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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

OK, what's with a doggie having the hiccups?!

April 1st 2008 12:42 am
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Well, folks, the strangest thing happened to me tonight. We were all asleep in our bedroom and suddenly I started making a kind of (wooawooawoo) soounds. Of course, Mom woke up and got down on the floor with me (I haven't been sleeping in bed much lately...another changed behavior). At first Mom thought I was having nightmares, so she kept petting me and telling me "Everything's ok, Sullyman, you're just having a bad dream". Well, then I woke up and started heading for the door to go out. But, before I could get there I stopped in the hallway and acted like I was going to throw up, so Mom got a towel and put it on the rug, but I didn't throw up.

Mom let me out just in case I had to go potty, but it was raining really hard, so I did my business and came right back in. While Mom was toweling me off, I started to "hiccup"!! Mom felt all around in my mouth to see if I had something stuck in there, but there was nothing. Soooo, I kept "hiccuping"!
Mom patted me on the back and under my chest to see if she could stop it, but that didn't work.

So, then Mom got me a Milk Bone (thinking that if I started chewing on something, it might stop the hiccups). Guess what, it worked!!

So we all went back to bed and Mom couldn't go back to sleep for keeping an eye on me, so she decided to write about my "hiccups" in my diary.

Have any of you doggies out there ever had "hiccups"? We're just wondering, because Mom has never seen or heard of a dog having "hiccups"!!

It was really weird, but now Mom's kinda laughing about it since they stopped and I seem fine now.

Strange, huh?

OK, gotta get my beauty sleep and let Mom get back to bed now!

Aussie wiggles,


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