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Little Girl's Memwars!

Dear Dogster Diary...

January 15th 2011 7:00 am
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It has been like eons since I wrote somtin here. C this is funny cuz everybuddy can read it. so it is not a diary!!!
Diary well a diary is private and u know that...a guy must have thunk this up hahaha.

so this is my JOURNAL...i JUST do not know how to change my title. maybe momma does.

we might be getting a new baby brother! he is coming from Calif. he is a Chihuahua and just i year old and white with tan and brown marks on his face. he is so adorable I am really excited to hear about him. Mumzy told us this morning at breakfast that he will be coming soon. she just had to get a railroad something something i did not know what that meant.

I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE A NEW BABY BROTHER (RESCUED from a killing shelter) MY BROTHERS AND ME ARE EXCITED I AM HOWLING AND they are sleeping in their beds doing what they do best!!! Sleep and eat...then repeat. ha ha ha

We have his bed and blankets, toys, food, walking leash, collar, everything oh and a place picked out right on moms lap for him. Chihuahua are really small so we all fit on mumzy's lap and since we all get along we stay really warm.

love everyone,



I Did Not Break Nickolas' Leg

May 26th 2008 11:30 pm
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I am so sorry Big bruthr Nick but I was so scared that my brand new mom was already getting rid of me and you guys too. I was so mad. You were just in the way I am so SORRY and I know we had steak with mom already to make up and all but I still feel so bad. what can I do to help you.

My eyes are all red with tears crying like momma we just feel so bad and are working so hard at helping you get better. I LOVE YOU.

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