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A Great Birthday!

October 12th 2011 11:44 am
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Thank you everyone for your Birthday Wishes and gifts! I had a wonderful day.

I got a new stroller just for me (except Andy wanted to try it out too). I can hardly wait for this weekend when Mommy and Papa take us to the Pumpkin Patch at the Apple Orchard! We have gone there for my birthday before and I had a fun, fun time!

We will take lots of photos and share them with you.

I am so happy and I love my family! It has been a wonderful four years and I am looking forward to many more fun times.



We Are Winners!!!

March 19th 2011 10:09 pm
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Hey Pooches,
I know it's been a while since I posted in my diary. Sorry...I've been busy.

Today I wanted share that my sis Scarlet Rose and I won Second Place in a "Best Dressed" category at the Festival of Tails!

We were all decked out in Zebra and Hot Pink. We strutted our stuff and won as a team. Check out our photos.

Hope all of you are enjoying your "Spring" as much as we are!!!




December 21st 2009 4:51 pm
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Merry Merry Merry Christmas To All!!!!

Oh boy, I can hardly wait! Santa is gonna fill my stocking to the brim with toys and treats! I just know he is!!! I've been a very very good boy all year long! Mommy and Daddy tell me I'm a "good boy" so I know for sure!

Wishing all of you Pooches a very special time with your families!

Don't drink too much eggnog...actually, you better skip the eggnog will probably get a belly ache. But do check out the cookies left for Santa...I'll bet they will be really good.

I'm sending "Oliver Kisses" your way Pals!



October 11th 2009 4:17 pm
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I am two!!! What a wonderful weekend I am having! We decided to go to the Pet Fest instead of the pumpkin patch. And I am so happy we did. I had so much fun! Lots of "doggie eye candy". Pups, food, treats, friendly human, music and entertainment. I watched doggies dance with their humans...something called "free styling". Other pups did tricks and lots had costumes. We got lots of goodie bags from different booths. I rode around in my doggie stroller and smiled at everone. Got lots of pets and kisses too. Then Papa picked me up and carried me so I could see the view from up high.

Papa and I took a picture...aren't we a couple of handsome guys! See above :)

This morning I got a special breakfast that I was happy to share with my Yorkie Brother and Sisters. I got a doggie massage from Mommy and a "puppy petacure" for my tired feet (long day at the pet fest yesterday). Special Birthday Treats today and lots and lots of hugs and kisses from Mommy & Daddy.

Oh yeah, Mommy and Daddy sang "Happy Birthday" to me this morning and I got so excited I started running really really fast through the house, slipping on the floor trying to turn corners and having a blast! I just felt like getting silly...after all, it is MY BIRTHDAY!!

Maltese Kisses to All,
Oliver Bubby

P.S. Thanks for all my Pals for my Birthday Presents and Warm Birthday Wishes. You guys ROCK!


A Tea-Totaller Am I....

September 10th 2009 9:37 am
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Oh My! It's almost my Birthday again!! I can't believe I will be two! I can't believe I have not written in my diary in almost a year! Guess I've been busy having fun and growing up.

Even though I am a big boy, I am still Mommy and Daddy's "Little Bubby". I love to be babied and kissed and played with.

I love TEA! Anytime Mommy is drinking tea, I jump up on her lap and ask for a slurp or two. Mommy says not too much because it has caffiene...whatever that is? All I know is that I loved it!

Ok, well I gotta go for now. I can hardly wait till my B-Day next month. Mommy, Daddy and I are again celebrating my day and Mommy's B-Day at the Pumpkin Patch! FUN...FUN...FUN!!!

I will let you know how that goes and photos too.

Wags & Kisses,
Oliver Bubby



October 11th 2008 8:42 pm
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Hey Pals & Gals!

Today I finally turned "ONE"!!!! I can barely believe it!!! Time has flown by so fast! It seems just yesterday that I was a little Bubbie just coming to my new family!

Now I am all grown up (not really!!!) and ready to take life serious! BOL!!! BOW WOW!!!! I am just kidding!!! I will always be a Jolly Oliver!!!

Today Mommy and Daddy took me to a great place called The Hill Country Pumpkin Patch Festival!!! We had so much fun! I took lots of photos with Mom and Dad and with lots of pumpkins. We took a tour of the apple orchard and saw how they made apple cider. I saw horses, goats and other animals. I was riding around in our doggie buggie just enjoying the views and smells from up high!

Dad says I am a "Chick Magnet" because all of the "little" girls came over to tell me how cute I was. And I kissed them all!!! Mommy told everyone that it was my birthday so I got lots of birthday kisses and wishes! I love people and especially children!! They are so much fun! They all love to pet me because I am so soft!!

Mommy's birthday was two days ago so really we celebrated together! Mommy bought more pumpkins for making pumpkin pie. And something called a "Cinderella Pumpkin" that is big flat and a colorful reddish orange! And then we went a little further down the road to "The Apple Store" and the "Patio Cafe" for some burgers, apple pie and apple ice cream!! YUM!!!

I also got a pumpkin squeak toy and another flat pumpkin squeak toy that flies like a frisbee. Andy and I have fun playing with that!!! Great toys and great family fun!!

What a great Birthday!!! I am so very tired now. It was a 2 hour trip there and 2 hours back. It's been a very full fun filled day for all of us!

I just wanted to share my great day with all of you! Wish you all could have been there to celebrate with me!

Gotta go now to catch some ZZZZZ's!
Sweet Dreams from the Big Bubbie!




September 29th 2008 3:08 pm
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A Big Mighty Maltese "Thank You" to Morgan, Nico, Holly and their very talented Mommy, Linda for the portraits!!!!!!!!

My Mommy loves our portraits so very much! We cannot thank you enough!!

Many Maltese Kisses,



September 22nd 2008 7:35 am
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Hey Pals!

Even though my Birthday is not for a couple of weeks, my Best Friend Dolly and I had our Birthday Party yesterday! We are 18 days apart and Mommy and Grammy said we should celebrate together.

We had so much FUN!!!! We had a grrrr-eat yummy doggie cake! I think Dolly had more than me. She just got right up on that table and went to town! We had party hats too. Dolly's and mine were especially decorated since we were the Birthday Kids! We had doggie bags with toys and we had fun playing with them.

I loved chasing Dolly all around the yard! That is our favorite thing to do. We played "tug of war" too. Everyone had a super time. Mommy and Daddy took lots of pictures. They tried to get all 6 of us in one photo but...not much luck. We were all just running around playing and taking off our hats, eating cake and just being just plain silly. It was funny to see Mommy and Grammy running around putting our hats back on and trying to get us all at the table together. We were all giggling....shhh..don't tell Mommy!

Check out our matching pumpkin shirts that Mommy got all of us! Aren't we the cutiest ever!!!

I hope Dolly and I celebrate our birthdays every year. She will be my best friend furever!! We are the Greatest Friends of all time!!!

Hope you all enjoy our Birthday Party photos. Mommy is going to add some pictures to my yorkie family's pages too!

Until next time....enjoy a treat for me!



Fourth of July Parade!!

July 6th 2008 9:16 pm
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Hey Furry Pals,
Just wanted to share my fun time at the 4th of July Parade. Mommy, Daddy and I were on a float and were in the parade!!!

Lots of people were waving to me and Mommy and I were doing our best "parade wave" back!!! I had so much fun and I felt real important too.

There is a photo of me above in my blue visor and my blue harness and leash. I even had on a T-Shirt with Daddy's business logo on it. I was cool...even though it was HOT!! But Mommy had an umbrella over us and she spritzed me with water to keep me my "coolest".

Hope we can do it again next year! Hope you all had a great Fourth! I know I did.




May 5th 2008 3:02 pm
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Well, I thought it was time I started my diary! Hi Every Dogster Pal!

I am Oliver and full of fun and games. I love to play with everyone! I love my brother and sisters. Andy is the only one that really plays with me. My sisters are older so I am gentle with them. I do like to bark at them once in a while to see if they want to play...but...I don't get a whole lot of response. It's OK...I still love them and I like to kiss them.

Even though I didn't get to meet Maggie, I am sure we would have had a great time. I hear she was wonderful at playing games and loved to kiss. Mommy sleeps with Maggie's photo every night and before we go to sleep, Mommy and I kiss her face.

My best friend in the whole world is Dolly Madison! She is only 18 days older than me. She is my Grammy's little yorkie. Dolly and I play really hard! We play keep away and I chase her all around the yard. She always stops and rolls over so I can catch her. I stand over her and play bite her paws and I like to pull her hair. Dolly likes to pull on my mustache too. We have the best time every time we get together. I Love My Dolly!

Last weekend Dolly and I were in the Fiesta Pooch Parade in San Antonio. There were lots of doggies and their Mom's & Dad's there. We walked about 3 miles (sometimes Dolly and I rode in the Doggie Buggie) and saw lots of friendly pups and people. I hope we get to do it again next year.

Gotta go fur now my Fabulous Furry Friends! Until next time, keep your paws on the ground and keep reaching for the treats!!!

Bark at ya later Pooches,

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