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XYLITOL, it took me from my Mom and Dad


August 24th 2008 7:39 pm
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One of our best pals on Dogster, six months old Casper the friendly Pom, has a severe heart condition and needs $2,800 for his heart surgery or he will live another 6 months at the most. His heart is not pumping blood properly and the doctor wants to do the surgery the second week of September. You can read more about Casper in his diary at:

You can also join the group Have A Heart to help save Casper at

Hope to see you there!

Hugs -n- Kisses


XYLITOL My story may save yours or another pets life.

February 18th 2008 6:31 pm
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Since mom joined Dogster after I went to the Bridge, we thought my diary would be best served by sharing the story of how I came to Rainbow Bridge.

It all started on Sunday, July 15, 2007. Mom and Dad were putting together a new computer desk in the spare room. My sis and I were in the living room. Curious as I am, in looking around I found something that smelled good that had fallen on the floor. It was a brand new pack of wintergreen sugar free gum. I couldn't resist that wounderful smell. I dove in. I had 2 pieces gone and had just started on a third when mom came and I ran for cover hoping she wouln't know it was me. She smelled my breath. Dead giveaway. She and Dad talked and decided to keep a close eye on me to see if I would have any problems passing the gum but other than that they could think of no other reason to be concerned. Several days went by with no problems. They forgot about the gum. On Friday, I got sick. Mom gave me Pepto Bismo. I didn't keep that down either. Saturday morning they took me to the vet. He checked me over and all he could find was something that felt like maybe a partial blockage. He asked mom if we were missing any toys or anything. That is when they remembered the gum. He looked up information on xylitol and said according to the research I had not eated enough to be toxic. He gave me a shot and sent me home with med. for nausea and told mom how to get me back to my food over several days.
On Sunday, now July 22nd. Mom was rubbing my belly when she thought she noticed my tummy was turning a little yellow. When dad came in the house she asked him if my tummy looked different to him. He said it looked a little yellow. Mom got real worried. She knew yellow meant liver failure. She got on the phone to find out what vet she could take me to on Sunday afternoon and found the only place was an hour away in Tallahassee. We all loaded up the van and headed out. When we got there they took blood and ran tests. They were really off. They called Poison Control and they said" she didn't eat enough gum for the xylitol to be toxic, according to research" BRANDY HAD NEVER BEEN SICK A DAY IN HER LIFE. Due to this we had no values to compare these with to prove that it was the xylitol. She was also not even 7 years old yet.
They kept me overnight and put me on IV's and mom and dad went home. Mom called my vet that I had when we were in Gainesville and he said he would take care of me if she wanted to bring me down. They came and picked me up Monday morning and we went to Gainesville. Dr. Stine took blood and ran test, did x-rays, ultrasound, IV"s, meds, monitored levels, transfusions,and even took me home with him every night to keep an eye on me. We developed quite a bond between us. He fought just as hard for my life as I did myself. Mom came to be with me every day. Some days I felt a little better than others but with mom there I could at least relax and rest on her lap. I never wanted her to leave but I knew she would be back. Dad came when he could but he had to work. On Wednesday, August 1st, Dr. Stine told mom that he had talked to a Dr. at the University that is a blood specialist for 2 hours. He said this Dr. knew exactly what was happening to me at this stage.(Her liver was healing) red blood count kept getting lower & lower. He said I was suffering from DIC but he knew how to treat it. He would come in early the next morning. He did and they started me on a new treatment. When mom came in almost the first thing I did was get sick and it was all blood. Freaked her out. Dr. Stine told her it was ok and explained what was happening. He said we were not out of the woods yet but at least we knew what was going on and how to treat it. (Other dogs with Xylitol poisoning died from the liver failure) When mom had to leave me that night she felt a little more hopeful than usual. She kissed me goodbye and said she would see me in the morning. Her last words to me were " I LOVE YOU BRANDY" I went home again with Dr. Stine and that was the last time I saw my mom. At about 4am Dr. Stine came in to check on me and when he went to leave the room I barked at him. Since I had never barked before he knew I didn't want him to leave me alone. Shortly after that I laid down and went to sleep, not to wake up again. At 8am Dr. Stine had to call my mommy and tell her that I had gone to the Bridge. Later she found out that it was because of the fluid around my heart.

XYLITOL is being used more and more in sugar free products as a natural sweetner. It is used in gum, candy, pastries, cookies etc. It is also being used in some dental products . Even some dental products for DOGS.
They don't even know what it can do to cats. No research has been done.

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