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Kongs, Murmurs, Walks, and Tired: My life as a Mini Bull Terrier

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What a weekend

February 6th 2011 8:03 pm
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Wow I am exhausted again.

Yesterday we did the usual stuff, then we got company. Baby Duke (Boxer) and Bella (Pitbull) came over for some fun. We ran around in the basement. Poppa's got a crush on Bella, he likes here smile. She had been over before but never inside, we all rampaged around the basement. so I slept a long time last night.

Today Poppa took me to a dog party. There were 20 dogs there and 2 that looked like me. Dottie and Micky were there. Dottie's owners grand-daughter wanted Dottie and I to get married today. I said no way. I am not that kind of dog, I prefer the single life.

So when I got home I missed the entire super bowl as I have slept through it.





February 2nd 2011 8:04 am
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I'z home with Mumma today. Poppa had to go to work.

My forecast is zzzzz with a chance of snacks.


keep the pooches in tonight

February 1st 2011 3:51 pm
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Willie chilling in his cave tonight. Lots of blankets.

The weather is nutty here. lots of snow now freezing rain. luckily i have a basement that I can chill with my bff baby duke. We run around there and wrestle. He's no baby, he's a boxer that's 2 yrs old. He's about 2.5 of me. I think he's got me beat. I give him what for because I am a bullie and that's what we do.

Pop's trying to raise money for his birthday for the Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc. He wants to help all the bullies that need a 2nd chance like Mumma and Poppa gave to me. He's embarrassed me by making me wear a sign and he posted the photo on FB to help raise the money. I hope I don't have to do anything else.

All my furfriends and families stay safe.



Big Day yesterday

January 19th 2011 12:27 am
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Woof it's the early edition of the news.... I woke poppa up by sleeping on him and telling him that he needed to be more timely in the updates.

Yesterday was pawsome!!! I got to spend the day with Mumma. She didn't have to go to work yesterday so I slept and slept. Then as an added bonus they had Mary come over with my BFF Baby Duke. We had a great play day in the basement. We played tag and hide and go seek.

Then Mary too me to PetCo. and I got fussed over by kids and staff. I also got to do my Titanic impression and ride in the cart. I like the breezes when I do this, makes me have the biggest bullie smile.

I told poppa that he needs to pick a charity to use his birthday for since it's less than 1 month away, he told me he's got some ideas but that I would have to help him.... hmmmmmmm

We updated the photo album so take a peek my peeps.




poppa this and mumma that

January 17th 2011 5:18 am
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morning all.

I dictated this note to poppa as I lie in bed still asleep.

I have had the pawrents for 3 days and it's been great. Double car rides!!!! Double walks (with a sweater on; it's cooooolllldddd out) Double snacks!!!!

Went to a new pet store for me, and while i didn't last long there (something about those places freaks me out. I got a lot of fussing in a short time. I was going to leave a calling card, but poppa wouldn't let me. So I got some new toys to play with.

Hope today brings some warm temps.


Weekend Update

January 9th 2011 6:41 pm
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Well I am back to being the solo dog (As it should be after all my AKC name is Sterling's UNO). Zeus went to his new home on Saturday.

Poppa, Momma, and Mary are very proud of me for being so tolerant of Zeus. Truth be told the kid wasn't that bad. I think that some of what I told him will help cement his stay at the new house.

Poppa is proud because he knows in his heart that he did nothing wrong with the way that Luna was introduced. He had that nagging doubt in his head. But this weekend vindicated his belief in me.

Saturday we all went for a car ride. At the dry cleaners (they have a drive thru), I sat in poppa's lap as the lady came out to the car and greeted us. Zeus was spazzy, I was king cool.

I went for two walks today and two car rides. I got to sleep with poppa again as he had been sleeping with Zeus for the last three days. Some would call poppa a sucker for whining, I call him my best friend on the planet.

High Paws!!!!!



Foster day 1

January 6th 2011 3:09 pm
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well so far so good. He seems nice but a little bossy. I'll be in my cave if you need for.



January 4th 2011 6:45 pm
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I am going to have company for a few days. My pawrents are fostering a min-pin for a few days until "zeus" goes to his furever home.

i get to meet him tomorrow during the day.



My wishes for you all

December 31st 2010 3:43 pm
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Iz tired from an 8 mile walk with poppa today. So this will be short

We wish you and your families health and happiness for the coming year! We look forward to sharing our adventures with you.

Jeff, Tracy, and Willie



December 27th 2010 5:52 pm
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Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I hope the fat man was good to you all. I got to see my dog walker on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I went to her house on the 24th and spent a few hours there so I would not be alone for the holiday. I Played with my BFF Baby Duke for 4 hours then I slept.

On Christmas I was a good boy too. I got presents!!!! I guess I was a good boy this year. There were about 20 people in the house that day. I freaked em out when I destroyed my toys in such a rapid fashion.

Then I got to sleep when everyone left.

Today: My Pop must think I am part polar bear. We went to the dog park. BRRRRRR I was sporting my union jack sweater (I am an English Dog in America). It was called Bullies take over the dog park. There were other fur friends who weren't bullies there. They are honorary bullies. But real Bullies, Dottie, and Micky were there. We lasted for 1 hour and then left it was too cold. Poppa's face was red from the cold.

Both my pawrents are home this week. I wonder what other adventures will occur.



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