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Ted's Tale

Goodbye Everybody

September 10th 2013 10:38 am
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Don't cry Mommy. Don't cry Daddy. I am in no pain now.I had a wonderful life with you. Now Zappa & Entwistle have to look after you. I wll miss all of you....but now I have to run and play with Mick & Chuck.
Love you


My 12th Barkday

January 10th 2013 1:25 pm
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A lot has happened since my last barkday. We moved out of Toronto to Balsam Lake. It's much quieter up here, but I have a lot more to do. I hear coyotes at night and I have to protect Mommy & Daddy from all the different animals now. There are deer & geese & wild turkeys and even a bear or two. I like my new home, I can sit outside or on the couch and bark at any doggies or humans who dare to walk past. Sometimes when nobody is watching I get to roll on dead fish. Got to go now, I have to patrol our huge back yard.


Mommy,please don't go.

April 24th 2006 11:35 pm
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This past weekend my Mommy and Daddy went to Sarnia Ontario to visit my Mommy's mommy. I was sad cause they did not take me with them. Cooper and Roxxee came to stay with us , but I wanted my Mommy ! I looked out the window whenever I heard a car. Mommy finally came back early Sunday afternoon and I was jumping really high. I was so happy to see her. Mommy , please don't leave me again.


My 5th Barkday

January 10th 2006 9:47 pm
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Woof woof ! Hi everyone. Just had my 5th barkday. I had lots of fun. Mommy took me and my brothers for a 2 hour walk in the doggy park. Daddy gave me a new squeaky toy, which I love. Best of all I had some spare ribs ( without the bones ) . Daddy said the bones were too small, he probably chews them when I go to bed. But I am not going to bed yet.....I hear someone playing with MY squeaky ...gotta go, aroooos for now.


Setting The Record Straight

May 2nd 2005 2:50 pm
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Woof Woof ! Hi everyone.It's time for my side of the story.I know my little brother Chuck says I attack him sometimes...but it's my job.I AM the boss.I never really hurt him but I have to remind him that I am top dog here.My Mommy rescued me from a very bad puppy mill,which has been shut down by the OSPCA.I was 4 months old when Mommy saved me.I love my Mommy more than anyone else in the world.(Daddy is 2nd best)I get along very well with my 3 brothers and like my brothers I am very friendly.But if anyone appears to me to be threatening my Mommy,then I tell them off.I love going with Mommy to the doggie park.When Mommy is out I wait on top of the couch and look out the window till she returns.When she comes back I jump way way higher than my brothers.Did I mention that I love my Mommy? I wish she could take me everywhere she goes. She has been out all afternoon but I hear the car now and I gotta go.

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