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October 4th 2008 5:01 am
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O ! BOY ! BATH DAY ! I just LV the water ! I hope mommy bathes me FIRST ! Mojo takes so long in tha water with his bath * He likes to play "CHASE MOMMY'S HAND " * I like to lay down in tha water & take a good long SOAKING BUBBLE BATH ! YEAH ! That's tha BEST BATH ! I Lv to play with her in tha water TOO ! THO ! * I guess it will be a quite day for me 'cause after my bath I LV to NAP ! I will catch a movie in between DREAMS ! I LV to watch movies with Mojo & mommy ! Ya ' no ! Those HORROR movies don't SCARE me anymore ! GO FIGURE ! later, Sierra



October 3rd 2008 6:27 pm
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GOSH ! I had a REALLY BAD STORM at my house today ! It was so SCARY TOO ! It sure wood have been the PERFECT STORMY NIGHT for HOWLOWEEN NIGHT ! I thought I was going to get SCARED to DEATH 'cause the THUNDER & LIGHTENING was SO MEAN ! Mommy grabed our blankies & all of us snuggled up on tha couch til it went away * Its a wonder our electricity didn't go off * The MEAN Storms is just to much DRAMA for me & I don't like to be SCARED ! EITHER ! TMD ! Mommy was home ! later, Sierra



October 1st 2008 3:01 pm
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PEEEEEEE UUUUUUU ! I don't no what mommy is cooking ! BUT ! IT AIN' T FISH ! Mojo thinks it's FISH ! BUT ! If its FISH, It AIN' T NO FISH I LIKE ! WHEW ! My human Bubba said it smelt worse than ROAD - KILL ! What ever that is ! Mommy told him not to be talking in front of us like that ! I heard daddy say something 'bout cleaning out the Coffe Maker with VINEGAR * Maybe that's what it is ? HUMMMMMMMMMM ! Whats that got to do with SUPPER ? As long as that smell isn't on my plate I don't care what she cleans with it ! ALL I no'se is it AIN ' T FISH ! Got ' ta go potty before SUPPER TIME ! And we AIN ' T Have' in FISH ! MOJO ! later, Sierra



September 29th 2008 11:51 am
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O ! Its a pretty day ! I went on my walk this morn'n with Mojo & mommy * We went to the post office & down the dirt road around our property * GOSH ! My 'lil legs are tired & I'm ready for my afternoon nap ! I got to see a lot of 'lil Butterflies and mommy found a pretty pasture Flower * It was pretty but it didn't smell so good when I sniffed it THO ! I'm going to dig my nap up & watch a movie with mommy & Mojo ! later, Sierra



September 28th 2008 8:10 pm
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I'm so sleepy my 'lil eyes just won't stay open * Mommy did my Halloween Page today & it has just wore me out watching her work on it * GOSH ! That's just to much work for a 'lil Chi GRRRL to have to see ! I feel like I'm asleep as I bark ! I got ' ta go to bed so I can go walking in tha morn'n with Mojo & mommy * later, Sierra



September 25th 2008 3:40 am
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I got up early this morn'n & got my duties done even before daylight was up * Mommy got up early , so I got up with her * Lasterday I did a lot of Sun Bathing on my deck with Mojo * Today I'm going to nap a lot after our walk 'cause I got up so early * I will be glad when we can burn this last brush pile ! I'm sick of the Bon - Fires while its 90' outside * I hope the wind doesn't get mean again for along time ! WOOF ! Every time it does, we spend days picking up limbs on our property ! POO ! I LV sticks, BUT ! GOSH ! this is TOO many STICKS ! I think I heard daddy say we were going to save the last pile of brush for Halloween* I sure hope so, maybe then it will be COOLER ! Then the Big Bon Fire will feel good ! Got ' ta get ready for barkfast ! later, Sierra



September 24th 2008 1:58 pm
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WOOF ! I don't care what Mojo BARKS ! I'm staying on the deck 'cause the FIRES are to HOT ! Mommy & daddy have been burning brush for over a week & the Fires + 90' Temps. just don't mix with me ! IKE'S winds sure left our property full of Big Tree limbs & Brush TOO ! I have been watching all the Bon - Fires burn from my deck by the pool & I'm not 'bout to go near any FIRE ! Mojo thinks their COOL, BUT ! I think they wood be better enjoyed if the weather temp. was 32' & falling * It is so HOT with them burning & Mojo just thinks he 's BIG 'cause he carried a stick or two to mommy * POO ! I carry sticks to mommy everyday ! 'cause she won't let me take them in the house & put them in my bed ! GOSH ! I carried one to her that was twice as BIG as ME ! Boyz ! You just got ' ta LV ' em ! later, Sierra



September 21st 2008 4:56 am
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GOSH ! Mommy & her house work ! I sure don't like that floor sucker THINGIE ! That thing is SCARY ! I run to my cubby bed every time she gets that thing out ! I have been watching movies & Mommy cleaning every thing in tha house * She is getting the house ready for the up coming Holidays * I was going to play with my TINY RABBIT ! BUT ! she keeps dragging that floor sucker around from room to room & I just decided to wait till that thing goes back to its closet * I have seen where it lives & its a GOOD place for it TOO ! I'm afraid if it gets to close to me , it will SUCK me right up in it ! * I wish mommy could get Daddy to do the floors, and take me & Mojo shopping while he does them ! I got ' ta go I think shes going to start that thing AGAIN ! later, Sierra



September 19th 2008 3:26 pm
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O ! It is such a pretty day ! It is so nice not to have that HORRIBLE HUMIDITY ! It was cloudy for a minute then it cleared & the sun came back * I was outside a lot & I saw a June Bug * It wanted to stick to my nose, but I shook it off every time it tried to stay on my face * Mojo saw a pretty Butterfly and barked to me to see it, BUT ! that DARN June Bug woodn't let me go see * I finally killed it * Mommy said I played it to death & I didn't mean to hurt it, But those thingies don't no when to quit play ' n * I found a few BIG leaves in tha yard & I crunched them all up * Then I went to the flower garden to see if I could see that Butterfly Mojo saw * It was gone , But I hope I get to see one before it gets to cold * I got ' ta go walking with Mojo ! later, Sierra



September 18th 2008 4:18 am
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POO ! Mommy has to work today & I'm stuck here with daddy Babysitting Me & Mojo * I just wish I could go with Mommy to work today * Sometimes she takes me, But she had to leave really early this morn'n & I was still asleep * Daddy will take Me & Mojo on our walks & hopefully Mojo will forget to hide my Tiny Rabbit ! WOOF ! I wish Mommy wood buy him one so he wood leave mine alone ! Got ' ta go walk with tha Boyz ! later, Sierra

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