at my house ! was there one at your house ? i hid in back of Mojo under the blankie with mommy, and then the wind got to blowing hard and after that a Polecat got in our yard then it got real cold TOO ! i just stayed in the bed with Mojo while mommy & daddy went to see where the bad smell was at * i got the potty done and did it on my pad TOO ! mommy says i am a real good grrrl !! well, now that i barked 'bout it i have to go potty ! AGAIN ! later, Sierra



April 3rd 2008 4:15 am
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woof ! it is still rainy out and mommy won't let me play outside again ! woof ! i want to play with the leaves, but mommy still says NO ! POO ! i hope i can soon, maybe this weekend the sun will come back * WELL ! mommy fixed Mojo 's trick of hiding my tiny rabbit and peeing on it ! YEP ! she sprinkled garlic powder on it and now he leaves it alone ! BOL ! i hope this will last, 'cause i am tired of my 'lil rabbit having to have so many bathes ! i don't mind the smell, so far, i still lv my bunnie ,but Mojo don't like it ! woof ! i am going to have to watch him tho, i no he has another trick under his paw ! BOL ! got'ta go potty ! later, Sierra



April 2nd 2008 9:37 am
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woof ! it is cold today and it hailed this morn'n early and now it is raining ! i wish i could go outside and play in the leaves , but mommy says NO ! POO ! i want to play with my tiny rabbit, but i can't find it * Mojo is always hiding my toys ! he has his own and i wish he wood stay out of my basket, he has his own to dig in ! i don't like to be a tattle - tail, but us GRRRLS don't like for our stuff to be messed with by the BOYZ ! i am going to have to tell mommy to find it for me again, and she will have to wash it again , 'cause every time Mojo hides it , he PEES on it and thats YUKKIE ! mommy ! Mojo did it again !! got'ta go find my mommy, later, Sierra ** YUKKIE !! MOMMY !!! HE PEED ON IT AGAIN ! **



April 1st 2008 7:02 am
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BURR - rrrrrrrrrrrr ! it got cold at my house this morn'n ! got my sweat shirt on and snuggling up with Mojo * my 'lil self is just going to watch t.v. and nap 'cause it is to cold to go outside and the wind is blowing real cold TOO ! and mommy says i can't anyway, so i am staying toasty warm snuggled in with Mojo and giving him lots of lv licks 'cause he keeps me warm, hope he doesn't roll over on me tho ! BOL ! later, Sierra



March 31st 2008 4:48 am
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woof ! it is early and i didn't go out this morn'n 'cause it is chilly and yukky outside* mommy took Mojo out , but i was asleep and she didn't want to wake me * its to chilly for my 'lil self anyway ! BOL ! i havent been doing very much, just playing and eating and the potty duty * i watch "DOG WHISPER " with Mojo and fell asleep , so i don't no how it went with that dawg that BARKED to much * i hope he learned how to be quite and only bark when he needs to * i have been learning a lot myself * when mommy asks , i can sit, come when my name is called, lay down and i no the word "NO" TOO ! mommy & daddy are so proud of me * they say i am so very smart to be so young * i guess i am , " GRRRLS " usually ARE ! BOL ! i have been wearing my dress a lot TOO ! and i just LV to look pretty, but Mojo bark - laughs at me, but i just keep on PRISS ' n up a storm ! BOL ! got'ta go POTTY ! later, Sierra



March 30th 2008 8:18 am
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woof ! this weather makes me so - oooo Sleepy ! it is so messy outside and i wood like to go out and play ! i Lv playing with leaves that i find and i have a lot of them at my house, just can't go out 'cause it is so - ooo MESSY ! Lasterday my human Sissy went shopping and she bought me the most BEAUTIFUL Sun Dress for Spring ! it is so BEAUTIFUL ! Our human Sissy Lv's me & Mojo so - ooo MUCH ! She is always bringing us Surprises and Lots of Lv Kissies TOO ! We LV her very, very MUCH ! She is our Sweetest Sweetie ! i am getting sleepy , so i am going to dig me up a snuggle spot next to Mojo and take a nap ! later, Sierra

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