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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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OK, what's with a doggie having the hiccups?!

April 1st 2008 12:42 am
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Well, folks, the strangest thing happened to me tonight. We were all asleep in our bedroom and suddenly I started making a kind of (wooawooawoo) soounds. Of course, Mom woke up and got down on the floor with me (I haven't been sleeping in bed much lately...another changed behavior). At first Mom thought I was having nightmares, so she kept petting me and telling me "Everything's ok, Sullyman, you're just having a bad dream". Well, then I woke up and started heading for the door to go out. But, before I could get there I stopped in the hallway and acted like I was going to throw up, so Mom got a towel and put it on the rug, but I didn't throw up.

Mom let me out just in case I had to go potty, but it was raining really hard, so I did my business and came right back in. While Mom was toweling me off, I started to "hiccup"!! Mom felt all around in my mouth to see if I had something stuck in there, but there was nothing. Soooo, I kept "hiccuping"!
Mom patted me on the back and under my chest to see if she could stop it, but that didn't work.

So, then Mom got me a Milk Bone (thinking that if I started chewing on something, it might stop the hiccups). Guess what, it worked!!

So we all went back to bed and Mom couldn't go back to sleep for keeping an eye on me, so she decided to write about my "hiccups" in my diary.

Have any of you doggies out there ever had "hiccups"? We're just wondering, because Mom has never seen or heard of a dog having "hiccups"!!

It was really weird, but now Mom's kinda laughing about it since they stopped and I seem fine now.

Strange, huh?

OK, gotta get my beauty sleep and let Mom get back to bed now!

Aussie wiggles,


WOOF!! WOOF!! My FIRST Anniversary in my forever home!!

March 29th 2008 4:34 am
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Well, wouldn't you know it....on the biggest day in the history of the world, MY FIRST ANNIVERSARY in my forever home (Marh 26, 2008), my Mom's computer went down completely and I wasn't able to spread the news!! I suspected sabotage, but Mom assured me that this happens to computers sometimes and there was no attempt to steal my thunder...ok, I guess..WOOF!

So, my uncle John, VERY upset about my chance to shout out about something SO important to EVERYONE, as usual came to my Mom's rescue and bought her a new CPU for her computer!! I think that was so thoughtful of him to do that for me (and, well, Mom, too)! Uncle John came over yesterday (March 28th) and got the new computer all hooked up for Mom while she was sick in bed. WOW, what a surprise that was for Mom and I when Mom woke up!! A friend of my Uncle John's got on the phone with our ISP (I think that means "Immediately Serve Puppies") and got us up online in no time...isn't that cool? By the way, that friend is "Lady Izabella" and "Sir Bob Marley"s Mom (they're pup pals of mine).

So, a few days late, but WOOF!! WOOF!!, I'm shoutin' the news, I'm spreading the word...I'm a whole year in now and am no longer suspicious that this is just gonna be one more temporary stop in my journey....I'm IN for good!!!!

What a relief it is to know that I'm truly loved and part of a forever family...those lonely days on the road all alone are o-v-e-r for me, I'm a lucky pup and so are my Mom and Dad. We make a good trio!

Dad cooked a steak and made some of it unseasoned and gave me about 5 pieces...ever so much more to my liking that a dumb cake (though I'm sure I wouldn't turn down cake if someone offered me some...that would make for some good Aussie wiggles, don't you think?

Mom gave me one of those neat cupcake things for my page to celebrate the big event!!

So, that's my big news for today (even if it is a couple of days late) and I'm sure all of you are excited for me. Don't we all wish we could help find forever homes for all those pups out there still looking?

You guys all have a great day, ok!

Mr. Sullivan


Vet visit today!

March 24th 2008 10:10 pm
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Well, there I was sleeping soundly this morning and here comes my Dad with my leash. Of course, immediately upon hearing the leash clinking togther I jumped up...must be walk time!!!

Humph...but, noooo, we went to my vet to get my Lyme booster shot (I did get a walk afterward, so all wasn't lost).

The good news is that my Mom had been concerned because I have a clear runny nose and "clear my throat" a lot at night. Mom thought I might have an upper respiratory problem. But, the vet said that it was just allergies and to continue giving me Benadryl at night (just like Mom and Dad take) for my allergies. Mom was VERY relieved to hear that. AND, the vet said my back legs seemed fit as possible right now, my heart and lungs also sounded good. So, I guess I got an "A" on my health report, to the great relief of my folks!

Then, me and Dad and Mom went for a ride later (I LOVE riding anywhere), so all in all it was a very good day for me. Dad cooked steak for dinner and I got a few what can be better than that!

So now, we're all going to bed (after taking our Benadryl) and hoping for a great night's sleep!

A big WOOF shout out to all you guys and gals!!



It's about my tail!

March 18th 2008 11:13 pm
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OK, about my tail!! Now, some of you who see my picture may think to yourself (if you're feeling like a snarky little doggie today)...."I thought Australian Shepherd purebreds had no tail?" Well, you are kinda right and kinda wrong.

Most Aussies with no tail means their tail was cropped (cut off....ewwww!) when they were pups to meet something called "conformation" or whatever by those who care about stuff like that. BUT, I was born with a gorgeous, plumey tail, I came to my Mom and Dad's with the same tail and Mom and Dad would never cut if off...they think it's beautiful and (let's face it), nobody's perfect, right? So, thankfully, I have my tail and my parents just love to see it wagging real hard whenever they approach, huh? Tell me I don't know how to play them like a violin!!

It's hard on Mom's vacuum cleaner, but that's ok 'cause I HATE the vacuum cleaner anyway!! Plus that, I have such a great Dad that he does most of the vacuuming 'cause he's stronger than Mom. Mom has the job of brushing out all the briars and debris I pick up when my Dad takes me, it's pretty even, and I actually don't shed much (can you believe that?).

Well, we had a big outing today and my Mom's pretty tired, so I guess I'll waddle on into bed now (it's 2am...early for me and Mom).

Check you guys later....WOOF, WOOF~~!


My First Anniversary Is Coming Up!

March 16th 2008 2:33 pm
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On March 26, 2008 I will have been in my forever home for exactly one year!

My parents had a run of bad luck before I arrived and we will all breathe a sigh of relief that I've made it thus far. Let me explain...

I was abandoned at some point when I was very young (quite the undignified way to treat such a beautiful Aussie as myself, don't you think?). Anyway, I digress. For a long period of time (no one knows how long), I was all alone, wandering around the highways and byways of North Carolina. Some think I may have been a victim of Hurricaine Katrina, but no one knows for sure. In any event, for a very long time I was completely alone and had to learn to fend for I developed quite the liking for unlimited wandering whenever and wherever I chose (I quite dislike this "leash and collar" thing my parents have been forced to impose on me now).

At some point in time, I must have wandered too close to the roadway and was apparently hit by a vehicle of some type and left to heal on my own. As a result of this, my back legs splay outwardly a bit, giving me a very distinctive gait! My parents think I might have been hit by a UPS truck since I go ballistic whenever one of those brown monsters approaches our home!
I guess I have a pretty strong constitution to have healed all by myself and still be able to walk (and pull very hard on my leash when being "walked").

Also, I must have eaten just about anything I could fit into my mouth during this time as vet visits (since I was adopted) have indicated the top layer of enamel is quite damaged on my teeth (but they're still VERY white and straight...helped along by Greenies and DentaBones my parents give me to brush my teeth). OK, enough about my journey for a bit. I need to tell you how I happened to come to my home a year ago....

My new Mom and Dad had an Aussie mix dog named "Buddy" that they loved with all their hearts for 10 years. When Buddy passed away in 1995 (the year I was born), my parents were devastated and went through a long period of intense grief and depression. They had been a "pack" and felt like a tripod with only two legs without Buddy.

After being so sad and lonely for about six months, Mom and Dad decided to try to adopt another dog. So, they went to a shelter and adopted a really cute little husky named "Rascal". He was a very sweet and gentle little dog and my parents grew to love him really fast. But, after having Rascal for only 4 months, one day out of the blue, he bit the UPS man in the front yard. Well, the UPS man wasn't bit bad (really only a hard nip), but he reported it to the Animal Control people and had to be quarantined for 10 days and now had a "record" with a warning to Mom and Dad that if he ever bit anyone again, they could be sued and lose everything they had (which isn't all that much). Mom and Dad were very upset, but since they're real old and living on Social Security, they had to come to a decision about Rascal's future. They ended up having to return Rascal to the shelter, which involved even more heartache (but they kept track and found out that Rascal got adopted by a really great they were very happy and relieved.)

So, another couple of months went by with Mom and Dad feeling empty all over again (after all, they've always had a dog). Finally, in May 2005, Mom found a beautiful little golden retreiver mix on the internet and they ended up adopting him, naming him "Spirit" in memory of their beloved Buddy. All went ok, Spirit was a happy little dog and brought my parents much joy....until October 11, 2005. That day, Dad had gone to the grocery store with Spirit (as he had many times before) and when they got home and Dad opened the door, Spirit bolted out the door suddenly (he'd always just sat there and waited before) and started racing around the neighborhood. He was like lightening, crossing streets and yards as fast as he could with many of the neighbors trying to catch him. But, before anyone could reach him, Spirit ran out in the street just as a car was coming and his little life ended right there. Mom found him and you can imagine how upset she and Dad both were AGAIN!

So, another period of grief ensued for the next several months. Meanwhile, I was picked up by a dog "cop" and put into a shelter in Newport News, VA. I was on death row when a rescue organization in Arlington, VA saw my listing and raced down to Newport News and saved me. Then they put my picture and description up on the internet on Petlink to try to find me a home. My parents had decided they would just have to live without a dog by then, but a friend of theirs saw my listing on Petlink and called my Mom. At first, Mom said "No, thank you, but we've decided not to get another dog." But, the friend insisted that Mom and Dad at least go take a look, explaining that they'd know why when they saw my picture. So, Mom said ok, just to please the friend. When Mom and Dad saw my picture, they almost fainted....I look enough like their so loved "Buddy" to be his twin!! Well, that was that...Mom and Dad came to see me on March 22nd and I was brought to their home on March 26, 2007! Everyone who saw me couldn't believe it...I look SO much like Buddy (only I'm only about half Buddy's size, which is good for Mom and Dad since they are older now and would have a hard time with a dog as large as Buddy was).

So, here I am (it doesn't seem possible to any of us that it's been a year) home with Mom and Dad who adore me. It all seemed kinda like Divine intervention, y'know?

Well, I'm new to this forum and don't really know how it works yet, but I thought I'd introduce myself and will write more later when Mom isn't so tired.

I'm glad to meet any new friends and will be much better at this when Mom learns how everything works.

Till then....WOOF, WOOF....glad to meet you!


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