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This was my life


April 22nd 2010 4:25 am
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Well I moved to Scotland after I split up in a relationship and got a very small flat, I wanted a dog and had always had rescue dogs, a girl moved in the flat beneath me and we got chatting. She came in one day and announced she had seen an advert in the shop window for a home for a dog. They were also selling the fridge, so she went to look at the fridge and saw the dog and said how gorgeous he was but very nervous and thin!! Well me being me, got all uppity about it and phoned the people and went to see this dog. Well what can I say, I saw him and fell in love right there and then, he was about 18 months old and just an Angel on earth. He was so gentle and loving, but nervous, I had my suspisions! I sat down and asked the usual questions, but I knew I was taking him with me!! The people didnt seem to be able to look after themselves let alone a dog!! I told them I would be back in two hours! The woman, who I might add was under the influence of something, got very angry and grabbed GLEN and started yelling at him in his face, well that was enough for me!! I got the dog put him behind me and turned full force on the woman! I cannot really repeat what happened next but suffice to say I left with the dog and she was recovering when I left. I was much younger and feistier then I might add, but I CANT STAND cruelty of any kind!! Well once we got outside this tail bounced up!! It was tucked between his legs in the flat! But he was so thin! I took him to the shop got food and all the essentials and took him home. I had a cat Jasmine who was the same colour as Glen and they loved eachother on site! they became the best of pals ever... After getting Glen home and cleaning and brushing him and comforting him and all the usual loving, I took him for a short walk to see how he was and he was perfect, so we went home and had a nice sleep. Next day he seemed a bit off colour but I had made an appointment with the vet and put it down to the change. But unfortunately the day after I took him out and he started to fit! OMD I rushed him to the vet and they took blood samples, and checked him over. I noticed when I brushed him that he had scratches and little marks on his butt end near the tail, I showed the vet. We were not sure. The tests came back and horror upon horror the little marks were needle marks and he was withdrawing from drugs!! THEY HAD BEEN PUTTING DRUGS INTO HIM!! I informed the sspca and the police and we went around there but they had left in the middle of the night apparently, What really worried me was they had two beautiful cats! Still I left it in the hands of the authorities and took care of Glen. It took a while but with the vets help I got him through detox and slept on the floor with him for days and nights, hand fed him and cuddled and kept him warm, he had blankies and pillows and all sorts. I dont know if that is what made Glen so close with me but we never were apart in the ten years I had him. He was the most loving beautiful natured dog I have ever had the privelage of owning. I have had many animals over the years and love them all but with Glen he was that little bit different and i still miss him daily, even after all this time. I remember once out walking with him and someone had trapped a baby rabbit I let it go and was going to let nature take its course, But Glen had other ideas! he gently picked it up in his mouth and took it to the stream we were walking by and gently nuzzled it into the water to try and get it to drink but it Died and he stood by it for ages gently pushing it and licking it, I took it off him and went to put it in the bush, but Glen padded about so I buried it there and then and you know every time we took that same walk he would stop around that area as if he knew and sniff and sit a minute then walk on! He never growled or barked in anger in the ten years I owned Glen he loved everyone and every animal he was a nursemaid and friend and my best ally in bad times, He taught me how to love unconditionally and how to see the good even inside the bad. He changed my life forever in ways that can never truly be explained only experienced he made me a much more rounded, tolerant and loving human being.
I miss you my son so very much
Love Mummy

Barked by: Cisco Kid (Dogster Member)

April 22nd 2010 at 6:49 am

An Angel rescued an Angel..that is FOR SURE!!! I want to shudder when I hear stories like this but I mostly just breathe a sigh of relief that there are decent humans in the world who look out for us furkids.

Your Mummy is a lovely person Angel Glen...Let's fly on over and sprinkle EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA feel good dust on her!

Your Little Pal at the Bridge,

Cisco Kid
Barked by: BUTTERCUP * Moms Angel Girl * (Dogster Member)

May 17th 2010 at 2:52 pm

OMD Angel Glen .. i always new you were special .. but now i really know ! R.I.P sweet angel ! and we sure hope you are a winner in the adopt contest !

Kisses, Buttercup
Barked by: Merlin (In loving memory) (Dogster Member)

May 5th 2012 at 12:10 am

Thank God you found sweet Glen and rescued him. The remaining years of his life was so full of love which he richly deserved.

Thank you for saving him, people like you restore my faith in human nature.

God bless you.

Merlin's Daddy


Angel Glen


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