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Three times in one month - Once again I am one of the DDPs for today

December 18th 2013 6:34 am
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Mama logged onto Dogster and saw that I am one of the DDPs for today. This one is special too because not only am I one of the DDPs another one of our pup pals is also DDP for today. Her name is Meizie and she is a miniature schnauzer too. Thank you Dogster, HQ. Mama and I are so happy and surprised.

Here is the list of pup pals and friends to thank:

For pictures and zealies/rosettes
Forrest and family ID#1130228
Angel Aregon, Spunky, Casper and Tigger Family ID#1142500
Drei Snarky Schnauzers ID#1084564
Hershey and VanWinkle Family ID#704120
KJ, Rain, Kiska, Banjo and Greta Family ID#60922

For comments:
Jiffy ID#1169989
Zaidie ID#930039
Forrest and family ID#1130228

Love -



Twice in one week - I am a DDP again

December 14th 2013 4:22 pm
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Hello, everyone -

Mama found out from one of our pup pals that I am a Diary Pick for today. This one is pretty special because not only was I chosen, one of my pup pals was chosen too. Her name is Spunky.

The following is a list of pup pals who have sent zealies and stars:
Peek A Boo - ID#620141
Bailey NWD - ID#552101
Quinn - ID#940689
Angel Aregon, Spunky, Casper and Tigger - Family ID#1142500
Drei Snarky Schnauzers - Family ID#1084564
Bronson - ID#1310348
Spunky - ID#1276576
Zaidie - ID#930039
Hershey and VanWinkle - Family ID#704120
Charlie, Abbie, Teddy, Maggie, Sam, Toto and Prince - Family ID#268970

Thanks again, everyone and Dogster HQ for this honor.

Love -



Another award - one of the DDPs for today

December 10th 2013 8:32 am
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This morning Mama woke up and found out from one of our pup pals that I am one of the DDPs for today. Mama was very happy for me. She has not been feeling too well lately (a bad head cold) but this makes up for her feeling crummy the past few days.

Thank you Dogster, HQ!

At last here is the list of pup pals to thank:
KJ, Rain, Kiska, Banjo and Greta - Family ID#60922
Angel Aregon, Spunky, Casper and Tigger - Family ID#1142500
Angel Whisper, Dixie, Sophie and Gizmo - Family ID#1056981
Romeo Beau - ID#1204549
Hershey and VanWinkle - Family ID#704120

For comments, special gifts, etc.

Peek A Boo ID#620141
Cooper and Family - Family ID#188326
KJ - ID#94249
Zoe - ID#309028
Angel Aregon, Spunky, Casper and Tigger - Family ID#1142500

It snowed on and off all day. It looked really pretty but it makes my feet cold brrr. Now the snow is almost all melted but it is still pretty cold.

Love -


I wanted to share this with my pup pals and friends but Mama had a terrible time trying to link it to the post. If you wish, you can check out my Dogster Plus Photo Book to see what you can share with me. It is the last picture.


Mama, Papa and I will have a house guest

December 6th 2013 8:51 pm
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Starting New Year's Day, we will have a house guest. As some of you may know, Mama has taken care of my "aunt's" dog, Jessy. She is almost two years old now. She also does not have to use the crate in her house. This will be the first time Mama will be taking care of her without the crate which could be interesting.

Jessy will be staying with us for two weeks. Mama and I are hoping that the weather will cooperate so we can get to go out for walks. But she cannot walk the two of us together because Jessy is twice my size.

Stay tuned for some new adventures with Jessy, my partner in crime.

Love -



Kaci is home in New Hampshire

December 6th 2013 1:48 pm
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Hi, everyone -

Kaci and I spent two weeks together. We had tons of fun and ran around the house, looked out the picture window and played with a lot of toys. We also got in a few walks when the weather cooperated. We even looked out the picture window together a couple of times. Kaci was so excited to see her Mama after she was visiting with her sister that she sprained one of her front legs.

Mama and Grammy do not how Kaci hurt herself except that she loves jumping on and off the furniture. I jump from furniture too just differently.

Now I am able to rule the picture window by myself and Kaci is definitely looking out all of the windows at her house.

Love -



Fun memories of Thanksgiving

November 30th 2013 7:51 pm
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Mama and Papa spent Thanksgiving making the rounds in Rhode Island. They first traveled to Warwick and then to North Smithfield. Kaci and I stayed home. We are not allowed to go to the complex that Papa's aunt lives in. Half of the apartments allow cats and half allow dogs. Since she has a cat we can't even go and visit her. Bummer!

But Kaci and I were glad when they came home. We had fun jumping on them with their hands full of leftovers of turkey with all the trimmings.

But Mama says that this part of celebrating Thanksgiving was the best part. Mama was having fun with Jessy who remembered her from the previous visits at our house. Jessy proceeded to try to "counter surf" some of the turkey and get a taste of cheesecake which was on the dining room table. She also "helped" around the house by washing the dishes after everyone had eaten. She could not stop laughing at Jessy's antics. Kaci and I are definitely too small to "counter surf" and get food that way.

Love -



Kaci is here for Thanksgiving

November 23rd 2013 4:56 am
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Guess what? Kaci is here for Thanksgiving visiting with me, Mama and Papa. We are having lots of fun driving Mama crazy. So far we have run around the dining room table play growling at each other, wanting to be fed and go out at the same time and trying to play with the same toy. I grab one end and Kaci the other.

Kaci has taken over looking out the picture window but I get first dibs on almost everything else. I am sure we will have lots of adventures to share with our pals since she will be here for almost two weeks.

Love -



Thank you

May 22nd 2013 12:21 am
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We are sorry that we have not posted much lately. Mama took care of Jessy for almost two weeks and there were some other things that took up her time. But I wanted to thank everyone who sent special gifts to me the past two weeks. In particular I would like to thank:

Aregon, Spunky, Casper and Tigger Family ID# 1142500
Casper ID# 1276586
Angel Whisper and Dixie Family ID# 1056981
Droopy ID# 718992
Kali, Oliver, Sasha and Jazmine ID# 809148
Bailey NWD ID# 552101
Hershey and Van Winkle Family ID# 704120
Sammy Jo, Toby Jo, Cory Jo, Joey Jo and Sarge Family ID# 133702
Sophie Claire and Harley Davidson Family ID# 713384
Abbie ID# 413048
Metta, Graham, Iris, Ernie and Sylvie Family ID# 130702
Magoo and Romeo Beau Family ID# 808858
Rocky ID# 812529
Walker, Alexandria, Pookah, Molly and more Family ID# 706488
Redford, Cooper and more Family ID# 188326
Bailey NWD, Bailey One and more Family ID# 444448

Love -



Jessy visited us again

February 15th 2013 9:09 pm
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Jessy's pawrents went on a mini vacation for Valentine's Day. She stayed with us for four days. She has gotten better and sometimes makes me nervous when she plays with me. I am used to Kaci dragging me around by one of my legs and have figured out how to outsmart her. But I have to figure out how to outsmart Jessy especially when she puts up both paws in the air.

Now that she is home, I slept all day today. Jessy wore me out!

Love -



I am one of the Diary Picks for today

February 6th 2013 2:54 am
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This has been a great week for our family and I. The other day was my birthday and I received lots of presents, hugs and kisses and birthday wishes from my family and pup pals on Dogster.

Today I am featured as one of the Diary Picks for today. Mama is really surprised and happy. Thank you Dogster HQ for making this possible.

Thank you, Cooper for the beautiful picture. We were finally able to upload it after we found the issue to fix it.

Thank you all for the rosettes, zealies and stars:

Oscar and Bear
Little Women
Angelica, Snickers Doodle, Lady Marie, Liebchen, Liefde Noel, Munchkin Lynn, Lily Ann and Akemi Lynn
Hershey and VanWinkle
Flicka, Lucas, Cleo I.M. and Pam
KJ, Rain, Kiska, Banjo and Greta
Coda, Angel, Loving Memory Morris, Patches, Lucky, Oliver and Pepper
Angel Whisper and Dixie
Peek A Boo, Ursula, Crystal, Nicola and Bob

You all made my day extra special!

Love -


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