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Please keep your babes safe this Halloween!

October 25th 2007 8:58 am
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I'm looking forward to Halloween!! I hope you are too!! Unfortunately (for me), I have to spend it behind a babygate in the living room. I can still see the kids, but I can't go up to them or (what Mom is truly afraid of) out the door!!! Mom doesn't do it to be mean.. she is just making sure I am safe. Some kids do come in and give me some pets and kisses so it's not so bad! But BOY OH BOY.. would I ever love to spend the night running around the neighbourhood with all the kids! But it's just not safe. My kitty sister Rascal does not like any kind of fuss... especially where kids are concerned.. so we won't see her all night! BOL!! That's for sure. You can guarantee she will be upstairs in Mom's bedroom where it's safe!! Maggie and Sam.. well.. they will be having fun too.. but since they are black animals.. Mom wants to be extra careful because there are mean people out there that might want to hurt us simply because it's Halloween and we are just the type for easy pickings cause we are just too friendly even to strangers.

We hope you enjoy Halloween and have lots of fun.. but most importantly.. please stay safe!!!

Here's some links Mom found for a safe and Happy Halloween for pups!

Will Halloween be Scary for Your Dog?
There are many dogs who love Halloween as much as their owners. They like to dress up in costumes, parade around and socialize. For other dogs, Halloween is a frightening, confusing nightmare of which they want no part. As much as you want your dog to be part of the fun, make sure she’s a happy, willing participant, and keep her safety in mind.

Pet parades, where dogs march down the street in adorable costumes, is great fun for everyone, especially dogs who like to be the center of attention and have no problem adorning clothing.

If you put your dog in a costume, make sure it doesn’t restrict the movement of your dog’s head, legs or tail. And for your sake and your dog’s, make sure your dog is able to go potty in it! If your dog is bewildered or frightened in a costume, it’s really not kind to insist that she wear it, no matter how cute she is in it. Most dogs have no problem with a simple bandana or anything worn around their necks, as they are used to wearing a collar. Things that go over the back may be a little more unfamiliar to them, and things on their heads could be upsetting. So if your dog’s not into the costume thing, try a creative bandana or decorated collar.

Trick-or-treaters at the door are a thrill for many dogs, and a trauma to others. Dogs that feel compelled to protect you may find it very disturbing to have an endless stream of strangers show up at your door wearing costumes. Any dog can get excited and run out the door or jump on children. Keep your dog in a crate or closed in a bedroom if he’s having trouble seeing the joy in the trick-or-treating ritual. Even if he's ok with everything, you may want to keep him on a leash inside just to be safe. If you have people over, ask everyone to help watch your dog, just to make sure he doesn’t get too friendly with the trick-or-treaters or slip outside. Getting out of the house might mean access to bags of candy, small children, and passing cars.

If you want your dog to have treats for Halloween, it’s best to buy him doggie treats. He should not have candy, and definitely not chocolate, which is toxic to dogs. Since dogs are opportunistic eaters, watch the goodies and candy bags – your dog is likely to find them and scarf them down, wrappers and all. That could mean a mess and an upset stomach, or even worse, a trip to the veterinarian.

The important thing to keep in mind this Halloween is, what’s fun for you may not be so fun for your dog. Make sure she’s safe and happy, too.

---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
DogAge Tip of the Week
------------------------------------------------------ --
Spook-Free Halloween

For most dogs, Halloween is more frightening than fun.
Here are a few tricks to make the evening safer and less
spooky for your pup:

* Keep your pet in a separate room away from the front
door if the ringing doorbell makes him anxious.

* Keep decorations and jack-o'-lanterns out of paw's

* Keep him away from the candy basket. Most sweets make
dogs sick -- plus, raisins and chocolate can be fatal.

* Pick up any stray candy wrappers, which can be a
choking hazard.

* Think twice about suiting up your dog; most pets find
costuming uncomfortable and stressful. If you decide to
dress him up, make sure the getup does not interfere
with his movements or ability to see, and that it does
not contain any small pieces that could be swallowed


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