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April 9th 2008 8:06 am
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Well another busy day for me. My cat friends say Ido nothing! Well I am going to dog park today to play with all my dog friends. then I am going to go run- I hope we go some exciting place. I just love to run!!! I have a race coming up in 1 week for the environment-Earth day run. I had to pick two dogs up and take them to the park with us- their mommy was out of town. I am sure glad my family does not travel out of town- though they are leaving me in June to go to a National Park. I have to go to dog camp. I get to go to school tonite. I just love wednesday nights cause I get to go to school. The weather here is lovly! Nice cool weather- this weekend it is suppose to get in the 80's that is way to hot for me!! Well gotta go to dog park- see yaouta my way I don't want to be late.
Ps. I hope my diary gets pick of the day, 286 days until Bush is out of office!!!!


April 7th

April 7th 2008 3:17 pm
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Hello friends and family
It is another nice day here in Sacramento. The wind is blowing a lot, but temps are in upper 60's. It is a little warm, but I can handle it now. It hope it does not get to much hotter.
I went for a real nice walk this morning. I saw my dog friend Zeus. He is a nice dog. I also saw my dog friend Mandy, she is also nice. After a short rest I went on a real nice run with my human sister. It was fun, I love to run it is some much fun. After running you paws feel so good. I have a race coming up April 19th it is a run for Earth day. I hope dogs can participate. I have been doing a lot of training. I have also been practicing my rally obedience.
It is fun as you get treats.
My friend who had a dog die is doing better. She called my human and she is even thinking about adopting another dog. She wants to wait awhile as she still thinks about and misses Davis. Well gotta go rest before my evening walk


April 5th

April 5th 2008 3:46 pm
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Hello friends
I feel a little better today, but I am worried about Davis's Mom. She is very sad and no one can contact her as she does not answer her phone. I hope she starts to feel better. I went to the dog park and played with some dogs. I met an new aussie friend named Sassy. She was fun to run around the park with. I also did some errands with my family, and went for a couple of long walks. My human sis and I are trying to lose are winter weight. Well, have an excellent day all.


April 4th

April 4th 2008 5:08 pm
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Hello Friends
Today I am not my usual cheerful self. I found out yesterday my first friend at my local dog park died. He had not been at the dog park for a long time. His mom decide to stop take him. However, I still saw him from time to time.
His name was Davis and he was German Shepard. He was the first dog friend I met at the dog park. On my first day to the park, he took me under his wing and taught the rules.He was like a brother to me. He always protected me from dogs who looked like they were going to hurt me. Davis and I would run and wrestle with each other it was so much fun. From time to time Davis and his mom would disappear from the park, but when he returned we always remember each other. When ever we saw each other we would run to see each other. We were true friends. My human loved Davis. She always felt he was a special dog. You could see his soul through his beutiful brow eyes.
When Davis left for the last time from the park, I had hope he would return. When my human told me Davis died from stomach cancer, I was sad. I know Davis is in heaven with his human dad having fun. The sky will be a little brighter now that Davis is there. Good bye my dear sweet friend I will always remember you. Thank you for being my friend All dogs who have a good friend charish the time you have with them


Tuesday April 1 2008 APRIL FOOL'S DAY

April 1st 2008 8:33 am
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Hi world. Well I have been a busy dog. I have been running like crazy- I just love to go running!! I have run about 5 times a week. I ran in race this past Sunday- run for Nutrition. it was a crowed race and they did not have good snacks. I did ok not my best race. I have been busy going to dog park- my little friend Eddie is there. My friend Muddy joined dogster last week and he joined Pets for Obama like I am in. Lucy wrote a letter to Stephanie Miller and she read it- Now Lucy thinks she is Famous and it has gone to her Cat head. Oh no boy will she be hard to live with. Sophie Kitty was very sick last week, but she is better and back to her old tricks of harrassing me. Progessive Radio went off the air this week- it is sad, but I am into sports more. oh Hey Base ball season started. Ilove the Twins and Boston red Socks. I LOVE BASE BALL. I have my rally obidence school tommorrow, I can hardly wait. Well I gotta go to dog park- I only go 3 times a week now that gass prices are so high. Having high gass prices really ruins a dogs life .
Wags to you


Easter Sunday march 23 2008

March 23rd 2008 6:27 pm
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Hello. This my 5th attempt at writing this diary. I have had a fantastic and fun Easter! I got alot of nice toys and chews for Easter. I also got some peeps, or should I say I helped myself to some delicious peeps. I love peeps!! Every dog and cat should try them. The weather here is nice and sunny but very very hot!! It is 75 degrees, but feels like 175. I hate hot weather. I went hiking today it was fun and pretty place in Rancho Cordova Ca. It was just so hot!! I have had a very busy week., but the gass prices are keeping me home more than I like. I went running 5 times , I love to run it is so much fun, but now that it is hot I have to go in the morning before 10.00 am. I have a race next Sunday March 30 2008 in Elk Grove Ca, I am so excited I can hardly wait. I went to the dog park meeting. It was boring humans sure like to talk alot, much about nothing, then when Ipipe up I am told to be quite, no barking,-well if the dogs had the meetings things would get done and it would not be so boring. Well gotta go have lots and lots of things to do.
Hope you had a GREAT EASTER!!!


March 13 2008 Thursday

March 13th 2008 9:26 am
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Hello. World I am the happiest dog in the world. I am princes of the week at the Pawty place. Thank-you so much for choosing me- it is such an honor! I got several new friends-Prices Leia,Chad,Susie Belle Cricket, Luke Sky Walker, Frase. It is so nice to have friends- you can never have to many friends! Thank- you for asking me to be your friend. it is a clowdy day- have to go run before it rains. I got to go toschool last night it was really fun- I love to run and go to school for Ralley Obediance. I got to goover to play with my friend Davis- he such a nice dog to play with- he lives far away so don't get to see him much. I have been going to dog park- but my human says that since gass prices are going up I can only go 3 days a week- that is not fair for the rich oil people like Bush not to lower gass prices- it is punishing the dogs of the U,S.A because we don't get as many bye byes. I hope Obama gets elected and things will change. My momma human has to go and have some tests down on friday. I have my paws crossed that everything turns out right! i am really worried about that issue. Well gotta run Wags to you Abbey


March 10 2008- Monday - The past week was another wonderful exciting week

March 10th 2008 7:59 am
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Hello. friends. I am a little tired from my past wonderful exciting week and the time change. Yesterday I went to the Easter party at my school.Thank Goodness it did not rain! Thank you Party angles for keeping the rain away for another day! It was really fun and exciting. I played in a real dirty pond, all the dog kids did. one of my human sisters was really up set that I did that(she does not understand being a dog!) We played games and I won a couple of games. We got to go on a walk in a very big pasture without our leashes!!! and I was the leader of the pack. We got to play and wrestle with each other. It was a really fun day. I have been running with my human sister , I just LOVE to run it is so much fun!!! I have a couple of races coming up in April that I am very excited about! I have been very busy doing errands with my family. I love going on bye byes. I have been busy going to dog park- it is so much fun there! I have been busy watching the polical sceene. I am very happy that Obama won Wyoming. I don't like Hillary- I don't think she likes dogs!. Obama likes dogs he said he was going to get his kids a dog whether he wins or looses. There weather here is Spring like which I love, but I do not like the time change, I don't like springing forward my time. Well it is almost 8.00 am I gotta run to the dog Park to play- I am late- Wags to you Abbey. hope you had a wonderful week like I did friends



March 6th 2008 9:34 am
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HI Friend. It Abbey here. Well another fun filled exciting week. I went running 3 times so far this week. I get to go today and friday, oh how fun!. I went to school yesterday it was really fun, I love meeting all the new kids there. I got to meet the number 5 ranked nationally Rally Obidence dog he was anice a rottie though. I been busy going to dog park and playing with all my friends. It is spring time weather here and I LOVE IT!!! I have an Easter Party at school this sunday- and darn it it is suppose to rain. I have been busy doing errands with my family I just love going on bye byes. I am a little upset that barak Obama did not win Texas or Ohio- atleast he got more delagates than Hillary. I got several new freinds on dogster last week I am quite happy about that. My human sister bought me a hamberger from Carl's jr yesterday-boy was that delious!!! almost as good as hotdogs that I love. Boy I hope and pray it does not rain on my Easter party. I have alot of running races planned for April and May with my sister and I am really excited about those because I just love to run I was born to run! Wags to you Abbey.



February 29th 2008 7:46 pm
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Hello friend. It has been another wonderful week! the weather was just beautiful, no rain! I was able to go to school on wednesday night. I just love school, it is so fun and I have so many friends and such a good time there. Today I went to the dog park and my lttle friend Ernie was there we really had a fantastic time together. it was his first time at the park so I showed him the rope. H e is a nice little dog he is from the spca too. He was really fun to play with, I hope he comes a lot. I was able to run 5 times with my human sister this week we had so much fun running together. we really get to see the neighborhood and have a nice visit. I was made to run!!!! I know all her secrets. I went to the pet store today to get my dog food and snacks, I love fridays because that is the day we go grocery shopping for pet food.Well I hope you had a happy leap year day, and had a wonderful day and week like I did. Wags to you hope to talk to you soon, friend. Keep paws crossed that Obama wins Texas and Ohio this Tuesday March 4 2008. Dogs for Obama! Wags to you again Abbey

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