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April 18th 2008 7:22 am
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it is really cold at my house this morn'n ! is it cold at your house too ? it came REALLY BAD MEAN STORMS lasterday evening and our lights went out for over two hours ! mommy went around lighting candles & oil lamps so we could see * i am sure hoping that doesn't happen again ! it was really nice and sunny earlier , but now there are clouds moving in and it doesn't look like i am going to go outside much today either, and it came a Norther TOO !* mommy, me & mojo were out lasterday after mommy got home from work, and after about 2 hours she made me & mojo come in the house 'cause there was a RED TAIL HAWK fly'in around over our house ! daddy was mowing and mommy spotted it swoop down in the field and then it came toward our house * mommy watches for them so they won't catch us * me & mojo has a Paw Pal that got attacked by one and he was hurt REALLY BAD, POOR 'lil PRECIOUS , so out here in the country they are really, really BAD ! mommy says we look like rabbits to them and they want to catch us to eat! woof ! i don't like them kind of birds , they scare me ! got'to go POTTY ! later, Sierra * Good Eye ! Mommy ! *



April 17th 2008 4:05 am
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woof ! it is the day my mommy has got to work a few hours and i guess i am left to deal with Mojo & daddy* all they like to do is snack & nap! i guess i will just play with my tiny rabbit by myself till mommy gets home* i got'ta go ! i here THUNDER ! POO ! , later Sierra



April 16th 2008 2:48 pm
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woof ! today me & Mojo went outside a lot, it is windy ,but it is nice and warm * i wanted to go frog 'gin ,but Mojo said we wood get in trouble, 'cause mommy doesn't like for us to rub on STINKY THINGIES ! i just wanted one to bury, but he barked at me and that meant NO ! POO ! i'll find one myself, someday * i chewed on a leaf and i found the neatest stick, but mommy took that away from me TOO ! GOSH ! POO ! i can't keep nothing i find with mommy watching me all the time ! woof ! i am going to take a nap and dream of finding me a frog ! later, Sierra



April 15th 2008 5:07 am
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woof ! i woke up this morn'n and all i could do is shake my head ! something kept tickle' ing my EARS ! it was like some wind was blowing in them and i couldn't find out where it was coming from ! i ran to mommy like something was after me and jumped in her lap and hid my head too ! thats when i heard mommy yell at daddy, "COME QUICK " ! " LOOK AT SIERRA'S EARS " !! i didn't no what to think ! i thought they might of fell of in the night while i was asleep and that was why i could feel air tickle 'ing my ears, or where my ears use to be ! GOSH ! WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM ?? daddy said " OH ! LOOK ! THE EAR FAIRY CAME LAST NIGHT " !! SIERRA'S EARS ARE STANDING UP !!! " HOW SO - OOO CUTE THEY ARE " !! GOSH ! i was really scared i didn't have ears any more , and NOW ! come to find out , my ears are standing up like Mojo's ! YIP - EEEEEEE ! mommy took me to the face looker and i could see myself and WHAT DO YOU NO ! i am at least 2 inches taller ! my ears are so pretty NOW ! and they don't look like they are broke in half any more, NOW ! i guess this is a sure sign that i am really becoming a 'LIL LADY and getting ALL grown - up TOO ! i got'ta go wake up Mojo and show him my new EARS ! later, Sierra * HEY ! MOJO ! WAKE - UP ! I got some new ears from " THE EAR FAIRY " !! WOO - ooo ! HOO - ooo ! *



April 14th 2008 11:57 am
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woof ! it is cold at my house today, PRETTY, BUT ! COLD ! I have to wear my sweat - shirt everyday when it is cold at my house * i went out for a bit and laid in the warm sun,but just for a 'lil while* i picked up a sent after Mojo walked by me and i just had to go see what he had buried * YUKKIE ! it 's a DEAD FROG ! i never had a dead frog before and by the looks of it , it has been dead for years ! mommy ran and took it away from me, she is so scared i will chock on something every time we go outside ! POO ! i wanted to keep it and show daddy when he gets home, but mommy threw it in the fire outside and now i have to look for another one ! POO ! i liked that 'lil frog and it smelt good to me TOO ! got'ta go look for another one ! later, Sierra * Hey ! Mojo ! where did you find that frog at ??????? *



April 13th 2008 1:11 pm
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woof ! the wind at my house is AWFUL ! it just 'bout blows me away ! is the wind blowing hard at your house ? woof ! it is blowing so hard it almost blows my new dress ruffles off and that makes me mean and growly , and i don't like to get that way* mommy can't even take our Spring pictures outside for that DARN WIND ! poo ! guess i will play ball with Mojo in the house while he is in the MOOD ! woof ! if i don't play with him while he is in the MOOD , the next thing i no he will be asleep and GROWL ' CHI ! BOL !! got'ta go potty first ! later, Sierra



April 12th 2008 11:22 am
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woof ! today is a pretty day , but it is cold and windy ! i thought mommy said Spring was here ! GOSH ! it ain't either ! it's going to freeze tonight and we still can't take my new Spring pictures yet either ! if it ain't the rain , its the wind ! woof ! i am going to watch "Tarzan the Ape Man " w/ Johnny Wissemiller made in 1932 , he is mommy's HERO ! and she LOVES TARZAN, but only the ones with him as Tarzan, not all the other Tarzan Movies with other man's in them, she says it just ain't Tarzan without J.W. 'cause he is the real thing ! BOL ! really i could care less just as long as she gives me my spot around her neck and my blankie to nap with, and OH ! Yah ! my tiny rabbit has to nap with me too ! later, Sierra



April 11th 2008 11:29 am
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woof ! the sun came back to my house today ! YAY ! i get to go outside and play ! mommy might take pictures of me , if daddy will stop that BIG yard grass thing ! what is that LOUD THING FOR ???? That is a YARD CAR , Mojo said , he says mommy & daddy only drive it in the yard and lot to make the grass not so high , they can't see us in tall grass ! * i think it is spooky and it makes my ears mean * I DON'T LIKE IT !!! got 'ta go !! here it comes AGAIN !! later, Sierra



April 10th 2008 8:07 am
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woof ! i got scared lasterday 'cause it was BAD STORMS at my house ! was there storms at your house TOO ? i got so scared mommy had to hold me most of the day and into the night i slept around her neck ! woof ! that stuff needs to go away ! there is a lot of water in my yard AGAIN ! and the water is wet TOO ! i don't really like it when my leaves are all wet * mommy couldn't even take my Spring pictures 'cause of all the rain, i wanted to hve some made outside in the sunshine, but i will have to wait till the sun comes back * Mojo went out this morn'n for a 'lil while ,but i was a sleep and i didn't want to go in all that wet anyway * i am going to sign Guest Books today, can't do much playing expect for in the house with Mojo* i guess i will go chase his tail and see if i can get a growl out of him ! BOL ! later, Sierra



April 9th 2008 8:54 am
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woof ! it is cold this morn'n and i am so excited , 'cause today i am going to have pictures taken in all my BEAUTIFUL DRESSES that my PRECIOUS PAW PAL Daisy picked up for me !! lasterday mommy tried them on me all day and 'bout wore my 'lil self OUT ! BOL ! They are so PRETTY and i can't wait to see my pictures in them! Mojo got some new shirts TOO ! he is so style 'n , but he keeps on pulling on my ruffles on my dress and that makes me mean ! i growled at him and he thinks i am playing, but i want him to stop it before he messes up my new dress! Mommy got on to him and now he just looks at me funny ! What is so funny ? Mojo ! i look pretty TOO ! Ya'no ! i don't like it when he looks funny at me , it makes me growl and i don't like to have to get mean with him , But ! he is asking for it ! BOL ! got'ta go, i think mommy is ready to take some pictures of me and Mojo ain't going to be first this time, 'cause mommy said i could be ! that will sure make him "HAPPY" ! oh ! well ! 'lil ladies FIRST ! BOL ! later, Sierra

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