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5 years on dogster

January 25th 2013 10:03 am
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well yesterday was my five year anniversiary on being on Dogster. This morning Nikita started a fight with me over food. she was stealing my food and I barked ta her. then I went to eat her food to show her how it felt to have her food stolen she snarled around and hissed at me- cats they are strange - especially Nikta. She is one up tight cat. Lucy is ok very mellow and laid back.It rained yesterday , today and suppose to rain the whole weekend. I guess that is ok we do need the rain. I can hardly wait for spring- as spring brings a new beginning- i hope my human sisters get new jobs as I am getting tired of helping them look for them. I have a Question do your humans feel silly helping you be on Dogster? Writing on diaries and playign games? Just curious
well i am going to go for a walk. Since my back is bothering I can Not help my human sister run on the new routes which is sad for both of us. I hope the 49 ers win the superbowl- It was my momma humans favorite team in football and I do not like birds.



January 24th 2013 8:30 am
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well it rained yesterday ans chilly today. I think it is climate change withall this weird weather. Nothing much going on. My back and hips seem to be getting better. My human sister is going running toexplore new routes, I wish I was well enough and not injured to be able to go with her I think it would be fun. Maybe next month. well I am going to watch the neighbors I think they are moving out.


Hip problems

January 23rd 2013 7:50 am
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well My back is bothering me. I do not know why itis acting up. I am on rest for 3 days My human sister bought me a bed and I donot like it so she is going to take it back. It is warming up but we need rain. The squirrels are here in abubdance. I have never seen so many squirrels. We watched the swearing in of President Obama and it was interesting. I slept in today until 6 am. It was nice as I could not go to sleep until 2 am last night. well got to go to the Dog park and walking with my friends Epona , cleo and Bernie. It was nice to see all my friends. Well I got to go and do Laundry. see ya later.


Happy MLK day

January 21st 2013 8:01 am
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Happy MLK day to all my dog friends
well it is another cold day- I wish it would rain- atleast it would warm up and we do need the rain. Congrats to Nikita for being DDP on catster. President Obama is worn intoday which is nice, I like the man and Bo and glad his dad is president. I got into trouble for getting inot the trash to get Cat cans and clean them out. I LOVE cat food!!!:) eventhough itmakes my tummy sore. The neighborhood was quite which is good. I went for several walks this morning and have another one planned when it warms ups. well that is all. I got to go and help my human sister do stuff.


Dog park, people fighting,

January 20th 2013 9:30 am
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well today I got to go the dog park today. I had alot fun catching up with all my friends at the park. last night or morning at 3 am there was a huge people fight in the neighborhood. Punched, blows and yelling, swearing. Then people think that dogs are such terrible dogs for fighting- especially pitts- well in my view this was the worst fight I ever saw! the police were called and 5 cars came- well No cops come to our dog fights( most of the time) people are Strange!
Today is the big game 49ers vs the Falcons. I am a 49er fan. My momma human was a 49er fan so I am too. I like san Fransico. Plus Falcons are birds and they are Not nice to dogs.
Monday is MLK day. He was such a wonderful man and did alot fo great things for people.I am glad he has a day. Presidenet Obama gets sworn in again for his 2nd term for the public. that is good. I like President Obama and Bo of cource. I would like Bo to be out more. he seems like a nice dog to me.
Congrats to Nikita for Being DDP on catster today. It was nice catster chose her.



January 19th 2013 9:08 am
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Well I got to go to the Dog Pak today. it was very fun. It is always nice to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. I saw a squirrel this morning. The kitty seemed very friendly. I do not know what they wanted, I hope it is NOT homeless. It would be sad if it was. My back is feeling a little better. It was a cold morning again we are to get rain on wednesday, I hope so that it will warm up. I hope I get to go to the dog park again it was so fun. Walking is good for my back, the vet says it is my physical therapy. I got to get going.



January 18th 2013 10:31 am
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well yesterday I went to the vet to get shots and he looked at my back. says it is staying the same. I am doing ok today. I wenton a walk 2 times and saw cats having cat conventions. there are alot of Cats here- I have never seen so many cats in one neighborhood. My old one did not have that many. There are also many squirrels and birds. I guess since it is warming up they are coming out. the cats went on a car trip with me- they did not like it and either did I. I hope they do not have any plans of making it a Hobby. well I have errends to do so I guess I better get going see ya. Oh yes I am excited I get to go to Dog park on sat and catch up with my old dog friends.


Cold day finding this new place ok

January 16th 2013 7:50 am
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It is another cold day- I have to have bath to go to the vet. i do not think I need a bath it is too cold to take one or go to the vet to get my shots. I do not like the vet. yesterday I found some old toys and played with them- who saysd that old dogs are to old to play with toys. It is very cold here. I went to the dog park yesterday and caught up with my friends and all their dog gossip. I am finding this place ok. I just wish my human sisters will find better jobs so that we can move soon. Hopefully this summer. Congrats to Lucy nd Scrappy for being DDP yesterday on dogster and catster. I am dreading Thursday as I have to go to the vet. I do not like the vets. The heater repairman is coming on thursday so I have to be out of the house so I do not bug him with my barking. I Am NOT bugging him I am helping him and teling him what to do to make sure he does it right. well i got to go. I will see ya later


Very cold and boring day 28 degrees this morning

January 14th 2013 7:38 pm
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Hello. It is a very cold morning!
it is only 28 degrees. I have not been doing much as it is to cold. I meet another new kid Buddy who is a pitt /lab/ boxer mix. He seams nice he lives with 2 cats too,pepper and oreo. I saw Brodey again and he was up to mischief. I was playing with some of my old toys it was fun. well I am going to go and see what is going on outside. see ya. Eveyone stay warm!


meeting new friends and very cold weather 23 degrees

January 13th 2013 8:17 am
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I have meet many new dogs at this new place. I have meet peebles an 15year old Pomerrainian. Amber an Cocker Spaniel who is 13 too then there is Grapes an American Bull dog wesley an mix breed Broady and travis Rat trerrier mixes/ chichullas. That is on my block. there is also Rosco a pittbull and ox and mix breed.
It is very cold weather it has not been this cold in a very Long time I would say 3 years atleast= Climate change global warming.
We are having very bad Luck, I wish it would change we have way to much Bad Luck and enough to last our life times. I think Ideserve to have some good luck and have my human sisters find jobs.
8 days until president Obama is sworn in again. I love the man! I hope we works on the economy and gets jobs created and does away with guns.
I am glad the 49ers won- but I also like Greenbay( they have wona lot) I wish the Chicago Bears would go and win- but they are not even playing. I am glad Denver lost-do not like them becuase of Tim Tebow. But maybe they should have gone with the shootings and fire it seems they had bad luck too.
well I am going to go and wait for my walk see ya. I have not seen any squirrels here- I need to see where they hang out. I am sure they are these parts of the meadows.

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