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Senior Lab Daily... Antics from 14.9 years Elsa

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Happy Valentine's Day Elsa

February 14th 2013 4:24 pm
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We are thinking of you today on this Valentine's Day. I know you are looking over us as our forever guardian angel.
What do you think of our new love? Baby Landon. Isn't he the best?
We wish you were here to help Tulah and Doc take care of Landon but we know you are watching over our grandson from the bridge.
Thank you Elsa for being my forever friend. You are forever in our hearts. Happy Valentine's


Your new angel friend, Brandi!

June 11th 2011 6:39 pm
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Hi my girl, Elsa,
Wanted you to be on the look out for a very special girl named Brandi. She joined you at the bridge today. I know you and all of your angel friends will be waiting to welcome her to her forever home. Send your guardian angel hugs to her family and friends who are missing her so much. Especially to her mom, Denise, who is so sad tonight without her special girl.
Look over everybody Elsa. We will be watching for your star and the new one shining brightly next to you.


Christmas Eve Without You....

December 24th 2010 7:11 am
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Merry Christmas Elsa and Pumpkin, Chelsea, Oliver and Buster.
AND all of the guardian angels at the rainbow bridge. Thanks for shining brightly on our holiday this year as always.
We are missing your sweet face and the excitement you had when you knew your stocking was hung and just full of enticing scents and jingles. Your stockings are hung and your memory is here with us. Thank you for being a part of our family for so many wonderful years. You are forever our shining star and forever our guardian angels. xoxoxoxo Mom, Dad and Melissa


Your Two Year Guardian Angel Anniversary Today!

August 8th 2010 11:54 am
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Hi Sweet Elsa,

We are still missing you every day. There is still not a day that goes by that your name does not come up. Thoughts of you and your long life with us are a daily routine. Your family misses you so much.
I wish you could be here to share the joy we find with Tulah.
She is a real character. I am sure you see this daily being her gaurdian angel and a busy one at that. This puppy is always on the go and looking for something to get into one way or the other.
Last week your old pal Tessa joined you at the bridge. I hope she is settling in nicely with you and your bridge friends.
Dad needs a trip to the beach. He is overwhelmed with work, and family matters.
In less than 8 weeks Melissa and Phil will be married. We are all so excited. I know you will be watching over us that special day just as you do everyday.
Thank you for your loyalty your sweetness and your friendship.
You added so much to our lives for 16 very long years.
You taught us so much about coping over the last few years of your life when your body began to wear out before your spirit did. And truthfully your spirit is still as strong as ever.
Thanks for being my forever loved guardian angel. I love you Elsa and miss you everyday!


Thinking of you, always!

April 25th 2010 6:55 am
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Hi Our Sweet Angel,

We miss you so much. Everyday we think of you. Tulah makes us recall fond memories of your antics and your love of life and your family.
I am sure you walk with us everyday.
Thank you!
Lots going on at our house. With the wedding getting closer each month we are oh so busy preparing for the big day.
I know you will be there to guide us through. Some days I wish I could just give you a big hug and feel your soft head.
If I try I can remember how that felt. Your smell and your sweetness comes back.

Tulah is full of life and then some. She is such a whirlwind that she fills our days with comedy and drama. Everyone loves her.
Many of our friends call her Elsa. It is so easy to slip up.
I know you must get a chuckle out of this. No WAY you say! I was never so "into" everything like Tallulah Belle!
She loves life that is for sure. And maturity is slowly setting in.
We are giving her the best opportunity to enjoy a very full like just as you did.
Thank you for sending us this precious new friend to love.

Well, I just wanted to remember you today and everyday, Elsa.

Again thanks for sharing your life with us. I hope you and Pumpkin are happy at the Rainbow Bridge. Hi Pump. I am so sorry your last days were so horrible. Suffering like you did with that mouth cancer unable to eat but wanting to.
It hurt to watch you. Thank you Dr. Andrew for your morphine to ease your pain.

Life wasn't fair to you my little orange man. You were the best kitty.
We miss you and know you are at peace now. Cuddle with Elsa.
You are both in our hearts forever.

Mom & Dad & Melissa & Pavorotti & Tulah


Good Morning Elsa

February 28th 2010 5:11 am
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Hello My Girl,
Hardly a day goes by that we don't think of you many times. Hardly a day goes by when your name is not mentioned. The memories are countless and the warmth and love they bring is so very comforting.
Yes, we miss you more than you can imagine. Yes, our lives are different now without your sweet presence. Elsa you were such a big part of our every day.
Now you are within our hearts accompanying us wherever we go whatever we do.
You are there.
Everytime I dust your picture. Everytime I play with Tulah in your old favorite spots I see you running along side of her. Everytime I go out in the car I see your face in my rearview mirror. "Where are we going, Mom"?
Tulah is a love. We love her so much now. We cannot imagine our lives without her.
She fills a different role now. Tulah is our empty nest puppy. Thank you for sending the perfect pup to us. She is so different from you in personality but she does little things that remind us of you each day. Thank you for allowing us to fill the void of your loss with such a special new friend.
I can remember when you were getting old and could no longer move freely. I would sit with you and talk about the old times. Remember when we used to drive to Catholic High everyday to pick Melissa up in the Taurus wagon? Melissa will be getting married in September.
Remember all of the soccer games where you so proudly wore the team jersey?
Remember your frisbee on the beach and the people you entertained until they laughed out loud and walked away with a smile?
Remember Elsa?
Thank you so very much for being you and being such a wonderful part of our lives for so many years.
Let's go play with Tulah,

Love, Mom


Hello Beautiful Elsa

December 19th 2009 12:39 pm
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It's snowing here today Elsa. I remember how much you loved to scoot around the yard in the snow and run and run.
Tulah is enjoying herself today. Her first major snow.
We miss you Elsa.
The tree is up and the gifts are being wrapped.
You were a gift to me. I will always miss you and love you.
Thanks for all of your years of loyalty and friendship.
Thanks for our Tulah too. I know you worked hard to choose the right pup for me. She is a beauty. Starting to settle a bit now at a year old
and I am thankful for that.

Missing you every day. So many times we call Tulah your name, Elsa. And so do our friends. You are so much alike and so very different at the same time.
Watch over us girl. We will be looking for your star sparkling above.

I am sure you have your old buddy Pumpkin with you now.
You and he were inseparable and now you are together again.
Snuggle with him for me will you. I miss my orange man.

Merry Christmas Elsa and Pumpkin!




Forever My Girl

August 8th 2009 5:09 am
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My Angel,

Today marks one year since you left us for the rainbow bridge.

How hard and awlful it was to watch your steady decline until there was no more waiting. You didn't deserve to remain unable to walk steady, enjoy your family, food and surroundings. It was time.

I will never forget that day. Your eyes, your ever wagging tail.
I know you were trying to send comfort to us. Oh, we were torn apart.
Life without you has forever changed our family dynamics. You were such a large part of who we were. How we spent our days. I am still always looking, feeling you there. What a comfort you were. I can still feel that soft head and see those soulful brown eyes watching my every more. What next, Mom???

You are doing a grand job of watching over us from the bridge.
It has been a wonderful year.
Thank u for the beautiful baby lab, Tallulah, who you selected just for us. She came to us on angels wings and she is marked by you with angel wings.
I truly believe you wanted to send me many smiles to highlight my days and Tulah does provide.
At the same time - your old mom is getting old - and at 50 not the
spry 30 year old who ran with you. So, don't forget this when you
guide this little one into her adult hood. She is a complete handful.
We love her antics. She can take you from 0 to 100 miles an hour in a second. Sometimes she causes laughter and others tears but she is destined to be a gem, I just know it.

Today we celebrate your angel day here at the beach, Tulah and I and Pavorotti. Dad, Melissa and Pumpkin are at home. Sorry to cause you to watch over two places but in my heart I know you are anywhere we need you to be for us.

My heart is heavy with missing your physical presence and warm face today.

Thank u for 15 wonderful years of friendship. My beautiful girl, Elsa.

We are here today at this beach in this town because of you.

You are forever a part of this family and we miss you more than a mere word could ever convey.




In 4 more days - one year gone

August 4th 2009 8:09 pm
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Hello My Elsa,
Feels like just yesterday you were here with me. Not doing well, becoming weaker and sleepy. Your time was near.
One year.
One day.
What's the difference - you are gone.

I do know that you are with Tulah and I. Watching over us here at the beach. Tulah is a pistol, isn't she? I know you wanted to send me somebody who would make me laugh. And you did. You are proud of her, I know.
You have saved her more than once so far in her 8 months of life and it probably won't be the last.

We are thinking of you Elsa. Your name comes up many times per day.
Many times.

I carry your memory with me always.




Hello from Elsa

July 15th 2009 5:53 am
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Hello Mom and Tulah,

I see that you are enjoying a wonderful time at the beach.
The family had a great time and the dogs did too.
I was watching over you and sending rainbows your way.

I was there the night on the beach that Phil proposed to my Melissa.
I showered them with angel dustings and I even polished that beautiful new ring with angel polish. Melissa loves how it sparkles.
That is me shining down on you Melissa!

Remember mom that I am with you always.

Keep a strong reign on that Tulah. I see she jumped into the lake
again yesterday after the ducks. She is a funny one!

Gotta love our Tulah.

Love from the bridge,

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