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My Wonderful Life

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Thank You

November 17th 2009 8:38 pm
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Well I have to say that everything went smoothly for my dad. Though he didn't like what they had to do, it was for the best. 2 procedures had to be done on dad and it took almost 7 hrs. to do it. The first item the doctor's had to do was an T.E.E., that is a tube going down his throat to check with a scope and see if there was any blockage in the valves to his heart. After them checking that out and saw that there was no blockage, then they did the 2secon procedure. Going into his leg area with a catheter and up into his chest and over to his heart to get the beating back to normal. So all of this took that long of a time to do what the doctor's had to do. My mom said that dad was angry when he came out of the sedation. Dad told mom that if he actually knew that this was going to hurt him, he would never had had it done. All said and done, I'm just glad that dad didn't have any troubles from the procedures. I was afraid that he would go into a heart attack and/or the "shocking" of his heart would cause him to die. But dad is o.k. Can't wait for him to come home.

I like to thank each and everyone of the pups and cats who have sent their thoughts/prayers and the POP, candle, and love to me. I really appreciate it.
Thank you,
Lady Chewee Bear, Lady Chadee Bear and her furamily
Cooper, Tux, Pooh-Bear Jazzy
Walker, Alexandria, Molly Pookah
Pippin, Shameus, Clancy, Piper, Merry Belle
Brandy II, Nikki
Callye C. Cholo Jo, Wooley Bully, Bitty, Snowball, Blackie, Dixie Chick, Little Man and the Angel Thumper
MDM and her furamily; Jake, Archie, Shenandoah, Momo, Bogie, Bambi, Sweet Abby-Angel


Daddy's Heart Problem

November 16th 2009 6:11 pm
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Hello to all of dogster/catsters:
Last week my skin dad had to be admitted into the hospital. His heart has been out of wack(as mom says) for the past 3 weeks. Mom says that dad's heart was beating like he ran a marathon.(what that is I don't know). The doctor"s tried to slow it down by increasing his medicine, but it didn't work. So now Daddy has to go and get the heart a "shock". Well this "shock" was suppose to happen today 11-16-09, but mom was told that it had to be rescheduled for tomorrow 11-17-09. The camera to shoot at dad's body to show the doctor's where they are putting the rod into him was not working properly. Therefore it was another disappointed day for dad and not to mention mom. She is stressed out at having to be off from work and dad is making it hard on her by being a grouch(so says mom) because he has to be in the hospital for extra time.
Mom also said that dad's oxygen level is low and dad needs to wear the oxygen mask. Dad doesn't like it as it makes him feel like he is being enclosed in.
Mom is home right now. She'll go back to the hospital in the morning to be with dad for his procedure.
From all of this, I am asking all my dogster/catster furiends to please continue to pray and/or keep any thoughts for my dad during this trying time.
I thank you all from the little heart that is big in me.



I Have a Crush...........

September 2nd 2009 6:28 pm
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On a very nice guy name Mr. Jeepers. He is a real gentleman and he has such gorgeous eyes! He calls me his sweetheart. Ahhhh, such novelty. He just makes me feel warm and giggly inside. But I told him that I just want to take one day at a time. I am not a wild girl. I like to be courted. So Mr. Jeepers said that he will take each and every day like knowing me all over again.


To The Groomers!

June 20th 2009 9:34 am
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OMDness! Mommy took me and sisfur Mollie to the groomers last week. Boy was that a terrifying day. But we look nice and pretty with our hair cuts! Mommy said that I am just a little puppy under all that hair I had. Yeppers, my mommy loves me so much that she just wanted to make sure that I didn't suffer during the summer with the long hair.
She even went to the store and brought clothes for me ans Mollie. Mommy said that I look soooooo cute and prissy in my dresses.

Happy girl,


I've Been Tagged!

January 27th 2009 8:50 pm
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A good furiend Teddi Sue has tagged me and now I have to give out 7 items about me. Oh this is so hard.

1. I BARK! At everyone, the mail carrier, my hooman parents(because I get excited when I see them from the window coming home from work), my hooman brother and his g/f. I constantly BARK at them. They don't like it, of course! I bark playing with little sisfur Mollie.

2. Treats/Snacks or whatever! Just love them.

3. Cry like I'm being killed.......don't like to get my nails clipped or get my hair brushed.

4. I LOVE MY FIANCEE' Diego. One day we will get married.

5. I love playing with my furry cats in the house.

6. I always sit up in front of the window to watch goes on outside and bark at anyone who comes near the house.

7. I want to always be loved at any cost to my hooman parents, as I know that they love me.

I need to tag 7 pup pals


Called Off The Wedding!

November 18th 2008 7:20 pm
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It just seems that too much is going on since it is the holiday(s) coming. So I called off the wedding until after the new year. It was best to do it. Starting off in the new year with my man is the smarter choice then trying to get married so soon. I hope I did the right thing.



Soon To Be Married!

November 1st 2008 1:38 pm
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Ahhhhh, here it is November 1st and in 21 more days, I will be married to my wonderful fiance' Deigo. I just can't wait!


I Said "Yes" To Boyfriend Diego!

September 7th 2008 6:12 am
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Happy, happy, *dancing around* yap, yap, yap. *singing* Here Comes The Bride"
My boyfriend Diego has asked me to marry him and I said "YES" . He is such a handsome Dawg and I couldn't be happier than a pig rolling around in mudd! Arf, arf, arf. Seriously, I just love that guy Diego! I had my eyes on him from the first day I e-mailed him to be my pup pal.
We have been e-mailing each other back and forth. Diego is such a nice dawg-guy to talk to and, and, and, oh, I could just go on and on!
Diego, darling, I JUST LOVE YOU!



July 30th 2008 9:50 am
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Wow, I can't believe that July has come and gone! Where did this summer month gone to??? I know that the flea's has really gotten to me. I need to stop biting myself so that my raw area's can be cleaned and medicated by mommy to get better.
I'm also having a problem with constant barking at my human brother's g/f. She is really nice, but I just go after her of barking. Although, I let her pet me, but right away, I start and continue to bark at her. She has never done anything to me. Mom/Dad needs to find out why I bark at her so much.
I have been watching the All American Dog on TV with my humans. We have been rooting for Preston Cassanova (the Pom) since I am a pom. He is so cute! I just LOVE his hair. Secretly, wishing he was my boyfriend. But I live here in the east and he lives there in the west and well, I'm sure he has A LOT of g/f. Besdies, he doesn't even know me! BOL! I did e-mail Preston asking for his picture with an autograph. Hope I get it! (sighing & batting the eyes).
Well, I shall write/type at the end of next month. Have a good summer. "POWER TO THE POMMERANIANS" Take it all the way Preston my love. (blowing a kiss)


End Of June, 2008

June 29th 2008 7:24 pm
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Oh how the month of June is over! Yet we really haven't had to much of the hot weather yet. But my mommy has gone and took my heavy coat away from me so that I wouldn't be over heated. I feel comfortable in the light coat that I am wearing.
Now comes the real hot weather month in 2 days! JULY! OMD

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