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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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Mom thinks I'm MUCH BETTER!!!!

June 6th 2008 10:37 pm
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Gotta make this quick, pals, 'cause Mommy's head is throbbing bad, but we wanted to let you know that I seem MUCH better, starting last night when I ate and slept throught the night and have eaten my dog food and whatever treats Daddy has given me since Mommy's been in bed most all day. She's SO HAPPY and wanted to let all my good pals who have been sooooo sweet with e-mails, pawmail, prezzies and all that Mom really believes I'm better now (so, that puts Daddy in a better mood, too)!

Mommy was going to call the vet tomorrow about doing something called an "ultra sound" on sounds noisy to me, so I think I better show her how much better I feel...BOL!!!

We'll try to write more tomorrow if Mommy feels good enough to let me get on the computer. She's still really having a hard time with her headaches, but is SO OVERJOYED that I seem so much improved.



OK, so what's wrong then???????

June 4th 2008 5:35 am
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WOOF to all my pals~

So yesterday afternoon the vet called and talked to Mommy. To our GREAT relief (but only adding to our curiosity) he said that all my blood tests and stool sample came out just fine (my liver was actually better than the last time I had bloodwork done). He did say that he wasn't thrilled with the quality of the xrays because I squirmed too much (WHY didn't he tell us that Monday and re-do them???), but he sees no obvious reason to re-do the xrays at this point in time because he saw nothing obvious except for perhaps some inflammation in my lung (but, not to worry, probably just allergies).
He also told Mommy that my heart is slightly enlarged, but that it may be normal for me...each dog is "different", not to worry.

OK, so we are really happy about everyting coming out fine and very relieved, but still worried that we can't figure out why I'm not eating (at ALL yesterday)...wouldn't even take Milk Bones!!! Mommy sat on the floor and hand fed me some food (ground beef Dad cooked, mixed with my kibbles)...I ate a tiny bit (only because Mommy seemed to want me to so badly), but I didn't touch my dinner of Talapia (fish I usually go insane for) and rice. Going back to the vet...he said that some dogs just don't eat that much and not to worry about it (yeah...that'll happen!). I've always had a ravenous appetite, so this is NOT normal for me!! About midnight last night, I did eat 4 Milk Bones that Mommy gave me (thinking it may prompt me to want to eat my real food, but it didn't).

Mommy can't get me to eat this morning either. We just really don't know which way to jump at this point in time. Mommy would like to get a second opinion, but they've spent over $600 in these last two visits and just can't manage starting over with a whole new vet. So,
it would almost be better to have told Mommy something, rather than nothing, because we still have no answers and the problem persists!

Oh, well, I guess Mommy will figure something out (she's so obsessed with me right now that she's having a hard time getting anything else done, which has all piled up on her since she's been down so long with her migraine...neurologist appoitment 6/23).

Thanks again, everyone, for all your pawmails, rosettes & gifts and caring. If anyone has any great ideas, Mommy would welcome them.



Well, we finally got to the vet today~

June 2nd 2008 8:54 pm
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Yup, after a tense weekend at the ole homestead here, we got to the vet's office at 6pm this evening and he took us right in. He took 3 xrays of me (I was SO good on the table the vet said) and he saw no problems such as masses, blockages in my intestinal tract or stones in my kidneys...he said it looked real good, except he did see some a bit of congestion in my lung, but didn't think it was worrisome.

He drew blood for CBC focusing on kidney, liver/pancreas and we took a stool sample with us. The vet is going to send out the blood & stool tomorrow since their pickup guy had already been there tonight. He said he should have the results of all those tests by Wednesday.

So, everyone is relieved at what the xrays said and hopeful about the other tests. On the one hand it's good news, but we'd like SOME answers as to what's causing it all. I did eat dinner tonight, but didn't finish. So, we'll see what Wednesday brings.

Mommys satisfied and Daddy's happy right now that the vet was this thorough and a much cooler breeze is blowing through the household tonight (know what I mean, BOL!!!)

So far so good and thanks again to every one of you for your care & helping my Mommy not totally lose it these past few days.....



Vet visit today~~

June 2nd 2008 6:36 am
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WOOF~~to all of you who have been following the saga over the weekend about my unsatisfactory vet visit last Friday, my continued not eating anything I should be eating and Mom's (ummm...dissatisfaction) with Dad's not being more insistent with the vet, the GOOD news is that Mom got me an appointment today!

She got up early and sat coiled up like a spring by the phone waiting for the vets office to open at 8am. At the stroke of 8am she called the vet's and was told they are completely booked for today. Really? Well, that didn't work for Mommy, so she again repeated that she wanted me seen TO-DAY because she was displeased with the outcome (or lack thereof) of my vet visit last Friday when Dad took me (cause Mom was down with her migraine).

So, the receptionist, sensing that Mom was in no mood to be told no again, said "Hold please", to which Mommy replied, "Nooo problem!" and the girl came back on the phone after a few seconds and said, "How about 6pm tonight, that's when we're supposed to close, but the Dr. said if you felt it was THAT important, he'd stay." Mommy told them that would work nicely for us and took it (like SHE cares if the money grubbing vet has to put in a little extra time?) If he'd done his job right on Friday, we wouldn't NEED to go back hoo!

OK, that's it for now, guys and gals. I so appreciate all of you for being such good friends and caring (especially Pita & Dads). Will update as soon as we know anything (hopefully, it's nothing serious, but we darn well wanna know).

Have a Grrrrreeat day everbody!



Thanks to all my pals~~~

May 31st 2008 8:05 pm
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I want to thank all of my great Dogster pals for the pawmails and presents they've sent since reading my Diary the past few guys are all so great and we appreciate it so very much!!

Sully & Mommy


Socks Came By for Awile Today!!

May 31st 2008 7:58 pm
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Our sweet Socks came up to visit for awhile this was soooo good to see her! She was SO hungry and Daddy had a bright idea...have an eating contest between me and Socks. Let me explain...since I haven't been eating lately, Dad got to thinking that every time Socks is here I want to be sure she never gets anything I don't get, so Dad made two plates of food and put them down side by side (good plan, Dad!). Socks plunged into her plate and I approached mine and nibbled around a bit (which is more than I've done lately) until Socks finished her plate and then started on mine, which made me start to eat just so she didn't get mine...BINGO!

I finished about half my plate, which was all I could eat and then Socks finished off my plate and ANOTHER that Dad made her (it was like she hadn't eaten in days and she looked skinny). She wasn't here long enough to get the usual spa treatment we give her, but she did sleep by Mommy's bed for a couple of hours before "THEY" came to get her. Needless to say, this did NOT help Mommy's already hair-trigger mood, but Dad's trick to get me eating smothered some of the flames (smooth move, Dad!).

Anyway, I've had cooked chicken and hamburger today since Socks left and am even going to Mommy for more Milk Bones (Mommy thinks Daddy probably bribed me to eat to get the heat off of him today). So, at least I've eaten some and moving around a bit more.

HOWEVER, in no way does this change Mommy's mind about returning to the VET on Monday and insisting on blood tests and xray!! No amount of smoke screening by me and Dad is going to throw her off track...she's GOING to get some answers and has told Dad not to stand behind her and roll his eyes to the ceiling while she rips into the vet if he refuses to do the tests Mommy wants done.

Me, I'm laying low and staying out of the line of fire for the rest of the weekend......and Dad is sure being overly solicitous of Mommy???

Keepin quiet and watching my back.....



I Got the Rainy Saturday Blues~~

May 31st 2008 11:07 am
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My Dad took me to the vet yesterday because I'm refusing to eat anything except Milk Bones or Frosty Paws. Mom usually goes along because Dad doesn't always remember to ask the right for an xray, on which Mom had insisted, but didn't get done! But, Mommy's been down with a severe migraine for nearly a week now and told Daddy to please get blood & xray done (vet did neither)!

He did a VERY intrusive exam up my back end and said he felt no blockages (which is what Mom fears), and gave Dad some pills (just saying they would help my tummy, no further explanation) and left it at that. See, that's why Mommy always tries to go, because Dad won't insist on stuff Mom wants done or get complete enough answers. Mom is NOT pleased, as I am still not eating anything but Milk Bones & Frosty Paws (works for me, but Mom says I need more nutrition) and all I'm doing is lying around off by myself. Mom even had to coax me into eatin Milk Bones this morning!! Mom's is very concerned, Dad thinks "it will pass"...storm clouds might be brewing here...uh oh!

Anyway, even though Dad isn't being cooperative, Mommy says we ARE going back to the vet on Monday (Dad says she's over reacting, as usual), but I kinda think Mommy's right this time because I usually eat like a horse and beg for more! And, I don't seem to have any interest in going for a walk or anything. That's waaaay abnormal for me, who likes to go, go, go! Mommy just spent about an hour down on the floor with me (I'm not even jumping up in bed...can you believe that!) talking to me and giving me lots of pets all over (I think she may have been trying to see if she could feel anything unusual, but didn't).

So, as of today, there's absolutely no change (Mom thinks I'm even more lethargic today) and the vet is closed until Monday. I hope Mommy & Daddy don't get in a squabble over this, but I kinda think it's coming....sigh (might as well just go to sleep).

Hope you guys are all having a better day!

Sluggish Sully


Back to the vet again!

May 30th 2008 11:52 am
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We almost made it two weeks without a vet visit, but I haven't been eating my food for the last 3-4 days AT ALL (no matter what they give me)...however, I will eat Milk Bones or Frosty Paws. Now, I know that sounds like I'm just spoiled (which, of course, I am), but my potties haven't looked right either and Mom says my eyes are red and my ears are hot. So, finally this morning, Dad relented and called the vet. They were full until Monday afternoon, but our vet got on the phone himself and said to bring me down right away and he'd fit me it (made me feel kinda special)! Anyhoo, I'll probably just get some pills or something. Will update if any news....Dad thinks Mommy's just overly concerned, but we'll see. long as I get a car ride with Dad, I don't care where we go!

Update: OK, so me and Dad just got home from the vet's office and the vet said I'd lost a few pounds, which is good, and he violated me in a most unmentionale way to check for any blockages in my intestines and said it was clear. Mommy had begged Daddy to get me exrayed, just to be SURE there's no blockage, but the vet said there was no need for an, Vet=1, Mom=0. Anyway, he said I seemed fine, but gave Dad some Metronidasol (not sure of spelling) to get my digestive systems settled down and check back on Monday. Then Dad brought me back home and I'm basking in the shade under MY tree..Dad turned right around and went to the store and left me here, saying it was too hot for me to be in the car while he was in the store.
(I really don't get that 'cause I'm outside in the heat in my yard as much as I can get them to let me....but my pawrents say it's something about being closed up in a car with just a few inches cracked in my window and I could get heatstroke...sounds bogus to me, but I gotta do what they tell me....THEY distribute the food and treats!! Mom asked Daddy to get me some more "Beggin Bacon Strips"...I heard "bacon" and I'm salivating already! So, I guess Dad appeased Mommy by taking me to the vet and maybe she'll be less stressed over ME and we an have a worry free, what a oncept!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!



Do you believe that Mommies have eyes in the back of their- heads?

May 29th 2008 11:52 am
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Yeah, well I had my doubts, too....until last night.

See,Mom's been down with a migraine for about 3 days now (since last diary entry), so me and Dad have pretty much been on our own (are ya beginning to sense trouble?).

There's nothing in the world I love more that going out to walk or ride with Daddy...he lets me do things Mom would NEVER allow (like, oh sayyy going up into people yards 'n' stuff, which Mom prays the neighbors don't see as her attempts to talk sense into Dad are futile afte 40 years of trying)...Dad, like a lot of men (no offense intended) still has a whole lot of little boy in him and Mom has learned to just sigh and pray!

Remember how I took the dive into the porcelain devil box the other night and was so cooperative about my bath (y'know, just to mess with "their" minds a little)? Well, here's how it all went down today...

While Mom lay sick in bed last night, me and Dad went out walking (and knowing Mom wouldn't see this time, attached an extra 15' lead onto my leash so they could have boy play time by giving me more freedom to explore.
Long story short, we're walking along (Daddy's probably looking at the clouds or someting, not paying much attention to what I was up to) and I spotted a RABBIT (I'm serious....that little fuzzball ran right out in front of me)! So, I did what any good sporting dog would do and took off after it at top speed.
While I was running and Dad was trying to re-connect his arm holding the leash to his shoulder, I wasn't paying any attention to anything but that evil hare! Our neighborhood has no streetlights, so it's realllly dark out at night and there are drainage ditches surrounding all the yards. Unfortunatly for me, I'd forgotten the part about the ditches and went hurtling, face and front paws first right down into the ditch, bending my front legs and re-paving the ditch with my nose! But, I jumped right up and kept on after that wascally wabbit! Dad saw me fall, but we kept it real quiet when we got home (oh, I forgot, the Easter Bunny got away, yet again!).

So, this morning, Mom wakes up early to let me go potty and notices a distinct limp as I'm walking. This does NOT please Mom , but worries her.
Mom puts me out front long enough to do my thang and then we come back in for a snooze till Daddy wakes up. When Daddy starts to stir, Mom starts
"Aheming" under her breath. Dad recognizes that sound and stay under his pillow for longer than usual. When he finally has to go do his thang, he scurries faster than that wabbit out of the bedroom and stays in the library an inordinately long time.

When Dad finally emerges, he announces to Mom that he's going to take a soak bath in his sea salts. "Hold on there, Mister" say Mom, "do you know of any reason why Mr. Sullivan is limping badly this morning?" Dad's not thrilled with Mom's tone but pleads the 5th. Mom's on him like white on rice from then on until Dad finally says, "well, maybe he might have hurt his paw in the little spill he took last night in the ditch. He'll be fine, he probably just
SPRAINED his leg or foot". Mom is NOT a happy camper at this point and starts examining my paw, while I innocently & pleadingly look on...allowing her to carefully prod my paw until.....OUCH!!!! WOOOOAAAAAEEEEEE~STOP!
Mom looks up at Daddy who's dressing really fast and says, "do we need to go to the vet ("vet" sounding more like "VETTE!"). Daddy says, let me go ahead down and get you headache medicine, Hon, and I'll walk him around the grassy area and see how he does, and Daddy puts my harness and leash on me in record time and we book out fasssst~

When Mommy sees me moving along so well ('cause I'm excited to go anywhere with Daddy), she stops worrying about me 'cause I'm forgetting to limp pitifully now. Somehow I feel there's gonna be more said about this when Dad and I get back from the store with Mommie's pills...unless she's crapped out again beause of the headache and gone back to sleep (bet Dad figures on that happening and will time our return pretty well).

Anyway, I think I'm ok and have managed to lay all the blame on Daddy, for now. If there are further developments, I'll give y'all and update. (Note to self: Remember to LIMP and act all "hangdoggy" when Dad and I get bad home.)

Mom's going back to lie down awhile now....might be kinda chilly in here this evening, ya think?



You're Not Gonna BELIEVE This!!

May 26th 2008 3:21 pm
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I, Mr. Sullivan, of late, have been emitting a rather pungent aroma that Mommy and Daddy do not feel aids an air of enticement to our home and our brand new quilt. To be quite honest, I haven't exhibited an attitude of enjoyment about myself either lately...digging into regions not discussed in polite society, instead of gnawing on my beddy bone.

Sooooo, naturally, I've heard the "B" word being tossed around in conversations "they" didn't think I'd hear.....silly fools, I hear everything . So, I've been kinda staying off by myself, basking in the glory of the beautiful weather we've had all weekend, under MY tree, bored out of my skull because we didn't go anywhere.

So, Dad comes sauntering out of the house with that "giveaway" voice where you know someting coming that you won't like..."C'mon, Sully Boy" (sickeningly sweet). I curl up in as tight a little ball as I can, but he sees me anyway and I give up, hanging my head like I'm going to the gallows and follow him into the house. Up the stairs (where the executioness stands) smiling to IT....the BATHROOM!!!

Dad's got everything all set up (like I've seen before) and the water is running.
My mind's going a thousand miles an hour, the door shuts quickly behind me and I could swear I hear MWAHAHAHAing coming from the other side of the door. I'm trapped, there's no where to go, my time's I gonna cry like a little girl this time or take it like a MAN!!!! Like a MAN, I say, like a MAN.....

and I tako off and DIVE into the porcelain devil box WITHOUT being prodded!

(Mommy & Daddy's jaws haven't come up off the floor YET....and SHE didn't have the camera....MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Dogz RULE!!!)

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