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my life with my mommie, by droopy

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my first chapter of my doggie diary

March 7th 2008 4:30 pm
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hi everybody who reads this, its me, the thats droopy for anybody that don't know me yet. woof. glad to be here at facts i'm so very excited to be a part of this great big family. let me tell u alittle about me & my mommie. my mommy is the greatest. she loves me very much with all her heart. we play everyday. the only thing i don't like is when she has to go to that place she calls work. cause she is gone for awhile, but i know she will be back. cause my mommy tells me every morning she'll be back soon as she can. when my mommy comes home i jump and look out the window and she smiles & laughs at me cause she says my tail wagging so hard my little dimple butt....( thats what she says) is going back & forth, too. u gotta understand my mommie says some crazy stufff, i think she is strange woof, but i loves her. soon as she comes home we go outside and then we play...WOOF !!! i don't really know too much bout writing this diary stuff yet, so be kind to me till i gets the hang of it. anyway, i'm so glad for having my mommie everyday. she's the best !!!! she tells me all the time how much she loves me and is so glad i am with her. she said we were made for each other. my mom never gets mad even when i drool while i is watching her eat. she just laughs and always gives me some of her food. i love to play ball and tuggie and my mom plays with me those everyday. my mommie lets me sleep in bed with her and when she gets up i move and take her place woof...she comes back in and says who you think you are, i just look at her & says well i'm droopy, who else would i be...see what i mean...she forgets things real easy. asking me who i am, who does she think i am....she knows its me, i don't know whay she has to ask,,,,silly mommie. my mommie sings songs to me, too. well, let me tell u, she can't sing...woof. but i just sit there and pray the song will be over soon. but she sings it over & over again. like i said, she forgets easy, she must forget she already sang it to me, cause she sings it like 5 times. THEN...she starts a new one. oh my goodness, but i love her anyway. her can't sing though, i hope u guys never have to hear her sing, but if u do, just smile and be nice, shes a good mommy. well, i guess thats all for now. i smell something cookin, i just know its gotta be good. THAT my mommie does best, cooking. shes the greatest cook ever!!!! my mommie is the best mommie i ever wanted. i loves her so much. she protects me & keeps me safe and loves me so much. ( i can overlook the singing ) lol...woof. i'm so happy to meet so many new friends on here. i'm glad i got so many pals. i'll be back to write more later. love you all my pals. see you soon, luv droopy...WOOF


my mommie is on vacation

March 22nd 2008 4:53 am
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hi guys, me droopy. guess what, my mom is on vacation. she does not have to go to that work place for 11 days. i'm just about the happiest dog in the world right now. my mommie sleeping now cause she says we were sleeping in today, but i had to tell all my pup pals how happy i am. we are gonna have so much fun on this thing vacation. we is going for walks and car rides and the best part of all is that my mommie is just home with me. i miss her so much she at that work place.its really snowing outside, i think we will build a snowman today. my mom says we will if we get enough mom takes me fishing with her, too. i can't wait to do mommie says she got me a new fishing rod, who she kidding, i think its for her.silly mommie.well, i'm going to go back to bed now, my mommie is waiting.i will talk to all my pals soon. love you, pup pals, droopy YEAH VACATION TIME,MOMMIE U ROCK


my life with my mommie

April 1st 2008 6:23 am
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hi all my pup pals...happy april fools day.....WOOF !!!! i wanted to share with my pals a story about the mommie hug. now don't get me wrong, i luvs to get hugs and kisses from my mom,......but...sometimes she goes to far....WOOF. like we will be sittin there watching t.v. and all of a sudden woof!!!!!! shes hugging me so tight i afraid i might have an accident....BOL !!! and she don't let i told you guys before, my mommie forgets things easy... then she looks at me and says do you know how much i love you, droopy ?? well, i just say, of course, whats not to love. look at me, i'm beautiful. and then she grabs my mouth and says smile, smile droopy. well, how can i smile when u just get done almost hugging the poop out of me...i mean my goodness mommie, i'm only human....WOOF !!!! but i love my mommie and i love to gets kisses and hugs, just not surprise hugs that make me stinker...then my mommie says oh droopy, well, don't look at me, you made me do it....BOL...silly mommie......but the best mommie i could ever have..BIG WOOFS...well, thats all for now, pals, bark at ya later. i hopes i'm doing o.k. with my diary. you friends can tell me what you think, o.k. pals?? gotta go, mommies coming......see ya later.....droopster (droopy)


its time to play tag

April 14th 2008 7:20 am
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hi all you pals....just read the questions and read my answers, then you does the same thing. you have to tag someone else and just do what i did with have to bark a message to me and give me your answers so i can read about you. so don't forget to share with me first...then go tag someone else, k...WOOF LET's GO.......1, 4 jobs you have.... 1. take care of mommie 2. clean the dishes after we eat.....i does that good. 3. control the remote 4. answer the phone. 4 places you lived 1. with first lady who have me, so glad my mommie take me away from there 2. with my furever and best mommie in the whole world...she saved me. 4 places you been 1. aunt lisa's shes really cool 2. camping and fishing with my mommie 3.walks on the trail 4. grandma roies and papa joes 4 places you rather be. 1. camping and fishing 2. aunt lisa cook-out.3. walking down the trail 4. snuggled in bed with mommie on her day off...o.k. guys, please don't forget to share you answers with me....i hope i did alright this is my first time. my best buddie snapper tagged me so know i'm tagging u buddies. don't worry all my other buddies, i'll be tagging you too...WOOF.....thanks snapper BIF WOOF AT YA...have fun guys, love ya alll...don't forget to write me back......i tagged:::: buster 756508 lexi:: 746583 houston ::: 214931 zoey :: 706742 have fun guys !!!!! YIPPPEEEEEEE did i do o.k. snap ?????


hi all my pup pals and everybody else too...

May 11th 2008 4:53 pm
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hi everybody, its me the droopster, thats droopy to anyone who don't knows me. i gots a favor to ask everybody. my mommie erased my guest books by accidents and had to put a new ones up on my page. so do you friends thinks you could sign my book again fur me ?? it sure would means a big woof alot to me and my mommie...silly mommie. thanks all my buddys. now lets me tells you alittle bout my new cusin layla. she is a firecracker. but i gonna turn that little puppy into a sparkler and show her who the boss is..woof. but i loves her alots. shes got alot of energy. when we goes up my aunt lisa's she runs like a tornado. she is only 5 months old, i got alot to teach this young puppie girl. my mommie says i need to set a good example fur her, well of course i will, i am the droopster after all, i am only good.....woof ;o) my mommie says she see alot of me in cusin layla, my aunts lisa says oh boys...... i doesn't know what she mean by that, but i thinks maybe my aunt lisa being a smarty pants. but get this, friends, cusin layla follows me everywhere i goes , i mean everywhere. how a girl supposed to have some privacy, u knows what i mean. i needs to teach her sometimes you can't go everywhere with me. i glad to teach layla the ropes and things but ......layla,....sometimes you pick the wrongs time to be sniffing my butt....goodness, i thinks i got my work cuts out for me in teaching this young, i bet my mommie just got to be happy i'm a good girl.....well, most the times, well, some of the times...bol...WOOF.......well, thats all for now, i guess. i be back to write more alittle later. i have lots more to share with you bout my new cusin. stop in and visit her page if you wants to, friends. and please say hi to my other cusin, layla's older sister, oreo, she passed away and we miss her alot. i loves you, cusin oreo. well, thanks fur signiny my book again, friends. loves you all, pup pals......... p.s. snapper, you very special place in my heart, you knows why ;o) WOOF XXXXXOOOOOO o.k. mommie says off the comp. for now, time to rest, gotta go, talk to you all soon, love droopster......( droopy ) :O)


more of my life with my mommie

May 13th 2008 5:40 am
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hi all you dogster pup pals out there....whats barking ??? its me the droopster here. heres another little story for you. its no secret how much i loves jumbones. well, first my mommie says to me other day i was going on a diet. hmmmm, i am, when did i decide this, i doesn't remember saying this, goodness, i hopes this forgetful things my mommie has is not rubbing off on me.....bol..anyway, thats what she says, no more jumbones..:oO no more sgetties, no more left-overs. i'm not a happy droopster at this moment, let me tells you pals. well, next day, mommie comes homes from works and guess what..... she all happy, i brings you a jumbones, best buddie.....well, i am just shocked and alittle concerned now, i thinks this forgeting things with my mommie is gettin serious. while i am concerned i was not going to say anythings to her and ruin my chances of sinking my teeth into the most tastiest, chewy jumbones i had ever seen. my drool was already building, my taste buds tingling, spit bubbles now forming outside my gums, my little butt shaking with excitement. lets go mommie, oh please don'ts forgets you have it. its right there in you hand, lets go !!!! WOOF, WOOF...oh no, we run into the living room, a trail of my excitement follows me, and then she starts....the jumbone song.....droopy got a jumbone, jumbone, droopy got a jumbone. jumbone, jumbone, droopy got a jumbone, jumbone. oh my goodness, see how she forgets, first she just sings the same words over and over and i clearly don'ts have the jumbone IT'S STILL IN YOU HANDS MOMMIE !!! make it a true song..GIVE IT TO ME !!! the spit bubbles are starting to go up my nose !!!! WOOF....BOL....well, finally she gives it to me. i go off with it to relax and enjoy it. savor every minute of this delicious treat. then, mommie comes over and that good, droop, whats you got there buddy ?? oh my goodness, it is getting serious, i just lay there and look at her and wonder how she can forgets so fast what she gives me. it was only a minutes ago. well, i knows one things, my mommie never forgets, thats how much she loves me. at least i am safe there......and has for this diet thing, hmmmmm, i guess thats o.k. she forgets that. bol..i am beautiful anyway, solid and strong. i doesn't have no fat on me. silly mommie probally saw a picture of another puppy somewhere and in her state of confusion maybe thinks it was me...woof...i think my mommie just needs to rest some. sure glad vacation is coming in a month. we is going camping, that will help my mommie. well, thats all for now, friends. barks at you all soon. i loves you all, pup pals. droopy



July 14th 2008 10:47 am
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hi to all in dogster land, its me droopy. i needs a really bigs favor from all my friends and everybody and anybodys else who wants to helps. my little cousin layla had a seizure this morning. her mommy & daddy takes her to vets and they said they aren't sure what happened but it might be her liver. little layla is only 6 months old and the cutest little girl you ever seen. she is home right now , they gives my aunt lisa, layla's mommie medicine for her. but we is all very upsets bout this and worried. we just lost my cousin oreo this past november and we are very worried and my mommie is crying and very sad. she say cousin layla might be little but she is a firecracker and we needs to be strong and have faith. but i asking all you great friends to please say a prayer for my cousin. she needs you help and love and prayers. my aunts lisa does too. she is very upsets and scared and my mommie is too, and just doesn't knows what to do. i doesn't knows whats to do either ,but just say a prayer and ask all my pals to do the sames. i knows little layla will be alrights. she is a fighter. she comes from a bad place and my aunts lisa gets her out of there and brings her home where she is so loved and safe. little layla is so happy to finally have a furever home and she knows how much we all love her and will always keep her safe. so please, everybody, say a prayer fur her and keep her in your thoughts. i'll keep you all posted on little layla. thanks so much all my buddies. i luvs you all, droopy


i'm a brave protector

July 29th 2008 6:19 am
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hi everybody's!!!! guess whats my mommie say i'm a good protector for her. we was sleeping last nights and all of a sudden i jump up outs of bed( in the process i kicked mommie in the head) well there is sacrifices to be mad in being brave ya know.anyways i goes to the windows and i'm barking at somethings out there, meanwhile mommie is getting up off the floor, thats where she lands after my karate kick in the head, she comes over to the windows and says whats out there?? well mommie don'ts see anything, well mommie don't have nite eyes like me. i tells her something out there. but she says just come backs to bed, nothin there. so i mumble my bark a few more times and try to talk, cause mommie says that it sounds like i trying to say words when i does that. well, finally i goes back to bed and i sit there lookin at her and she looks at me and rubs my chest and says you are my good protector aren't you droopy?? i says sure i am. she says i keep her safe and i'm a brave puppy. hows bouts that guys, i'm a strong protector of my family. WOW !!! of course mommie has to throw in there that i'm brave even if i am afraid of the dark !!! WOOF!!!! well, i wasn't alone in the closet the other nite hiding from thunder and lighting, you know ??? ;o) mommie says she just was there to make sure i was o.k. she not fooling me, the mommie was so scared i thought SHE was gonna be the one to pee on the floor. well, anyways i just wanted to share with you that i'm a brave little protector, no matter what sarcastic remarks my mommie says. she thinks she being cute, i think not. talk to you all later, droopster


my cousin layla

July 29th 2008 6:34 am
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hi , i furgets in the midst of my new bravery reconigtion to tells everybody that cousin layla is doings GREATS !!! it seems she gots bit by somethings, (i knows the feelings) and had bad reaction to it. YIPPPPEEEEE !!!! she is doing great.!!! we is all very relieved and happy. aunts lisa still keeps very close eye on her when she is outside though, cause layla don'ts know when enough is enough and she don'ts always drinks enough water even though it right there all the time. my mommie says, hmmmmm, remimds me of another doggie i know who doesn't know when to quit. WHO is this other doggie?? that is whats i wants to knows. mommie says she go throughs it everyday. is there another doggie hiding somewhere in MY house?? i must investigate and find out. i will let you all know. i mean, surely, the mommie can'ts be talkin bouts i must do some sniffin and finds out whats she means. i will reports back to you all as soon i uncover the truth about this. thanks for all you prayers that you sent for cousin layla. you dogster dogs and pups are the best!!! and dogster people are great too. cousin layla says thank-you and we love you all..... droopy


no belly rubs for awhile....

October 16th 2008 5:06 pm
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hi evfurbody!!!! all my pup pals and best friends...its me the droopster....i gots a problem, i pretty sick puppy rights now. i gots a bad staph infections. its all over my belly. my mommy very upsets abouts it. her calls vet and him says lots of doggies gettin it this times years. cause it been so dry here and now the leaves are all on the ground. my mommy says i never has problem like this befores. her gets me medicines for my belly. its all reds and real sore and itchy and mommie says looks like its raw. it just comes real fast. i was playings wif my cousin layla's yesterday outside and i was fines. mommie takes me homes and we eats and goes to bed and i rolls over and mommy see it. i thought the mommie was gonna faints!!!! her runs down and gets phone to call vet and her crying and shakins real bads. the mommy don'ts handle things like this very goods. if i breaks a nail mommy worries...bol.!!!!! anyway, i taking my pills and mommy gets a spray to spray on my belly to help makes it feels better. i hopefully will be doing better in a few days. rights now i very tired and i going to go to sleeps wif my mommy. i just wants to tells my friends so i don'ts writes for awhiles its just cause i sick right nows. i loves gettin belly rubs from da mommy, but i doesn't even wants one of them cause my belly is just too sore. it even on my inside of leg. da mommy needs to not blames her though, it not her faults. it happens to us doggies sometimes. thats what the vets tell my mommy. but my mommy keeps sayings she sorry to me. i knows her doesn't do this to me. i has the best mommy ever!!! mommy say she felt little better a bit ago cause her gives me jumbones and i woofed it down...BOL !!!! i doesn't feel goods and my belly hurts bad, but my mouth still works fine....mighty tasty jumbone, let me tells you all....mmmmmmmm...well evfurbody, i just wants you all to knows in case i don'ts be on here fur a few days. mommy says i need to rest and takes it easy. her takes care of me. i knows she will, mommy loves me more than anythings... i let you all know how i doings in a few days....mommy will writes to you all if i can'ts fur awhile, o.k.?? please tell my mommy nots to worry to much. i strong, i will be o.k. power of the paw, right guys??? i loves all of you friends very muched. talks to you all later, you friend and pup pal, droopy

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