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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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Calling ALL Dogsters!! You NEED to KNOW This About IMHA!!

November 5th 2008 10:10 am
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Read about IMHA and see how YOUR dog could be affected (it might take a few minutes to read, but it may save your dog's life):

(You NEED to be aware of this disease before it strikes YOUR dog, as once it is diagnosed, your dog's chances of dying quickly...within a week) go sky high! We hope & pray this will never happen to YOUR dog, but you need to inform yourself ahead of time, as time can be a factor in your dog's mortality!)

As many of you know, Mica lost her battle with IMHA in a short amount of time. In her memory, a fund has been established for research on this deadly disease. You can help Mica's Foundation and it won't cost you a cent (unless you choose to donate). All you have to do is go to 3 Dogster sites and corral EACH of them (listed below), and you only have to do it once! The more times Mica, Mirra & The Purple Girls of Oregon are corraled, the higher their chances of winning the funds (from a generous don0r) for IMHA research.


NOW, we have but 2 months to help win $1,000 for Mica's IMHA fund, if we all work together we can do this! It ends midnight on JANUARY 1, 2009, that's the donor's day to decide what cause gets much needed funds (which Dogster's page(s) have been corralled the most...Mica, Mirra & The Purple Girls of Oregon combined). WE CAN DO THIS IF EVERYONE IS WILLING TO HELP (for ALL our beloved dogs' can affect cats as well!)

Mica's *IMHA RESEARCH FUND is promised $1,000 if Mica, Mirra & THe Purple Girls of Oregon's dog pages make the top 10 dog pages CORRALLED on DOGSTER & half that amount if Mica & Mirra combined succeed.

Mica is presently #6, Mirra #18 & The Purple Girls of Oregon #23. We will benefit too, by a 3-way corral by any one pup. (There's that trifecta again)


THANKS TO EVERYPUP WHO CORRALS THESE THREE PUPS AND HELPS RAISE THE FUNDS FOR IMHA RESEARCH! Of course, donations would be gratefully accepted (details on donations are on Mica's page), but if you can't donate, please just to corral these & easy and very possibly LIFE SAVING. God Bless you real good for helping!!

Sully & Socks


"The HOME Says The "George" Story is FALSE?!"

October 30th 2008 8:34 am
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We want to commend "Lucky Lucy" for making us all aware of the situation with "George" at the retirement home. We think had Lucy not given us all a heads up, "George" may indeed be gone already! We're editing this entry because we certainly NEVER meant to imply that Lucy's entry was not true and want to make that very clear. We credit Lucy for bringing this to all of our attention and allowing us Dogsters to add heat to the home, which we believe is why they did not make "George" leave (so they say)!

Our Mom's niece (who Mom had e-mailed, along with all others on her list) lives in Colorado and when she received the story about "George", the Golden Retreiver being made to leave his elderly companion because of one complaint from another resident, she called the "Town Village" Retirement Home in Tulsa, OK (Town Village
(918) 493-1200 8222 S Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74137 ) and was told the the story is absolutely UNTRUE! She had called to offer "George" a home should they actually make him leave the home.

When she e-mailed Mom this morning and told her what the home had said, Mom made a call to "Town Village" herself, spoke to Heidi who answered the phone, and was told they were very aware of the story being circulated and that it is completely false. Mom asked to speak to the Executive Director, Jim Meyer, who was not available but has a message to call our Mom back and give Mom more details (hopefully) about how this all got started and verify that "George" is safe.

As many of our Dogster pals have done, we have also sent the story to almost everyone on our e-mail list, asking them to sign the petition.
(Personally, our Mom believes that the story was really true, but "Town Village" has received so much negative input from other conerned animal lovers that they've decided against making "George" leave his companion and are now saying it was never true).

Whatever...just so long as "George" doesn't have to leave we should all rejoice HAPPY WOOFS & HOWLS~

Sully & Socks

(P.S. If any Dogsters live near Tulsa, OK and could go by the home and actually SEE "Geoge" and pet him, we'd probably all feel better!)


Another Bath Day for Mr. Sullivan & Socks the Squirrel- Hunter!

October 19th 2008 4:28 pm
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Yup, that's right, I (Sully) got another bath today with a special anti-allergy shampoo that the vet sold us (Mom & Dad sure hope it works because I've been digging at myself relentlessly)! Mom took more pix which I'm sure she''ll post later! I felt WUNNERFUL and look so handsome, according to Mom!

After I got dried off, we went for our walk and Mom let Socks loose to go chase squirrels again (which I don't think is fair, because Dad won't let loose of I just stand there barking my head off)! See, Mom & Dad don't trust me to come back like Socks will, so I don't get to have any fun with Socks chasing the squirrels (is that fair???).

Socks doesn't know it yet, but she's scheduled for a bath with the same shampoo in a few days (she's been sneezing and digging at her tailbone). We both take Benadryl, but still itch, so we're all hoping this new shampoo works for both of us.

Til next time, be well all our pals~
Sully & Socks


Atticus, Who Needs Surgery to Walk NEED ALL OUR HELP!

October 17th 2008 1:01 pm
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We received this message from Hannah this morning. PLEASE go to Atticus' page, read the story and, if humanly possible, donate whatever you can to help Atticus get the surgery he needs just to be able to stand on his own legs...any amount is appreciated!!

"We have received HQ approval to continue to raise funds for Atticus.
I have Atticus's diary up. Will you become his friend and help spread the word. There is a blog story today too!" (from Hannah)

Let's all try to help this precious one!


Now I'm In the "Water Dog" Contest, too!

October 16th 2008 10:21 pm
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Well, Mom's just won't she's entered me in the Water Dog category of the Coolest Dog contest! If you'd be kind enough to vote for me, it's at: =s

Many thanks,
Mr. Sullivan


WOW, I almost got him~~!!!

October 14th 2008 8:09 am
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So, just before dark last evening, Mom and me (Socks) were sitting on the grass in our big back yard (she has to take me back there so Sullivan doesn't get his tail in a knot because Mom's spending quality time wiff me).

Alla sudden, out nowhere, I spies me a squirrel running toward one of our big trees. Since it's not toward the street and I'm a really good girl about coming back, Mom let me off the leash and you shoulda seen my s-t-e-a-l-t-h and I crouched down like a Affricka lion and softly padded toward the squirrel, way down loooow, eyes transfixed.
Then, like a shot outta a cannon, I was off chasing that little sucker so fast I was a blur....I can run FAST for an older gal & Mom wants me to get the exercise.

Now, here's the part that gets inneresting...he runs up the tree and...FALLS OUT right in front of me! Tries to jump onto the bark and falls off AGAIN! I'm seeing dinner, while, in horror, Mom's realized it's a baby and is hollerin' at me "Come back, Socksie!" Man, I almost had that critter, but it got away from me by jumping up the tree again and holding on this time. So, I dutifully returned to Mom (running so hard at her that I knocked her off her butt and we wrastled together on the ground for a few minutes...Mom laffin', me lickin' & waggin' ! ) She even let me chase a few more bigger squirrels after that (I was exhausted by the time we came in and Mom barely made it!).

My new Mom sure loves me a lot and I love her back. She says I'm her big goofy girl 'cause I'm smilin' all the time and give her so much lovin (like Buddy used to).

Mr. Sullivan missed the whole thing (hehe) 'cause he was out front being sarge in charge of the yard, waiting for Dad to let him ride along to the store. I'm still chuckling about it!!



We got prizes today...!

October 13th 2008 4:27 pm
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Mom & Dad both had doctors appointments today and had some other errands to run. It was unseasonably hot here, so we didn't get to go along and we were left alone at home (Mom & Dad wondered if they'd have a house left when they returned, BOL!).

Well, we sure made 'em proud, cause they were gone almost 4 hours and when they came home, there we were to meet them at the door, wagging and woofing a wonderful greeting. We were SO GOOD...we didn't mess up a single thing and our pawrents were very proud of us!
Mom bought us each a yummy big chew bone and gave it to us as a reward for being so good....BOY, did we enjoy those!

Later, after Mom & Dad had rested some, we got a nice long walk. Mom tried a trick on Sully she'd gotten from another Dogster Mom and wrapped his leash around his belly, through his harness, so when he went to pull hard, it tightened and made him slow down. He was all upset about it at first and tried to fight it, but Mom wouldn't let him leave the driveway until he settled down. For the first time ever, after he accepted the situation, he was a little angel on his walk (realizing that if he pulled too hard the leash tighted up underneath him and was uncomfortable). VOILA...a calm walk was enjoyed by all! Dad was so thrilled to be able to walk Sully without being dragged all over the neighborhood and Mom & Socks walked with us. We went all the way around a long block (Mom's trying to force herself to get out and walk each night to get stronger). It was so beautiful out, a full moon was coming up when we came home, and we all enjoyed ourselves!

We're really glad we made Mom & Dad proud and gave them the feeling that they can now go out from time to time and leave us home alone without worrying.

All in all, a very rewarding day for all!

We hope all our Dogster pals had a great day, too!

Sully & Socks


We're Entered in the World's Coolest Dog & Cat Contest!!

October 11th 2008 3:30 am
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OK, so Mom went over the edge this morning and entered a picture of us laughing in the "SMILES" category of The World's Coolest Dog & Cat Contest" (could she get any prouder of us???).

Anyway, we've never been in a contest before and sure would appreciate your votes at:

As Elvis would have said..."Thank you very much!! Thank you!!"

Please, just humor Mom!

Sully & Socks


How to jerk YOURSELF baldheaded & a nice visit!

October 8th 2008 9:08 am
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Ok, so yesterday I (Sully) am out front enjoying the beautiful weather on my long lead, mindin' my own bidness, when alla sudden Socks comes bolting out the front door and zooms around the side of the house, with Mom trying to catch up wiff her (no contest there!). I'm wondering to is it that SHE can go around all over the yard and I'm limited to about a 40' circle around the big ole willow tree? Sooooo, I decide (forgetting I'm on a lead) to go see what Socks is up to and take off full speed after her. This, as it turned out, was NOT a good idea 'cause I was going really fast.....until I reached the end of my lead and got jerked (really hard) and flipped over once I reached the end of the was a full body slam onto the ground and I was pretty stunned. At least I got Mom's attention diverted from Socks for a minute as she came running (hobbling) to me to see if I was ok (which, you gotta know, I played to the max once I saw I had her undivided attention). She plopped down beside me, cooing (yeah, Mom's coo) and petting (examining) me all over to be sure I was ok. Meanwhile, Socks, hearing the commotion comes back from around the house and stands there wagging her tail and leaning into Mom. I seemed ok, other than the fact that my sympathy session was shortened by Socks' return. We Aussies are tough, muscular little woofers and Mom doesn't think I was hurt at all, just stunned (Mom was more upset than me and even Socks seemed concerned...yeah, right, I'm sure). So, Mom got me off the lead and took both of us into the house and gave us Milk Bones (Note to self: Inflict appearance of injury on self to get treats!) I was kinda quite (rare for me) and laid around the rest of the afternoon and evening, so Mom was certain that if nothing else, the sudden body slam made me sore and I got LOTS of lovin' and attention the rest of the night (hehehe). This morning I'm right back to my old bouncy self!

Also yesterday, the son of Socks' former/late owner came by for a visit with Socks. He's had an awful lot thrust on him at such a young age and is having to man up way too fast. He's a very sweet young man and Mom has already adopted him in her heart. He was so glad to see Socks and commented, "She remembers me!" Mom assured him that "of course she does, dogs don't forget people the love". After a long petting session outside, Mom brought the young man in the house, showed him some pictures she'd taken of him and Socks the last time he came by (he really liked them) and then they had a long talk about the realities of his situation and exchanged family stories.
Mom really enjoyed "grandmothering" him and he stayed for about two hours. He showed Mom some stuff on the computer and they talked a lot about his feelings and his future. Mom told him to come by any time at all (she's thinking about inviting him here for Thanksgiving, but it's hard for her to make plans since she never knows what her head's gonna do that day)...but she feels very protective of him and wants to be here for him whenever he needs to talk. When he left, he thanked Mom (she felt like thanking HIM!) and said it was so nice to be able to visit with someone he could "trust"...awww!

OK, finally, Halloween is rapidly approaching and Mom (whenever she can be up an able) is dragging skeletons out the closet and all sorts of other wierd looking stuff...whassup with that? We heard her talking to Dad about starting "decorating", whatever that is. Dad's been way over Halloween for many years (like since childhood), but it's Mom's favorite holiday and she's accumulated tons of decorations and stuff and really loves to see all the kids in their costumes. Ummm...would you believe she even dresses up to greet the kids at the door? We know!!! It's pretty strange for an ole lady to still dress up in a witch costume, but she seems to get such a kick out of it that we all (including Dad) just try to humor her. Last year she was down wiff her head on Halloween and is so hoping that doesn't happen this year (she's looking forward to donning her cool witch hat & wig n stuff). Is our Mom the only old Mom on the planet that still gets a big kick out of Halloween (and wearing a costume)??? And, get THIS, we have to be confined to the den wiff Dad during all the trick or treating 'cause we bark too much and scare the kids away...HUMPH!!
Some fun for us....NOT!!

Oh well, that's about it from here for now....we just hope all our pals are doing well and send our love to all!

Sully & Socks



September 28th 2008 11:07 am
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We just can't get over the fact that the Republican Vice Presidental nominee, Sarah Palin, gives a $150.00 bounty to anyone who brings the left front paw of any freshly killed wolf to her (that's monstrous!!).
She really scares us!!!

If you agree with us, please sign the petition against the aerial gunning of our brethren, the wolves, by clicking on the picture of the wolf "Justice for Alaska's Wolves" on the right side of this page. We Dogsters gotta have our barks heard to protect our forefathers, right?

Sully & Socks

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