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7th years w/ my family. My "Birthday".

February 6th 2015 10:14 am
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Tomorrow, 2/7/15 is the start of my 7 years with my Family.
We call it my Birthday as I was "born' into my Family.
I know Mom has a small thing planned for me.
But I have to wait.
And on Sunday our dog club goes to a nursing home for a visit.
So it will be a fun weekend.

Aloha, Lovey


My 6th "Birthday" with my Family

February 7th 2014 8:57 am
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Wow !!!!
Another year has gone by. I have been with my family for 6 years now.
Today is MY DAY.
We have been through many things last year. Mom-Mom going to live in a nursing home. Having to move house. Mom-Mom passing away. And yet Mom has kept her promise to us. We really are her Fur-babies.
I got some presents that I will have to open. And I'll have a carrot cake cup cake that I will share. Since this will most likely be my last post, I want to THANK all of our Dogster friends for all these years.
Aloha & Luv, Lovey


Today is my 5th "Birthday" ......

February 7th 2013 9:22 am
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The day I joined my family. I can't say it enough how lucky I am.
Like many other rescue dogs, we know when we get a good home.
Mom is off of work. And I know she is going to the Doctor and running some errands. I'm sure she will have a surprise or two for me when she is done and comes home. Plus Mom-Mom will come from the nursing home for a day visit. That might be the best present !!!
Oh Lucky Me !!!!!!
Aloha, Lovey


Early Birthday..... ( For 2/7/12 )

February 5th 2012 1:02 pm
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Tues, 2/7/12 will be my "birthday". The day I came to my fur-ever home 4 years ago.
Mom is writing this early as she is having some surgery tomorrow and did not want me to miss my day and posting in my diary.
Another FANTASTIC, LOVING year. Can it get any better knowing that I am SPECIAL !!!!
For a idea of all the fun things Mom does w/ Peanut & I, check out on facebook the chihuahua club of Hawaii and look at our photo album. Next week we are doing a pre Valentine visit at a nursing home. Gotta give the LOVE. Plus we get to dress up ;}
Aloha, Lovey


2/7/11 is my "birthday" into my furever home

February 7th 2011 11:28 am
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I'm Soooooooooooo LUCKY to be in the Family I deserve.
We celebrated yesterday as the family was home for the super bowl.
GO comerials !!! esp all the one w/ animals.
Aloha, Lovey


What a difference a year makes....

February 1st 2009 1:58 pm
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Last Superbowl I was lost, dirty, starving...yet my collar was too tight and was digging in to my neck.

A nice lady was trying to find my home by taking me around her neighbor hood. no one was my owner.

a nice man took me in for the night and the next day his sister took me to her vet where i met my new furever family.

This year will be the BEST, as I am Sooooo LOVED and Spoiled.
And I LOVE my family very much !!!

Sat, 2/7/09 will be my 1 year Aniversary with my family. As they dont know my real B -day, it is also my B-day.

Wishing all the doggies out there waiting for a good home to have faith, that my lucky story can be theirs too.


Really Loving my new life

May 15th 2008 5:23 pm
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Mom went nuts today and made a photo collage of all my new clothes.
She says I,m a true DIVA.
I do like to dress up andI also like to pose.
So move over sister are not the only Diva anymore. Ha Ha.
Mom even changed my main photo to show my Easter bonnet.
I think it is still in style for summer. What do you think ???
Since I was officially adopted, I,ve done Sooooo much........
I went to the chi clubs easter party, thus my easter bonnet.
I did a fashion show for Cinco de Mayo with my sisters and the chi club.
We even got to go into a restaurant as a special treat since we were part of the entertainment.
I had the pleasure to be at the Pet Expo and even got to sit at the clubs table to meet & greet all the people & pets who stopped by the booth.
This sure beats the life I had before, on the street.
I only hope and pray that all lost dogs who need a good home, get one as good as I have.
I know my Mom and her mom: "Mom-Mom" really love me.
And from my pictures it shows.
Aloha, Lovey


i'm back home :)

April 17th 2008 5:22 pm
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I thought I did something bad and mommy gave me back. but I was wrong. I had to stay over night at the vet as I was spayed and I'm Sooooooooo ACTIVE everyone thought I would tear my stitches.
Mommy did come to visit me right after my surgery. and of course she came to work early before she clocked in to see me. And kept "sneaking" into the ward to see me and assure me that I was coming home.
When I saw my harness & leash I almost did a backflip, as I knew I would be going home with mommy.
I now have all of my shots and even got a micro-chip so everyone will know I belong to mommy & my family. This is very important to me, as I was once lost and no one cared enough about me to have me chipped so I could find my home. And no one called the humane society to see if I was found. I waited a month for someone to call, but they never did. But that will NEVER happen again.
I am a VERY LOVED Dog and VERY LUCKY to have my Furever family.
I LOVE MY FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my big day...getting spayed

April 15th 2008 4:33 pm
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on wedsnesday i get spayed.
mom is a little worried...even thought she works P.T. for the Dr.
i am her new "baby" after all.
wish me well.
Luv, Lovey


how do I look ????

April 7th 2008 8:39 pm
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see my new photo... the bottom one.
it is my 1st sweater. it matches with patches of fur i have. i think i look preety in it. i'm so lucky to have friends that care and made me this special sweater.
let me know what you think.
Loving Life, Lovey

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