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my life with my mommie, by droopy

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December 24th 2011 5:57 pm
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hello all dogster pups & pals!! i wanted to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! my wish fur ALL my pals & ALL dogster pups is to has a blessed, safe & happy christmas!! i wants you ALL to know dat i loves each of you dearly, wif all my heart! i'll be watching over you all this christmas eve night & with you all christmas day..smiling has you rip open your boxes filled wif new toys & treats.. lets all say a prayer fur da lonley pups out there.. may they have peace this christmas and may they all, one day soon.. have love!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL and know how much i love & furever!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! loves, angel droopy


for my droopy

December 19th 2011 7:14 am
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If tears could build a stairway, And memories were a lane, I would walk right up to Heaven to bring you home again. No farewell's were spoken, No time for goodbye, You were gone before I knew it, And only God knows why. My heart still aches in sadness, And secret tears will flow, What it meant to me to lose you, No one will ever know.

although others have felt my pain & many, sadly, feel it everyday, nobody will know droopy, just what it meant to me to lose you..nobody will know what it meant to me to have you in my life, beside me everyday & night... i'm trying so hard to make you proud of me, droopy.. i want nothing more than that..
i want you to bark out a big and proud, "thats my mommie"
when i come to be with you.. i tryed to make you proud of me while you were with me, on earth, i try to still do that everyday. you gave me so much, so much..and even after you had to leave, you still give to me.. you gave me sweet, wonderful memories.. memories of so much happiness & love that at times i didn't know what to do.. i had never felt that kind of happiness or love before..but you gave it to me & i did my best to give it back to you.. i believe you were many pictures of you with that big, beautiful droopster smile...
oh how special you are to me, scootercrunch!! you were such a gentle giant, always there to comfort me when i was sad or upset..i only hope, that i gave that comfort to you on your last day..i tryed to not show my pain, but i know i failed..
i never felt such a strong feeling of love until you....
i also never felt such a strong feeling of pain & fear until that was too much to keep hidden.. i tryed..but again, i know i failed.. but i hope you always remember the love in my voice & i pray you hear that love every time i talk to you...
so many things to thank you for, droopy.. and even from the bridge, you still give to me.. you have given me the chance to love again.. with little rascal..(snowflake)..i know, i know & believe in my heart, you brought us together..there are times i feel so guilty, loving another, but then i think, how can i feel that way, she was a gift from you & my love for rascal, only makes my love for you stronger..i've been blessed with another little furbaby to love and, i pray, make proud..
i'll do my best droopy not to let you down.. i'll give rascal my love & my heart..for you showed me droopy, so many times, that i do have a heart that is big enough to love many..
i'll try to ease up on myself, droopy..and let myself be happy again..i'll do this for you.. for having you proud of me means very much..i'm sure the tears are going to fall still, many, many more tears..for the pain in my heart is still so great and i know, it will last forever...until the day i have you in my arms again.. i'm gonna go now honey..just want to say one more are my scootercrunch, furever & always..
thank you for all your love & thank you for rascal.. i do love her, droopy..shes alittle firecracker, just like you were, lol..
she makes me laugh , even through my tears..thank you droopy..
thank you for everything.. i'll love you always, droopster..


my dearest droopy

December 19th 2011 6:25 am
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A Letter From Your Pet In Heaven

To my dearest family,
some things I'd like to say.
But first of all, to let you know,
that I arrived okay.
I'm writing this from the Bridge.
Here I dwell with God above.
Here there's no more tears of sadness.
Here is just eternal love.
Please do not be unhappy
just because I'm out of sight.
Remember that I am with you
every morning, noon and night.
That day I had to leave you
when my life on earth was through,
God picked me up and hugged me
and He said, "I welcome you.
It's good to have you back again,
you were missed while you were gone.
As for your dearest family,
They'll be here later on."
God gave me a list of things,
that he wished for me to do.
And foremost on the list,
was to watch and care for you.
And when you lie in bed at night
the day's chores put to flight,
God and I are closest to you...
in the middle of the night.
When you think of my life on earth,
and all those loving years,
because you are only human,
they are bound to bring you tears.
But do not be afraid to cry:
it does relieve the pain.
Remember there would be no flowers,
unless there was some rain.
I wish that I could tell you
all that God has planned.
If I were to tell you,
you wouldn't understand.
But one thing is for certain,
though my life on earth is o'er.
I'm closer to you now,
than I ever was before.
There are rocky roads ahead of you
and many hills to climb;
But together we can do it
by taking one day at a time.
It was always my philosophy
and I'd like it for you too;
That as you give unto the world,
the world will give to you.
If you can help somebody
who's in sorrow and pain;
Then you can say to God at night...
"My day was not in vain."
And now I am contented...
that my life was worthwhile.
Knowing as I passed along
I made somebody smile.
God says: "If you meet somebody
who is sad and feeling low;
Just lend a hand to pick him up,
as on your way you go.
When you're walking down the street
with me on your mind;
I'm walking in your footsteps
only half a step behind."
"And when it's time for you to go...
from that body to be free.
Remember you're not going...
you're coming here to me."



to all my pals and all dogster pups...

December 17th 2011 6:37 pm
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hello everypup!! its me, angel droopy.. mommie puts a song on my playlist that we feel just sends out warm christmas wishes to all you dogster pups & pals!! WE WISH YOU ALL A WARM, SAFE & BLESSED MERRY CHRISTMAS!! may you all be happy, warm & safe wif each other & may you all share christmas love throughout the coming new year.. goodnight & sweet dreams..
we love you dogster pups & pals!!
angel droopy, rascal & mommie


i miss you

December 14th 2011 5:53 pm
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hi droopy.. i just wanted to say goodnight & tell you i love you so much!! my love for you will never end..never..i know i don't write you everyday..i'm sorry..its just very hard for me..
but you are in my heart & in my thoughts every single day, every second.. every breath i take, you are there..getting through without you is so hard..and to be honest with you droopy.. no matter what anybody says or what they tell me.. in my heart.. i just don't know if i can..thats all i'm gonna say for now sweetheart..i'm so tired.. i know you see that.. i need to try and sleep..i want you to know i'll be back to write you more.. you get some rest too, o.k. you are my scootercrunch..
forever and always..i look forward to our christmas eve together..just going to sit there, in the dark..and come to me..i love you pumpkin!! forever & always you will be my best friend & the only one, the only one..who truly understood me & loved me..goodnight my love..
mommie loves you & misses you deeply..



November 23rd 2011 6:30 pm
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hi scootercrunch!! its me, mommie... sure you know that..
i mISS YOU SO MUCH!! the holidays.. the holidays.. what are they without you?? yes, i have rascal now.. yes, i'm loving her..don't misunderstand me.. i take nothing away from her.. she is a sweet pup.. and.. i do love her.....but...
oh how i miss you!! WE should be together this thanksgiving.. we should be together at christmas!! WE should JUST BE!!!
i hung your stocking, scootercrunch.. how i longed for you to pull it off the wall like you could never put your gifts in it till after you went to bed, lol.. i loved seeing you so excited..oh droopy, my dearest friend and love.. my heart hurts so bad.. i know probally that everyone is tired of hearing me say all this.. but i can't help it..YOU SHOULD BE HERE WITH ME!!i wish i could just go in a dark hole and sleep through the holidays... because thats how i feel i'm in a dark hole.. my heart is broken & will never, never heal again..
part of my heart is allowing me to love rascal.. and she is bringing much joy back into my life.. but.. i also have this HUGE, black emptiness inside of me that nobody will ever help..
it will remain that way until i see you again..
i will love you forever droopy & miss you till my very last breath....until i open my eyes again & see you running towards me..into my arms & i will HOLD YOU!!! OH HOW I WILL HOLD YOU!!
i will hold you, kiss you & we will walk off together, never, NEVER to be parted again!!!
droopy, I LOVE YOU!!! i still cry every single day.. i cry in the morning, i cry at night, i cry on my way home from work..
i cry at work.. i just...cry.. I MISS YOU.. JUST MISS YOU & its just not right!! i'm sorry..its just not...
go get some rest now, scootercrunch & i will talk to you tomorrow.. i just know you will be havin a big thanksgiving feast at the bridge tomorrow.. you enjoy, but take it easy..o.k. remember to rest..
ALWAYS< FUREVER & EVER!!! love mommie!!!



November 17th 2011 6:22 pm
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I Saw an Angel

I saw an angel today, oh what a vision to see.
This beautiful angel sent only to me.
My eyes filled with tears at this glorious sight,
This angel so lovely made my heart feel so light.

I held an angel today, in my hands it did rest
Surely it had to be one of God's best.
So soft, so tender, so fragile it seemed
To hold such an angel was more than I dreamed.

I kissed an angel today, I just couldn't resist
As I looked at this sweetie I felt so much bliss
My heart over poured with a feeling of love
For this sweet little creature sent from Heaven above.

I lost an angel today; I guess God had other plans
This precious little life slipped right through my hands
My heart felt so empty as tears fell from my eyes
I didn't have the chance to say my good byes.

I saw an angel today, one I'll never forget
Those short precious moments I'll never regret
He took something with him on his journey above A piece of my heart to remember my love.


my droopster...

November 14th 2011 9:21 am
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hey droopster!! mommie here.. like i start everytime i write you
I LOVE YOU & I MISS YOU SO, SO MUCH!!! i just still keep hoping i am going to wake up & everything will be right will be here with me..but it never happens.. truth be told droopy, i sometimes just wish i'd never wake up..its been one month & 25 days.. 55 DAYS, droopy, 55 days!!! i can't deal with this.. i just can't.. this pain is so strong inside me.. i never have felt hurt like this before.. i don't want to sound like a broken record, but i can't help it.. its how i feel.. i want you back & if that can't be, then i want to be with you.. but i know i have to wait for god to take me.. i just, i just miss you!!! droopy you were something so special.. we had a bond that was so strong & true.. something i never had before in my life.. you also gave me so much love, friendship & taught me how to be happy again..and no matter what i do in my life, no matter what happens..i'll never feel that way again with anyone...i know you sent me the new pup, rascal..
i want you to know that i'm starting to love her..but she will never, NEVER take your place.. but i really think you know that.. there is nothing, nobody, no one that could ever take your place.. you are the most dearest, truest love of my life & furever will be.. i'm lost without you droopy, just lost...
and no matter what anyone says..i can't help but feel guilty..i just do..i feel like i let you down.. i know you were just laying there, you couldn't even stand up, couldn't eat, you couldn't even see felt me..i'll never forget how you snuggled into me when i wrapped my arms around you.. it felt so wonderful to hold you & feel you cuddled up with me.. i know i couldn't let you live like that..just laying there..not able to move your one side..not able to eat.. i know i did what i did out of love... do you know this??? do you droopy??? i pray to god you do!!!! i know everyone must be gettin tired of me being like this.. i don't care, droopster.. i can't help how i feel. you were & ARE, a very special dog, droopy..very special!!! you will be forever... i look forward to the day i get to see you running towards me & you knock me over, kissin me, smiling & then we can walk off together & be with each other forever more... i love you scootercrunch, i love you.....
miss your smile....
miss your bark...
miss your chompers...
miss the way you ate, lol...
miss you snoring...
miss you next to me....
miss touching your fur...
miss you jumpin on me...
miss how you played....
miss watchin you run & be happy....
miss how you looked at me...
miss lookin into your beautiful brown eyes...
miss you snuggled up next to me...
miss you fallin asleep with your head on my lap...
miss your wiggle butt ....
miss you waitin for me when i got home.....
miss your excitment over a new toy or treat...
miss playin ball with you...
miss you sleepin next to me....
miss takin you places....
miss going for walks with you,....
miss your love....
miss your love..that you gave to me so easy.....
your are my scootercrunch, my droopster, my love...

i thought we were gonna get old together... i miss you & my heart will forever be empty till we are together again...
only you droopy, can fix my heart & make me happy again, only you droopy...MOMMIE LOVES YOU!!!! i wILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS & FOREVER !!! i'll miss you droopy till i take my last breath & open my eyes & see you runnin towards me...only on that day, will my heart heal.
if i had just one wish, it would be for a stairway that reached up to heaven, so i could bring you home....
my special angel, my droopy...i love you & I"LL LOVE YOU ALWAYS!
miss you & will MISS YOU until that day we are together again...
have a good day droopy at the run & play with all your new friends.. you b happy..please don't be upset over me, i'll hang in there so i can be with you one day...
talk to you soon, my love, never forget how much mommie loves you, droopy.. never forget... I LOVE YOU!!!!


dear droopy

November 7th 2011 6:30 am
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hi my sweet puppy, mommie here.. i wanted to talk to you.. i first want to tell you, like i do every single day..
I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! i still keep hopin i'm going to wake up from this nightmare & you will be by my side...but it just goes on & on.. this pain inside me will never heal.. no matter what..
you were a very special pup, very of a kind.. you gave me a love & a feeling of happiness i never, ever felt..
you saw me through bad times, sad times & happy times...
droopy, you were & ARE my only true love & will furever be!!!
now..i must talk to you bout your new sister, rascal..
i know you sent her to me.. we had that freak snowstorm, it was a saturday... i cried so hard..cause i know how you so loved the snow.. then 2 days later this puppy is brought to my attention & her name is "snowflake" that was too much!! i felt in my heart you chose her droopy... i changed her name to rascal(it suits her perfect) but snowflake will furever be a nickname & a name i keep in my heart.. even though i so truly believe in my heart you sent her..i can't help but feel guilty.. i know you are probally doing flips from cloud to cloud up at the bridge..i know you are happy mommie has a new pup to share my love with, i know this.... its just how i feel though..
i am loving your new sister, don't get me wrong... but i can't help that every time i tell her momma loves you, that i feel horrible inside... i hope this doesn't make me sound like a bad person.. droopy, you know how much love mommie has in her heart for pups..i think its just that my heart is just so ripped up by how you were taken from me & i think maybe i'm afraid to let myself feel that kind of happiness & love again..the love we shared & the bond me & you had droopy, will never be felt again..we really had something special.. but i know i can love this pup & give her happiness also.. i guess i just need to let myself feel that again.. i think i am afraid to let myself be happy again, droopy.. hopefully i will learn that its o.k. to feel that way again...
oh droopy, i will tell you this... your new sister is adorable & sometimes when i look into her eyes, i swear i see you looking back at me.. i mean i truly feel like i see you looking at me.. its like rascal's eyes are your eyes.. i don't know.. i'm probally not makin any sense so i will close this out now...
droopy, i'll tell you again honey... mommie MISSES YOU SO MUCH & I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU my ONE & ONLY SCOOTERCRUNCH!!!!
FUREVER & EVER!!! until i see you again droopy, you will furever be in my heart & my very soul... have a good day sweet pup.. play & run..but remember to rest... you always over did everything & wore yourself out, lol... so make sure you take time to rest... I LOVE YOU DROOPY!!! mommie


dear droopy

October 31st 2011 9:34 am
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hey droopster!!! mommie here, but, you know that!!! i just wanted to write to you a bit..i'll try not to ramble, lol...
oh droopy, where do i start??? its been 1 month & 11 days since i had to say good-bye to you.. yes, the tears are falling... it hurts me so much inside, droopy.. i truly don't think anyone understands this pain i feel.. except for all the wonderful pals you have here at dogster & all of the dear friends i've made.. i know, i know they understand.. for some have been through this & they know, all to well, the pain of losing a dear best friend. and my heart goes out to all of them also.. for i would not want anyone to feel like i do...
droopy, my love.. I MISS YOU!!! i'm so sorry, honey.. i try, TRY so hard to not let myself get like this.. i know how you hated to see me cry.. but i'm hurting, so much inside.. i still think a part of me is in shock & i keep thinkin i'm gonna wake up or come home & you'll be here!!! but.. another day, still i am alone. oh we had so much fun together & oh, oh how we loved each other!!! there are times i can look at your pictures & smile, even laugh..i remember every moment of everyday of each of your pictures.. you were so full of life & so happy.. that, at least, gives me some comfort..i do know you were a happy pup.
i was blessed & honored to be your mommie. your favorite time of year is upon us.. winter is near... we already had snow..
i cried so hard that day.. the first of many days to come i fear.. when we truly get our first major snow, i know i'm not going to do well.. you loved to sit on the porch in the sunshine, to run & play at aunt lisa's, get squirted with the hose.. you cracked me up... but.. to watch you play in the snow,
OMG, droopy you were beyond happiness.. you just loved it!!
i remember one year, we had so much snow..over 15 inches!! me & aunt lisa shoveled out paths for little layla & you, it was like a maze.. plenty of paths for you pups to run.. but you,
my droopster, didn't need the paths.. you ran right through the big piles of snow!!! somehow you found a ball(only you, lol)
and i would throw the ball into the snow & you would pounce on it, head first into the snow.. come out and you'd look like a snowdoggie!! lol.. remember the snowman...droopy?? lol.. me & aunt lisa built this snowman & you come runnin & plowed right into it, knocked its head right off!!
OMG!! we laughed so hard.. you were a silly, crazy, full of fun puppy!!!
and the loved them!! don't care what anyone says..i know you loved the lights.. just like mommie.. you'd sit there, so good while i struggled to get them up.. i could never put your presents out though, till after you went to bed christmas kept takin your stocking down, lol...
christmas morning we'd get up & i'd take you out & we'd come in & you were all about that stocking.. you had such excitment in your eyes.. i mean your eyes were so full of wonder & happiness & you truly were like alittle kid on christmas morning..
you'd be so happy to see your new toys & of course.. the biggest jumbone i could get for you!!! christmas night we'd sit there, the two us, together & relaxed after a long, wonderful happy day.. you'd take your new favorite ball to bed & snuggle next to me & go to sleep with that ball still in your mouth.. memories... so many of them..and so many more that we didn't get to make... your stocking will still be hung at christmas droopy, this year & every year.. a new ball will still be bought for you...i miss you so much, pumpkin..i wake in the night & long to have you snuggled up right next to me...
its so empty here without you.. my life is empty, my heart is heavy..i can't say my heart is empty..for its not.. its full of memories of you & me, full of love for you, full of sadness & pain...i pray so hard that you just know, know how much i miss you & LOVE YOU!!! no matter what droopy, mommie will always, ALWAYS LOVE YOU & I"LL ALWAYS MISS YOU!!! you were one of a kind.. you were something so special & you gave me a love so true & so strong. you showed me true love, droopy.. you showed me how to be happy again.. you made me appreciate the "little" things in life. and... droopy, you saved my life.. you brought me out of big, dark hole that i was living saved my life & i feel you saved my soul.. you are truly my hero & truly, my dearest & most loyal friend. i wanted to grow old with you droopy.. i wanted you with me forever..i know you are still with me, in my heart & i know.. even though i can't see you, i know you are here... but oh how i wish i could just touch you one more time!!! just feel your fur against me.. look into those big, beautful brown eyes, kiss your nose, rub your belly, just hold you....just hold more time....
i WILL, hold you though, everyday, every second in my heart.
you are my love of a lifetime, droopy...thank you for all the happy memories you gave me. run free & have fun with all of your new angel pals.. we will be together again, someday....
and i'll hug you so tight!!!! then instead of sad tears, they will be happy tears!!! tears of joy that i'm together again with my dearest, best friend!!!! you'll always be my scootercrunch, my droopster!!!

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