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Naughty Charley!! heheheheh!!

You've been Tagged! hehehh!

November 9th 2008 6:24 am
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TAG...I'm it
RULES: write 7 interesting things about yourself in your diary, then tag 7 others and let them know they've been tagged and to read your diary.

1) I am a Rescue Dog.
2) I'm always hunting.
3) I go crazy over squirrels on MY porch!
4) My favorite toy is a Cuz Ball (a NEW one!).
5) I used to bite the Mommy, but not ever since she started acting like the Dog Whisperer! **Shudders!**
6) I love my sister, Emme.
7) I give my Mom facials every night by licking her face until she can't take it anymore (and it is usually while she is trying to watch the TV! Hey! She should pay attention to me!).

Okay, now it's your turn!



December 12th 2007 10:19 pm
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I am very territorial about my bed. When it is bed time, I charge at and bark at my Mommy if she even dares to come near my bed. No amount of Dog Whisperer is going to change my mind about this.

Last night, Mommy plunked a shirt over me while I was in my bed. Sure, I protested, barked & showed my teeth. But I realized very quickly how nice & warm I was, so I settled in for a cozy nights sleep.

Tonight, as Mommy was playing on Dogster, she could hear me in my bed chewing on something... it was a familiar sound. It was the sound of, "Charley is chewing on something he shouldn't be chewing on!"

Mommy came in to investigate, and realized I was trying to chew the buttons off of the shirt that she put into my bed last night. Mommy knew she could not reach into my bed and take the shirt... too risky. So she did the next best thing.

Mommy announces, "You want a treat?" Omigosh! That did it! Forget about being territorial about my bed!! I ran OUT of that bed and down the stairs to the kitchen so fast you would have thought I was a squirrel being chased by me! heheheh!

Mommy removed the shirt from my bed, button still intact, then came downstairs and gave me & Emme our treats. Yummy!

Your pal, Charley (who still chews on things I shouldn't at 6-years-old!)


Things of Mommy's that I have destroyed recently

February 8th 2006 10:25 am
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OK, pups... listen up! Just because I am now 4-years-old, it does not mean that I am now "good" and all trained and everything. Just to give a few examples, let me tell you of a few of the things of Mommy's that I, how say?, "dismantled!" heheheh!

She bought one of those new USB Jump Drives ($85 at Best Buy). She left it near the end of the table the night she brought it home. Well, she left to go out and left me and Emme all by our lonesome selves! Hmph!

So, I was looking for something to do and next thing you know, I was chewing up that new Jump Drive! Mommy said that it won't plug into the PC anymore. Oh, well! Not my fault that she left it where I could get it!

The next thing was her brand new earings that she got for Christmas. One fell out of her ear as she was getting ready to go to a meeting. She didn't realize that the earing fell off until she was in the car and had driven half-way to the meeting. She had "hoped" that I wouldn't find it! heheheh!

Is she kidding or what? OF COURSE I found it!! I know where everything is in this home! I know every inch and every corner and can spot something out of place lickety split! The earing was a bit of a challenge to take apart, but I managed.

When Mommy came home she was so worried that I had swallowed the "hook" part. Seeing her worry was like getting a bonus on my bad deed! heheheh! You should have seen her going all around the carpet with a flashlight, looking for the hook. She finally found it... party was over. Sigh!

The last thing I destroyed was one of her brand new pens. She LOVES pens and had bought a very special one. It wasn't MY fault that she left it on the end table where I could reach it! I was hoping that she wouldn't notice until I got to the wet blue stuff inside, but she discovered my new toy and took it away. What nerve!

Your pal, Charley


"I couldn't hold it!" (written November 14, 2002)

July 26th 2005 3:19 pm
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I was only 1-year-old when I wrote this story for the Bad Dog Chronicles. I had been adopted by Mommy only 1-month before. I thought I'd share this story with you.

"Last night momma took longer than usual to get home. Emme, my sis, gets the run of the house, while I'm stuck in an x-pen with my open den, a few squeaky toys (my favorite!), and some paper thingy that I used to be able to rip up. I can't rip the thing up anymore because momma got something at PetSmart to hold it together! Emme has a paper thingy, too. She poops and pees in it and momma never yells at her.

I still like to pee the way I was made to... by hiking my leg on the side of the x-pen. Emme looks at me funny when I do that. Then she walks carefully around the puddle I made.

When momma got home I was so excited that I was jumping up and down (momma calls me a jumping bean when I do that). I was splashing around in the puddle I made and I slipped and fell in it and my fur got all wet. But I didn't care... I just couldn't wait for momma to unlock the gate! When she did, she stepped in part of my puddle and got her sock all wet.

She took me and Emme outside, and when we came back in she picked me up in a football hold. I thought this was some kind of new game or something! I don't usually get up this high so I was sniffing everything on the way upstairs.

Momma put me in the kitchen sink and got out a snake! A big, white snake! All of the sudden the snake was spitting out water! Just like at the groomers! Then before you know it I was covered in stinky-smelling bubbles! I had just gotten myself to smelling good, too! I kept trying to escape but momma had a good grip on my collar. Emme was laughing... I could hear her down below!

After that was all done, momma kept petting me and telling me how soft I was and how good I smelled. I don't know how she could stand it! I heard some other dogs at the Humane Society making fun of the humans for not having as good of a nose as dogs do. Now I can see how true that is. "


We had a visitor!

January 18th 2005 6:41 am
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This morning, a visitor came to our house! It was a MAN in a uniform and he had a van full of tools. Our garage is below the condo, and that is where that man was. Mommy blocked off the basement stairs, so we were unable to smell him up close, but we could hear him down there.

The garage door was going up and down & up and down... and that was making me & Emme go CRAZY! You see, the only time that door goes up and down is when Mommy is leaving home or coming home... with her "coming home" being the MOST exciting. We were SO EXCITED and barking and wagging our tails.

Well, within a few moments, Mommy comes upstairs and she was looking all over for her checkbook. She could not find it... so she asked the man if he would take a credit card. Hmmmm... I hope she is not depleting our "treats & toys" fund! ACK!

Well, the man left, and now we can all get on the couch and relax.

Your pal, Charley



January 14th 2005 10:18 am
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Hey, we got SNOW yesterday! And Mommy stayed home from work... she has been sick. We LOVE it when Mommy stays home with us!!!

Mommy put our coats & boots on us yesterday, and we went out for a walk in all that snow. It was WONDERFUL!! We LOVE it! Wheeeeeee!

We ran, and ran, and ran some more. Actually, since me & Emme are small doggies, we had to "leap" to get through the 5-6 inches of snow. What fun!

We plowed through the snow with our noses, too. And we chased each other until our leashes became tangled. heheheh! It is always fun to "tie" Mommy up with our leashes... especially when she is trying to blow her nose or pick up our poopies.

By the time we were done with our walkies, I was covered in little snowballs. Some of the snowballs even got on the inside of my coat. I have very fine fur, so snow is always sticking to it. Emme has a rougher coat, so NOTHING sticks to her fur... even rain just slides right off. I had a heck of a time chewing off all of those snowballs around my paws & along my chest.

Mommy gave us GREENIES when we came inside. And she feeds us a warm meal of kibble with some V-8 juice in it... warmed up in the microwave. Yummy for the tummy on a cold winter day.

Then we all settled down on the cozy couch for an afternoon nap. Zzzzzz! It is SO NICE to have Mommy home with us... she is so nice & warm to lay on.

Your pal, Charley


NAUGHTY Mommy!!!

September 24th 2004 11:36 am
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You wanna know what MY Mommy did??? She "groomed" us!!! Yup... she got out a pair of clippers and cut our fur off! We look absolutely HORRID now!
Oh, man... if we only had a digi cam to SHOW you how ruined we are!!! I am practically BALD!!! No mini cut here... BALD!!! Except for my head and my legs and my heiney.

Emme isn't BALD, but her poor fur coat is all choppy looking.

(Mommy's note: It was only my 2nd time using a clippers in my life!!! They really do look pitiful!! And after all of the bathing and clipping and cleaning up afterwards, I threw out my back! Augh! LOL... serves me right I suppose!)

OFF THE 'puter, MOMMY! This is MY posting! Grrrr!

Just wait until we show GAMMAW what Mommy did to us!

But, the one good thing (that I have to admit that I liked) is that at least we didn't have to go to the EVIL GROOMERS this time!!! We do NOT LIKE THAT PLACE!!!!

Your pal, Charley (who is currently BALD!!! HMPH!!!)


I'm a "Bad Dog!" Woo-hoooooo!

September 16th 2004 12:04 pm
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Hey, all you Dogsters out there! I want to tell you about another one of my favorite websites: The Bad Dog Chronicles (BDC). Yup, that's right... I'm a BAD DOG member!! A lot of us Bad Dog members have posted our photos on Dogster and we FINALLY got to know what all of us look like! yay!

If you wanna read about some of our "badness" and antics you can find our stories on You can post about your badness there, too!!

I am so happy to see that Dogster has a place for us to write about our adventures. Dogster is growing in leaps and bounds and I am so proud to be a member here.

Am looking forward to getting to know many of you other doggies!!

Your pal, Charley

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