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December 1st 2008 8:33 pm
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Well it is real foggy here, and tonight it again foggy. We really could use the rain, and I am not even a rain lover. I can just tell that everything is dry. I do not like it when the grass is so dry as there are a lot of stickers and foxtails which are no fun to have stuck in you feet.
Today I started a dog diet which is hard, but my humans think it is best to lose weight as I am a bit puggy, and I have a bad back. It is good to not weight so much when you have a bad back. I went on a long walk this morning and I also went running which is always fun for me.
I have been practicing my Rally Obedience drills. I am not to fond of doing drill work. I am more of a dog who wants to get out and do a course. Drills are very boring.
My fur sister Nikita is still acting shy, but she does not me at all. She runs from me a lot. I do not know why as I am a good dog who loves cats. Unfortunately, most cats do not like me which is sad. She may learn to love me, but I do not think she will. Going to go watch some T.V.


November 29

November 29th 2008 7:43 pm
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Well it is Saturday here and there is nothing much going on. The big christmas parade has been postponed until later in December. Tough economic times prevented the parade from happening then our new mayor of Sacramento used some of his extra campaign money so we could have the parade. That was nice of him as many people and dogs go to the parade.
I went to the dog park, and saw some of my dog friends, went for two walks, did errans and practiced my drills for rally obedience. Not a very exciting day. I hope tomorrow is more interesting. I heard that I may get to go run so that will be fun.
I am worried that my neighbor dog Dakota may have been given away to another family. She always comes over to play, but today she did not. I did not see her in her back yard, and I am a little worried. I hope she just went on a car ride with her family, or she is staying inside today. I miss seeing her, she is a real nice girl. Well, I think I will go play with some dog toys


November 28

November 28th 2008 4:21 pm
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I had a great Thanksgiving day. I went on a thankgiving walk to help raise money for a local food bank. There were a lot of people, and the best part of the event was dog were welcome. That made me so happy. There were so many dogs that I had a good time seeing all of the dogs. I did a light run as there were so many people and dogs you could not go to fast.
When we got home I watched the dog show on NBC with my humans. It was interesting, and since I am part Wheaten Terrier I was hoping a wheaten or schnuazer would win, but they did not win
A pointer won, and that was nice. Congradulations to the pointers.
We then had dinner, and I got some of that wonderful turkey, and some potatoes. It was so good. I love turkey and potates. I was very happy. I could have gone to bed for awhile, a considered it a great day. However, after dinner we went for a long walk with all of my family. It was so nice, and peaceful. Went home and then to bed.
What a great day I had.


November 25, 2008

November 25th 2008 4:15 pm
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Well, it is cool, and cloudy today. It may even rain tonight and tomorrow. I have rally obedience class tonight, and hope it is raining before I leave or starts after. I do not want to go in the rain at night.
My new fur sister Nikita is doing well, she is really adjusting to our home. She likes to sit and look out the window and watch what is going on. Lucy and her do not like each very well. I think Lucy like Nikita a little more than Nikita likes her. I am sure they will be close cat friends soon, and I will be left out again. I am trying to become friends with either one of them. I would to be friends with both, but neither wants me to be their friend. It is lonely being the only dog. Someday I may get my own dog friend who lives with me all the time.
Oh well going for a short dog walk


novmber 24th

November 24th 2008 4:30 pm
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Well, this weekend I got a fursister who is a siemese 2 year old cat. She is very pretty, and wild. Unfortunately, right now she does not seem to like me very much. She hiss and scratches me on my nose and face. I do not know why she does not like me, but I am sure she will learn like me soon. She does not really like Lucy either. However, she is coming around, and is a real good cat.
I also went to a run on Saturday it there was a lot of people so I could not run, but I did get to walk so that was nice. Then I went to a new dog store it was nice as I got some dog cookies pretty cool.
Well gotta go for a evening walk


November 21

November 21st 2008 4:37 pm
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I am getting a fur sister. I am so excited, and can hardly wait to meet her. She is a cat, but I just know she will love me. I am very good to cats, and I just know she will love me. Why wouldn't she love me/ I am good to cats, fun, and love all. I just know we will become life long friends. My family is naming her Peppermint or Shasta. She is part Tonkenese. She sounds like she is real fun.
Well, I went to the dog park early this morning and played with my friends. I had a good time. The walker who walk around the outside of park with their dogs were there and gave me some really cool treats.
I have been paying attention to Obama selection of his cabinet. It sounds like he will have a strong team. I hope he can help this economy. My dog treats and food have gone up in price. I have to cut down on the amount of treats I can have. I guess I really should as I need to lose more weight. Well gotta go for a long walk
Looking forward to tomorrow


November 19th

November 19th 2008 4:37 pm
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Well, it is cloudy today, but kind of warm. The trees are finally beginning to shed their leaves here in Northern California. I went to the dog park early this morning and played with my friends It was fun.
Rally Obedience went well, which is good. There was a German Shepard there who was a bit grouchy. He had to leave because he was grumpy. His mom was upset with him.
I am very very happy with everything that President Elect Obama is doing. He is going to make a good president. I can hardly wait until he takes office. I also can not wait until the Obama family picks there dog. It very exciting

Going walk now


November 19th

November 18th 2008 4:27 pm
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It is to hot here in Northern California. It is in the upper 70's. It is just way to hot, I think it must be global warming. We really need more rain. I do not care for rain, but the rain does make everything green, and prevent forest fires. I love the forest so I got to support rain.
Well, tonight I hae to go to Rally Obedience School. It is fun, and a lot of work to listen especially when you do not believe in listening to your humans. I like my teacher as she is really nice. The other students are also nice, but the dogs and humans. However, I really like getting those hot dogs.
I am still thinking about my fur sister Sophie. I miss her, and think about her a lot. However, I think my head is happier now. She use to sit on book, piano, or shelves and throw things down on my head. I know she thought it was funny. I kind of miss that game.
Well, I watched my the president on TV on Sunday. I think he will make an excellent dog owner. He seems to know how to bring a new puppy into a new house. He also seems to know how to raise a dog. I can hardly wait to find out what kind of dog he chooses. Oh yeah I think he will make an excellent president which is also important. Go to go eat dinner
I hope Tink Mom is doing better. She has asthma and is sick so I hope she is feeling well. Tink and family were very nice to us when Sophie died. I thank them very much


November 19th

November 17th 2008 4:20 pm
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I was tagged a week ago by Buddy and Tink, but my fur sister Sophie was very sick, and unfortunately she died so I was not feeling up to doing my tagging
Anyway here are my 7 things about me
1. I love to run
2. I love to walk, hike, and picnic especially eatting human food
3. I did Agility until back problem
4. I now do rally obedience which is hard for a dog who hates to listen.
5. I sleep only in a bed when it is cold, if hortor warm I sleeping on the floor
6. I am very friendly, and love all people, dogs, and cats
7. I love to go bye-bye
I am going to tag
1. Bernie
3. Muddie
4. BJ
6. Shadow


Novermber 16 th 2008

November 16th 2008 9:51 am
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I just read my beautiful fur sister diary, and I just cried and cried. I thought we were friends, and were becoming better friends after Sophie died. However, I guess I was wrong. I am not stupid, in fact I am very smart. I have done agility, and rally obedience and that takes a lot of smarts. I do not believe Lucy does those sports. As for the fact that I am fat. Well, I am a bit puggy, but some of it is muscle. I run and walk and need muscle. I could lose a couple of pounds, but I am working on it. However, Lucy is also very fat, and I do not believe she has even tried to lose weight. I am not too dirty. I get dirty playing, running, and exploring, not sitting in the house like she does. I actually do a lot of stuff during the day. I do not spend most of the day just thinking. How hard can it be to sit and think. I think even when I am not thinking about thinking. Well, I said my peace now I am going to go run, and have some fun. Then I guess I have to have a bath (thank you Lucy). Oh well take care

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