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Senior Lab Daily... Antics from 14.9 years Elsa

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More Meds For Me

July 24th 2008 5:04 am
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Hi Friends,
Dad got me some more pain pills and I am now going to get them 3x a day rather than two. Mom hopes I will be more comfortable.
Today will be the lst day so keep your fingers crossed.
I really want to have my 15th birthday party.
Last year mom had cupcakes even the Vet's office got some.
Right now I am going to take a nap in my soft bed. (mom washed it again for me) and it smells so sweet. ahhhhh
I hope I dream about my frisbee catching days. I remember jumping so high and I always caught my toy on the fly. I was good if I don't say so myself.
I was the catch me if you can girl.
I will update you on my day, right now I am feeling cozy.
Thanks everyone for your words and pretty gifts. My page is looking so beautiful.


Worrying Everybody These Days

July 23rd 2008 2:55 pm
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Hi Friends,
I seem to be taking a bit of a turn for the worse. The heat is wearing on me and my mobility has gotten pretty bad. I am so limited.
Potty times outside have gotten to be a big chore. I just can't walk around the way I used to and what I am used to over the last year wasn't good either. My back end is dropping down pretty quickly now when I am on my feet and I am starting to drag my back feet.
I sleep all of the time now. I am either up pacing the circle or sleeping.
Does anyone have new legs for me?
I am so stubborn about leaving my family. I want to be with them.
I want to go to the beach again.
Do you think there is a beach over the Rainbow Bridge?


This Getting Old is for the BIRDS!

July 17th 2008 6:16 am
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Hello Everyone:
Mom is a bit put off with me this morning. Even though she knows I can't help it she really had a bad start to the day and it was my fault.
The last few weeks I tend to forget why I go out and then when I come in I remember whoops I have to do my biz. And I do.
So, this morning after dad left for work I remembered I had to go.
And I did.
Nobody else was up yet so it was just me and the cats and my mess.
I kept hoping mom would hear me and get up and bring me my treats.
It was very early in the morning.
These days when I am up I circle. I don't know why I just do it.
Around and around.
Well, I did that this morning but I kept tracking thru my whooopsie.
You can imagine my mess.
I think I hit all the rooms and every square inch of my usually very clean floor. Livingroom, hallway, kitchen, round and round I went.
Mom heard me pacing and came down.
WHOOPS. What a mess was facing her. I was a mess too. I felt so sad. I looked bad and smelled bad.
The cats were hiding in the family room they were not coming near me.
I am so sorry I made moms day start out so very poorly.
She is so sad that I seem so unaware of what I am doing these days.
I did not mean it mom.
Sometimes I look out the window and just stare. Mom thinks I am looking for the old me. I used to have such fun. Everyday was a new adventure and now everyday is a new obstacle. Grandmom thinks I am looking sad and thinner. Dad thinks I am not interacting with
the family as much. And mom sees me pulling away too.
I am sad. I miss my old life of fun and vigor.
My family puts up with me they are tough. I am wearing down though. I like to do one thing now and that is eat. Everything else is
so much trouble and effort. Even standing at my bowl is harder now.
My legs wear out before I am done and twice I have fallen right in it.
This really makes mom upset. Mom wants to comfort me and help me but she is running out of answers. Basically my body is wearing
out around me.
I better take a nap. I am so tired from all of this mornings troubles.
Have a good day.
Love, Tired, Old, Elsa


I'm Back From The Beach!

July 11th 2008 11:56 am
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Hi to all of my friends,
I had a good long trip. I did not get to walk the beach though due to my left leg beginning to really get weak while on my vacation.
Mom was afraid the sand would tire me further and cause more damage than fun in the long run so we just took many, many slow
strolls around the beautiful surroundings. I saw ducks, lizards,
beautiful sun sets and even some sun rises. I really felt that ocean breeze. It smelled so good.
I met so many new friends. Pups from all around. Happy faces everywhere. All lucky dogs on vacation with their folks.
Everyone was so nice to me and happy to see me back for another
Mom is worried about me because I have been falling alot.
I am already taking all kinds of pain pills and more would knock me right out to sleepy land.
My legs are getting weaker in the back and it is harder for me to stand for more than a few minutes at a time. If I keep walking I do okay but to stand and put pressure on them they give way. My legs are also
crossing over one another due to me not having control and this trips me up as well.
On a positive note i am still eating and watching the window for my family to arrive home and say hello and pay me attention.
I wish I could be more dog like. I loved to run and sniff and
catch things and just be a dog. I am sad about my decline with my advancing age. A few more weeks and I am 15. Wow.
My dad slept on the floor right next to me the other night cause he
misses me being his companion everywhere. Mom does too.
I am so blessed to have them take such care of me. I am a job.
My medicines and special mobility issues and my woops I pooped,
I can be time consuming and mess making.
I love my family and they love me. Thanks family for your care.


My Vacation Is Going Dog Gone Great!

June 30th 2008 3:30 pm
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Hi Friends:
Geez I just saw I got diary pick of the day on the 27th and I missed it.
I was on my way to my beach. My favorite place. We head an uneventful trip ( I slept most of it) and we all arrived here safely.
Everybody greeted me and were so happy I made it back again.
As they all say "I am 14.11 and holding......

I have met so many new friends.
Kelsey from Atlanta and Dakota from Hanover Maryland, two golden retriever rescues from North Myrtle Beach (those lucky dogs are permanent residents and have some very very good new parents.I am not too good with names.
But as soon as I remember they will get a mention on my page.
I feel blessed. I am not the only dog here with medical issues.
Dakota has hip dysplasia and Kelsey does too. Their mom brings meds just like mine does and they were at the pool chatting about
meds and vets and how much they LOVE us.!! Lucky dogs.

I have been to the lake and watched the ducks and have had many
cool walks around the ground of my place in the early morning and late evening when it is cooler.
Tomorrow if it is not too windy I am headed to MY BEACH!
I love to smell the ocean air.

My balcony looks down on the pool and I have been busy supervising all of the kids down there. What a good time we are all having.

I will update you all later.

Busy having a good time and I am feeling fine.



New Summer Pics from Elsa

June 23rd 2008 6:25 pm
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Hi Friends,
I selected a few new pics for my dogster pages.
See me at my cousin Max's Beach Place in Deleware.
See me and Max looking out the Sunroom Sliders.
I was first.
See Doc riding my golf cart at my beach in S. Carolina.
Isn't he cool?
See my grey cat Pavorotti. He adopted us a few years ago.
He thinks he is my boss.
Then there is a pic of Max, isn't he huge? A big boy. He is very
gentle with me. He knows I am old.
Last one of me in my yard enjoying the sun.
Have a good summer.


Counting Down The Days

June 23rd 2008 6:07 am
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Hi Friends,
I hope you had a nice weekend and did some great doggie stuff.

Yesterday I tired out my old legs by helping with the dinner prep on the grill. I was so excited by the smells that I stayed up watching the grill for 2 hours while it was cooking. Mom said I over did it and would need a pill to sleep comfortably. She was right. But ahhhhhhh the smells........ I sniffed and sniffed.
I even got to eat some corn on the cob. I love it.
Now it is monday and quiet around here. I will nap all day long.
Mom has work to do and she does not need me to help today.
I need to rest up for my beach trip.
Have a good day buddies of mine,


Eagerly Awaiting my Beach Trip

June 20th 2008 12:49 pm
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Hi Friends,
I have been lying low because mom said I should rest up and be
ready to enjoy my trip to the beach. Mom even ordered me a new dog bed from REI. It self inflates and I can't pop it.
I can't wait to smell the sea air and walk in the sand. It is really easy on my bad legs.
Dad can ride me to the ocean in the golf cart but I don't like it.
It makes me feel uneasy cause I won't sit and I stand there and shake.
Mom said it is because I am almost 15 and did not grow up with it.
I see other dogs riding around on them like they own the place.
They can have em.
Hi to all of my friends out there. Hope you are having a great summer.
I need to take another nap. A very nice breeze is blowing and my fan is on making me verrrryyy comfortable. Ahhhhhhhh
Nighty night,


Good Morning it's MONDAY!

June 16th 2008 8:47 am
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Hello Pups,
I am back from my trip. We had a pawome time. I saw my cousin Max he invited me to his beach place in Fenwick, DE.
He showed me his swimming hole and his digs.
Lucky guy.
I met a new friend named Winston. He was cute. His mom said he loves labs.
I stayed in the sunroom and looked out over the water. A few ducks walked by and did not even know I was watching them thru the glass.
I saw my moms family and they all loved me and petted me.
I love trips.
I slept soundly all the way home and just woke up from a nap now.
Traveling wears a girl down.
I have to rest up because in two weeks I am taking my family to MY beach in North Myrtle. Lucky girl I am.
I am going to try to stay well these days.


Keep Your Fingers Crossed - I have turned the corner

June 11th 2008 6:48 pm
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I am trying hard to get better and feel like my "old" self again and all of your wishes and kind thoughts and fairy dustings are helping me.
Mom thinks I have turned the corner. Boy was everyone worried.
Mom thought my kidneys were failing on me.

As of this afternoon I am stronger and not having any problem with keeping my food down and walking outside to do my biz.
My family is happy to see me on the mend yet again.
Mom said I am giving her gray hair.

Hope tomorrow is a good one for me, you and everybody!

Elsa 14.10 and holding

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