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Otis' Ordeal

August 5

August 5th 2005 6:10 pm
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Well, I'm just about 15 months now, and I'm ALL BETTER!!! FINALLY! The new vet did great, and that specialist too, and now I'm not itchy and apparently not nearly as stinky anymore, either. No more constant baths! And strangers aren't too grossed out to pet me anymore! I get to go to the dog park all the time and play with all my doggie friends, which is good, cos I still keep trying to play with Howard and Harriet (the cats that lived here before I showed up) and they are just not having it. Scratched my eye so bad, mommy had to take me back to the vet. Just eye drops this time, no more needles, but still, if I just keep crying and whining at them, I bet those cats will play with me some day, I just know it!
That last picutre is my daddy snuggling me just after my 1st birthday. He must be strong cos the vet said I'm 81 pounds now! I still like to cuddle though! And yay, no more itching!!


April 15: The saga continues...

April 15th 2005 4:14 pm
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Well, I've now had to see 2 different vets AND something called a dermatology specialist, and I still itch! The little boy helps alot by scratching me and now I'm big enough that he can almost ride me around, but I sure wish I could stop this scratching. My mom was really worried when she had to name her credit card (whatever that is) "Max" (whatever that means) to pay for all my medicine and I think that means I'm costing alot of money. Just in case, it's true, I've been EXTRA nice lately...following her around and snuggling her every chance I get...jsut to make sure she knows I appreciate all she's doing. I even take all 10 pills every day without hardly spitting them out at all! Hey, I'm tryin'!
Oh, well, at least the injections are done for now...I HATED needles! And, My first birthday is coming up very soon, so maybe I'll get my wish and be done with all the itching once and for all!


December 22

December 22nd 2004 1:34 pm
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Well, I'm stuck at the hospital today. I was doing really well for 2 whole weeks and then my family had to fly across the country. I got boarded by the really nice nurse from my vet, but apparently it was just too much stress and now I'm in pretty bad shape. Scabies, mange, yeast infection, bacterial infection...I'm getting dipped right now and my family is home worrying about me. My vet seems pretty concerned cos I just can't seem to get well and stay well. Since it's Christmas time, if everyone could say a little prayer to help me kick these problems, maybe my family could have a Christmas miracle. I know the little boy REALLY wants me to come home and I miss him, too. Seems like I've spent more time at this vet than at the dog park, which is WAY more fun. Oh well, time for my next injection...I wish they'd stop sticking me with those needles. I wanna go home! Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy being home with your families every minute that you're there.

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