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One 'Elluva Dog

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Cone FREE!!!

November 15th 2013 10:35 pm
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Today was my last day of coneage!
I got my stitches out!
I got my staples out!
I am a free doggie!

Before I hung up my cone of shame
I narded the little redneck this afternoon
by ramming my cone into his groinal area.
He bent over and said:
"OW, my nuts!!!"
Gramma didn't like that language!
Next time, he should just say:
"OW, my area!!!"


I am the Ella-stein monstah

November 8th 2013 12:39 pm
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Well, you know how I told you
how I was hoping I wouldn't have to
go back to the vet?

Well two days after my stitches
I popped a couple of 'em out
(I don't know... don't look at me...
one second they were all intact,
the next, there were some stitches
laying on the ground...)
so I had to go back to see Dr. Kreeger.

This time... OMD...
(this is not for the faint of heart)
this time, Dr. Kreeger stapled me up
with STAPLES. METAL staples!!!
It's all very Frankenstein monsterish.

AND I have to wear the cone of shame.
ALL the TIME! It's sad, puppers!
The peeps take pics of me and post them on FB.
I don't think my moment of shame and misery
should be shared with the entire world to see!

Yeah, yeah, so I still get chicken meatses
to wrap around the pills I hafta take
and I'm given some kibble, as a chaser for the pills
but I am sick of being sick, pals!

I wanna run and jump and play and growl
and stomp and bash and stuffs.
I can't do that with this dang cone on my head!
I've gotten better an maneuvering with it though...

Day 1 was the worst... I couldn't walk a straight line,
bashed into doorways, walls, and peeps legs.

Day 2 was better... I could work my way through doorways
and hallways, but still rammed the peeps in the legs

Day 3 was even better... I could run and jump on the bed,
I could grab a gone and chew on it,
albeit not very well, but I managed.
Peeps' still getting physically abused by my conehead.

Okay, so I just like bashing the peeps
in the legs with my cone. It's so fun to hear them yelp!


Thank you!! :o)

November 3rd 2013 3:33 pm
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To all my pals,
thank you for your wonderful pawrayers
and good thoughts for my paw.
A girl couldn't ask for
sweeter pals like y'all! :o)



November 2nd 2013 9:08 am
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I am home from the vet!
Dr. Kreeger sent me home
with some good pain meds
and some MORE antibiotics.

The vet tech said
that when they gave me breakfast this morning
I almost ate a hole in my bowl!
BOL!! I was hongry!

So now I'm sleeping
wrapped up in a fleecy blankie.

OH! And I didn't even have to wear
the CONE of SHAME this time. :o)
That makes me so happy!

I am extra barky though...
every doorbell (on TV)
and every scratch and noise
that never made me barky before
is making me extra barky now!


Hi ho, Hi ho... it's off to the vet I go!

November 1st 2013 5:16 pm
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Well, pals... I thought I could make it
the rest of the year
without having another
visit to the vet.
But evidently I lurve me some Dr. Kreeger!

The pad on my right dew claw got sliced open
not sure how it happened,
but I came into the office
trailing lots of blood behind me.

So daddy bandaged me up
and made the bleeding stop
and then took me in to see Dr. Kreeger.

I had to have SEVEN... yep, count 'em,
SEVEN stitches!!!
How did they fit that many stitches
on my little dew claw pad!???

But they had to sedate me
to get all those stitches in
so now I'm resting at the vet's office
and I'm staying overnight.

The peeps are sads cos they couldn't see me
cos Dr. Kreeger was worried that I'd get too wild
and want to get up and see 'em
(which I totally would)
so momma just passed them one of my blankies
and asked them to make sure I had it with me
for when I woke up.

I'll update more tomorrow...
I'm feeling a little sleepy
Dr. Kreeger must've given me some really good pain meds.
Mmmmmmm... :o)


Two and a half more months...

October 17th 2013 6:29 am
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I thought I'd make it through
the remainder of 2013
without having any more vet visits
but I was wrong!

I got a cut on my right front paw pad
which was pretty deep!
I was limping pretty badly
so daddy took me in to see Dr. Kreeger
and he got me some good pain meds,
some MORE antibiotics,
and some sort of cream for the cut.

It's been about two weeks now
and I'm limping only very slightly now.
I go back to see Dr. Kreeger
next Monday for a follow up visit.

If this is what 2013 looks like,
Imma need to get some assistance
from Obamacare for 2014!


Stranger Danger

October 13th 2013 5:51 am
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I haven't met any person
that I haven't liked.

Well, that's not an entirely true statement.
I have met only two people
that I haven't liked.
They made my hackles go up!

But for the other 99% of the people,
I want to be their BFF 4 evah!

Which makes momma worry
cos I will happily
jump into a stranger's truck
having no qualms about it.

Give me a cookie,
I'll go home with ya!

Pat me on the head,
I'm yours!

Luckily nothing bad has ever happened to me
but momma thinks I need to be more wary
cos I am so darned cute...
someone might steal me away!


It's FALL y'all!

September 22nd 2013 8:35 am
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Cooler weather is here!
The windows are open
and the screen door
on the back porch has been
flung wide open
to let the fresh air in.
I'm so glad it's FALL
although I hate peeing in the rain.
The cooler weather makes me frisky!
Instead of spring fever
I get fall fevah!

What's your favorite part
of Fall, y'all?


Who knews!?

September 13th 2013 6:25 am
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Hey pals! I found a new way to get fed 3x and more a day!
What is this secret method to eating more, you ask???

Well, first... you hafta get really, really sick.
Like urka gurka, poop in the backseat of the car kinda sick.
I know, I know! Not fun!

Then, you hafta take a trip to the vet...
where they poke you, prod you, take your blood, and xray you.
Again, not fun, I know!!

BUT... (here comes the good part)
THEN, your peeps come and get you
and they bring home cases and cases
of (prescription) CANNED DOG FOOD!!!

AND they are told that you are to be fed
THREE, yes, THREE times a day, one can of food each time.

OMD, pals... wet dog food?!
What kind of travesty is this
that I had never had the touch
of wet dog food
on my tongue before this?!

So I got to eat.
And eat.
And eat some more!
I was forced (ha ha) to eat
24 cans of wet dog food.
Such torture! BOL!!!

And eating!!! THREE times a day?!
I like being fed pretty much ALL the time.

I'm down to my last three cans of food
which makes me all kinds of sads...
cos no longer will I be fed three times a day
I won't even be fed any more yummy wet food.
I'll be back to my dry kibble
with pumpkin
and yogurt
and sometimes chicken breast.

*dramatic sigh* I guess I'll live. ;o)



June 26th 2013 3:49 pm
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Thank you anonybone donor! :o)
I had a great time rackin' my noggin
trying to solve your riddle.
Very tricksy you are!

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