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The Life of the Naughty Twins

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Living up to our name

February 17th 2008 8:36 am
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Hey everyone! Thought we'd give this diary thing a try. We'll we've been on Dogster for about a week now and we really love all the new friends we've made. Thanks for making us feel so welcome!
We've really been living up to our name lately. Friday we got up on the counter while mom and dad were at work and ate the rest of the chocolate cupcakes and got pink and red frosting all over the livingroom. Mom and dad were NOT impressed! I've been especially naughty - I think I have cabin fever or something - I'm just into EVERYTHING. Mom did a load of laundry and didn't get it folded right away so I drug all the clothes out of there and left them all over the livingroom. I'm trying real hard to be a good girl today though. Talk to you all soon!
Lots of big, wet and sloppy kisses - Abby & Shadow



February 23rd 2008 10:15 am
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Hey everyone. Mom just read the saddest story about Bosco - here's the link if any of you are interested - you might have to copy and paste

Shadow and I are still up to our usual tricks. It snowed a lot the other day and we had a GREAT time running around in the backyard with snow up past our bellies! Mom stood and watched us out the back door and laughed so hard she was crying! We were just chasing each other around the back yard but it's been windy so the snow is deeper in some areas so at some points we were actually swimming in the snow instead of running through it - we had a PAWSOME time! Nothing else really new - talk to ya all soon! Lots of big, wet and sloppy kisses -



February 27th 2008 3:09 pm
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OK - so this morning Shadow and I were being smart in not going outside to go potty before mom and dad went to work! See, we tricked them and made mom think that dad let us out and made dad think that mom let us out - pretty funny! Yeah, not so much when they don't get home until after 4pm and the last time we went was 9pm the night before! I don't know what we were thinking! But we held it all day and didn't go anywhere! Mom gave us lots of loving when she got home plus we got a couple extra Milkbones for being so good - maybe we WILL try that again - BOL!

Lots of big, wet and sloppy kisses -
Abby & Shadow



March 4th 2008 5:40 am
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Hey everyone! Mom entered me in the Bissell Pet Photo contest and it's our week! Could any of you pawlease vote for me? I'd really, really, really appreciate it!!! Here is the link to go right to might have to copy and paste, sorry! Pet=342

Thanks millions!


Something new to learn!

March 5th 2008 8:45 am
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You're never going to guess what my mom has up her sleeve now! She is going to try to get both Shadow and I into the class that starts at the end of this month to get our Canine Good Citizen certificates! Then, right after that, she wants us to take the test to be Pet Therapy Certified! Doesn't that sound like fun!! We sure would love to be able to go to hospitals and places like that to make people happy and we would DEFINATELY be on our best behavior in order to accomplish this! We hope dad doesn't fight her on spend the $200 to get it done for both of us! We think that it's a good investment, what do you think?

We (Shadow, Mom and I) would also like to thank all of you for being our pals. We've gotten a lot of really great gifts from you (although we haven't been able to show the same generosity as of yet, we will be able to soon, thanks to Lacy and Jan who generously sponsered our Plus membership before mom could talk dad into it) and we've created friendships with most of you in a very short amount of time. We think it's really great how everyone here just kind of bands together and helps each other out whenever someone needs a paw!

OK - enough of the sappy stuff! Have a great day everyone!


What A Day!

March 6th 2008 4:54 pm
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Well, actually it started yesterday afternoon I guess. Dad looked outside and saw blood in the snow. He got both Shadow and I back in the house and attempted, with two large dogs crawling all over him, to find out who was bleeding and from where. He finally found out that I wouldn't let him touch my back paw, so under the assumption that was the problem, he proceeded to try to TRICK me into letting him look at it - how dumb does he think I am? Anyway, mom got home and called the vet, then they both ganged up on me to look at my paw and sure enough, there was a big ole gash right in the middle of my paddie - well I could've TOLD them that if they had just asked! So first think this morning mom took me to the vet (I really like going there, I get lots of treats!)
Well, we were walking out to the truck and mom opened the door. Something just wasn't right, I could smell it. So, in mid jump I stopped myself from getting in and stood strong on the fact I was not getting in! Well, mom tried to explain to me that the only difference was it was a new vehicle and I just hadn't been in it yet. It took some convincing but, reluctantly, I finally got in. We got to the vet and the nice Dr Mattis cut the flap of skin off and gave me something called an antibotic that I get to have wrapped in PEANUT BUTTER BREAD (mom doesn't think I know it's in there - again, how stupid do they think I am!) And some other pills that kinda taste like liver. They make me feel funny, but my foot doesn't hurt anymore!

Lots of big, wet and sloppy kisses -


Busy, Busy, Busy

March 10th 2008 4:27 pm
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Hey all! Just time for a quick note. First, Shadow and I start our Pet Therapy classes in two more wake up mom said so...Wednesday!! We are so excited, wish us luck! Mom's been so busy doing research, talking with other Dogster pals and sending out emails trying to help those poor furs in NC. She actually found shelters in WI that are dedicated to going there, picking up those poor creatures and bringing them back to live in foster homes here! The great old State of WI! Then she decided to become the State Rep for the Million Dog March! My paw must be doing much better because mom said last night I was wound up tighter than an eight day clock, whatever that means...I think in this situation it's good though! Take care and talk to ya soon - mom needs to get back on!


Big, wet and sloppy kisses -
Abby & Shadow



March 11th 2008 4:58 pm
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It was almost 50 degrees here today! Mom got home from work and took time out of her 'causes' and took us both for a walk! We got a little over excited and tried to drag her down the street because we hadn't been on an actual WALK since the beginning of Winter. But it wasn't long before we got the hang of it again and we walking like pro's! Mom was real happy for that since this was the first time she's tried to take us by herself!

One more wake up til we start classes for our CGC!!!!

Lots of big, wet and sloppy kisses -
Abby & Shadow


Therapy Class

March 13th 2008 9:09 am
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I would like to thank all of you that voted for me in the Bissell MVP contest. I didn't win but mom entered me again using another picture. I think my next voting period starts the 18th.

Well, Shadow and I had our first lesson on being pet therapy dogs last night and Mom and Dad said that I did wonderful (like there was any doubt that I wouldn't!) I was a little leary of the walker the first time I saw it, but the second time I barely even looked at it. I think I might have a problem on test day when Mom and Dad have to make me stay while they turn their backs and walk 20 whole feet away!

Shadow, on the other hand, was a little twit! I think he has seperation anxiety from me! We were only like a few feet apart and he just sat there and barked and whined at me! I acted like I didn't even know him, hehehe. Mom finally had to get a bottle with stuff in it to spray at him when he barked to make him stop - he smelled like lemons when we got done. Plus he was OBNOXIOUS! He wouldn't listen and just kept flopping himself down on the floor throwing temper tantrums. Then mom sat down on the floor with him and he just climbed all over him - I've never seen him do THAT before! The stuff he did participate in he did good at though. He didn't get distracted by anything that the instructor tried, except when she walked by bouncing a ball. He did real well in the 'meet and greet' and just stood beside mom while she talked to the other ladies. He just has to stop being so upset about not being right by me! Mom hopes that it will get better as time goes by. The instuctor seemed optimistic that it would!

Lots of big, wet and sloppy kisses -
Abby & Shadow



March 22nd 2008 7:01 pm
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Mom was so excited tonite! Shadow has never been one to give kisses - in fact the closest mom has ever gotten to a kiss is a little peck on the tip of her nose - Mom and Dad were talking about Breed Specific Legislation, and after the discussion Dan ran to the store. While he was gone, Shadow pinned mom on the floor and gave her kisses 'til she couldn't breath!!! She was so happy that she cried - he has NEVER given kisses like that before!
He must have been able to sense that she was sad because our campground decided to impose it's own version of BSL this year - certain breeds of dogs are not allowed in the campground. That makes momma sad since she loves all breeds, no matter what.
Lots of big, wet and sloppy kisses no matter what your breed -
Abby & Shadow

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