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Catching up - Sunday April 13 2008

April 13th 2008 11:31 pm
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Wow, or rather Bow Wow!
It's been a while since I posted here, so lots to share.
I've been growing and meeting lots of people and dogs!
My family had a trainer visit, she is awesome! She is the one who trained my cousin Henry, or rather, she trained his family. Same thing here. She came over and told my mommy and daddy lots of complicated things, and they took notes. Even my littermate Rebecca took notes. I was not sure about the trainer, Alecia. I think we will have to come to an undersanding about who is boss. She thinks she is boss. Woof! I'll have to work on that with her. She says I'm a "drama queen" and a "tomboy" Whatever that means. I'm getting new things, like tag lines, tie-downs, and stuff like that. Seriously she shared a lot of really valuable stuff with my family.... but what is the deal with the choke chain anyway?

I had a bath today, you can see a very wet me, with my daddy and littermate Rebecca on the photo page. FUN! I'm back to my fluffy puppy self, although my mommy says I smell like the old ladies in the beauty shop, whatever that is. I"m sure I'll start smelling like a puppy again real soon.

I am getting a lot better at the potty thing, which is making my family a lot happier. And they are getting more sleep.

I had a case of Giardia (or however you spell that)... and things were kind of messed up around here... but we got the medicine and now we're fine.

I met some more neighborhood dogs, and some more neighbors, and got to see some more new friends. My littermate's friend Wren came over with his mom Lori and we had some good fun! They're on my photo page. Wren has a littermate of his own named Mattie. She is a big dog, called a Swissy (or however you spell that) and is in the same family of dogs as my cousin Rocky, who is a Bernese Mountain dog. Mattie should be fun to bite and chase. I can't wait.

My littermate Rebecca had a playdate, and that was fun meeting some of her friends. Especially the ones that like dogs. This friend has three, and I could smell them all! I got to meet her whole family when we took her home. They are nice, and taste good too. I got to pee on their front yard at night. Cool.

I got some new chew toys, and am really enjoying a new thing... ice cubes. Very fun. Especially on hot days like today. My family froze some of my toys in the ice cubes so it was even more fun digging them out of the ice. Yum.

These days I like to run as fast as I can in circles, in the garden on the lawn and upstairs on the carpet, where I can get good traction to make those sharp turns. It's lots of fun. Outside I can already run much faster than my daddy, but I let him catch me anyway. I chase tennis balls and frisbees. I'm not real good at the 'return' part of that yet, but who cares. And besides, if I return the frisbee I don't get as much time chewing on it. And what's the fun in a toy if you can't spend some quality time chewing it?

I helped my daddy water this weekend... the hose is so strange. That hard stream of water is fun to bite. I still don't quite get it, but it is a good thing for a puppy to discover on a hot afternoon. I'm still figuring out how that thing works, and if it is alive or not. Maybe I'll have to bite it on the plastic part to figure it out.... or maybe not.

We have baby birds in nests around our garden. They make little sounds and my ears move around when I hear them. But they are too high up for me to see. I saw one several weeks ago when it was flapping and flopping around the grass, but my family would not let me see what it tasted like. I am sure it finally flew away.

Soon I'll have all my shots and will be able to take regular walks, and be able to go to the park and the beach. I can't wait. Only one more month!

In the meantime I'll stick with short trips, like the ones I get to take with my mommy, when I go to her office.

I am a very clever puppy and have figured out how to unzip my travel crate in the car on the way to work. This week I was also practicing how to drive the car. I'll let you know how that goes. I am a big hit at the office, and sit on my big green pillow while my mommy works. I get lots of visitors. It's fun going to work.

I'm at my daddy's feet in the office as he is typing this... I am a good dictation puppy... soon we'll get up and I'll go out for a quick one, then it's upstairs to bed. And a NEW WEEK AHEAD!!! I can't wait!!!
It's so great being a puppy.


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