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Power of the paw

January 10th 2010 10:23 am
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Thank you everyone for your special thoughts. Power of the Paw works and I haven't had any episodes the past two days. We are crossing our fingers that it was just some random thing that resolved itself. Mommy and daddy are keeping a good eye on me to make sure I take it easy. I must say that this has been a blessing because suddenly I've been getting all the treats I want. Mommy even got up this morning and made me pancakes... not for daddy... for me! Can you believe it? I shared one of my nice warm pancakes with Dante, and of course when daddy got up I told mommy that he could have one of mine too. Thats why they call me "man's best friend" right?


Prayers Needed

January 8th 2010 2:41 pm
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I have a terrible medical problem, but not sure what. It has come on very sudden with no warning, only 3 days ago. It started with me waking up at 2am screaming and yowling in pain. It was so severe I soiled myself. I was sleeping on my dog bed in mom and dad's room. They quickly woke up and flipped on the lights. Dad came to my side and consoled me and my yowling stopped. For the next 10 minutes I laid there and didn't move. I was conscious but wouldn't even lift my head or wag my tail. After the 10 minutes I got up just fine, no limping, and went down the stairs without a hitch. Mom and dad immediately took me to the emergency clinic. They examined me and couldn't find any painful spots. They said it sounded as though I may have had a seizure, but mom and dad where sleeping when it happened so it was dark in the room and they didn't get a good look at what happened. The doctor said to keep an eye on me.

I seemed fine all that day and was myself, eating, playing, no pain or discomfort. But the next morning, the same thing happened again at 3 am. This time mom was up with the baby and saw it happen. I had just been sleeping on my bed and suddenly jerked and twisted up like i got a twinge in my back and yowled in pain for several seconds. Again, it hurt so bad I soiled myself and then I just laid there and didn't move. They took me to the emergency clinic again and this time they did tests. Mom didn't get to her phone in time to take a video of the incident for the doctor, but described it to her. It didn't seem like a seizure because I didn't tremble or shake, my legs didn't go stiff, it didn't look like i was running or chomping. They did blood work and xrays and nothing really gave them a clue of what was going on. I got some pain meds but other then that they said to watch me. If it was still happening we would maybe take more xrays. mom and dad took me home and I had another one at 7am. They called the doctor but she was busy so they left her a message.

They think I could have wobblers disease, "caused by malformation of the spinal cervical vertebrae which causes pressure on the spinal cord". We are told some dogs can live with it pain free for many years. They just have a strange gait and look like they walk clumsily. But others (as in Duramax's case) it comes on very sudden and they deteriorate quickly and its very painful. We were told that they can suddenly become paralyzed. In this situation, euthanasia may be the only option. There is a surgical treatment, but it doesn't generally have a good outcome. We talked with another vet who is going to take a look at Duramax in a week. However, I don't know that we can wait that long because he had a forth episode at 9 am this morning. We are considering our options, but are having to face the reality that we may have to say good bye to our dear friend within the week.

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