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staying home! what is up with that??? and DDP

February 21st 2013 5:36 pm
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well my human sisters went off some where and not work and left me home. I do nto think that is fair I could have gone. I heard that there were donuts there I smelled them on them. They oculd have brought me home a donut. I was very Lucky I was chosen DDP. I am one lucky little dog. It is quite chilly here. It is windy and that brings the cole, well dinner is right around the coner. They are going out with friends and I get stuck home with the cats. see ya



February 20th 2013 7:22 am
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Boy is it cold! It ot below freezing! One week it is in the 70's and now freezing- climate change I say. Well I get to walk with my friends Epona,Ernie,chloe, MC Dougle and Maxwell. I love going for walks with them and catcingup on all the gossip.well atleast my human sisters got up on time this morning Yesterday they over slept and did not get up until 7am not 5am so we were behind on stuff- then mad because we did not get them- we are NOT alarms were pets.well Nothing goeing on in the neighborhood. see ya later I am off for my walks. Have a great Day!



February 19th 2013 5:54 pm
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well today would have been Momma's Birthday. I miss her so much and the walks that we used to go and talks. It rained very much haile thunder and lightening. Some parts saw Toredo's. I had a long bye bye as I went with my human sister on her 2 interviews so now I know I bring her luck so I am sure that She will get 1 job. It is a cold raining day - which is good because we do need the rain. I am going to ride along when my human sisters go to a team meeting for Cancer relay. well I got to go and see what is going on. see ya later


Presidents Day

February 18th 2013 8:10 am
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Happy Presidents Day! I hope all you dogs enjoy the holiday. I am going to the park for a lunch today. I hope it does not rain. we are expecting rain either late toniht or tuesday and wednesday. we hear if my sisters get their jobs. I hope Litte Bo OBama got to g to Florida with his family for a vacation. I love going on Vacations with my family. I went to the pet store and got Baccon Beggin strips I love those. well I am going to go for a walk with Epona Bernie and CHloe plus their friend Mc dougal, TJ and Macho. well I will see ya later



February 17th 2013 8:30 am
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well the cats had a party last night and they did not invite ME!! They were having a Grand old time and they did not let me in. Now they are being sleepy heads! My back is feeling better and I get to go down the bike trail. I am very excited about that. We are going to get rain on tuesday and wednesday, we do need the rain and snow, I am going to go for a walk with my friend Epona this morning her mom is in Nevada this weekend and poor little Epona did not get to go. well agoing to go and head on out- so I get home in time to go to the pet store- I love going to the pet store. Little Nikitas teeth seem to be getting better- or should I say mouth. I am keeping paws crossed that my human sisters get their jobs then they can spend more time with me on Dogster and the cats on Catster playing games and stuff. see ya later.


Thanks to all the dogs- Dog park

February 16th 2013 9:30 am
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well Thanks to all the dogs who gave me chocolate for Valentines day. I had an excelelnt day! I am going to the dog park toplay with allmy friends. I hope that they had good Valentines day too., along with all the dogs on Dogster. It is a Beautiful day! It is to rain Nextweek and get cold. I hope my human sister gets the job she interviewed for, we really need decent jobs, well they do but hey I bennefit form them too. Little Nikita is getting better from having all her teeth pulled- poor kitty has No teeth but she seems to be able to eat all the cat treats just fine. well Nothing else going on. My back seems to be ok for Now. Iam off to the dog park. Hope all have an excellent weekend see ya


Valentines day

February 14th 2013 8:27 am
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I hope all you dogs are having a great day! I hope you get an extra special gift for it. I got some treats. I helped make Cookies for my humans for Valentines day. Poor Nikita is recovering from having all her teeth pulled on Tuesday 2-12-2013. She seems to recovering fine. It is a nice day going to be in the 70's in Feb! it is climate change I say! I hope the president actually does act on doing something about Climate change like he said he would in his speech. I had a busy day yesterday. I guess I will have a quite day as they have to work and volunteer. My back seems to be doing ok lately. Well I am going to go and help look for jobs before she goes and runs. I wish I could run with her. I love to run! well I see ya dogs later. thanks to the nice gifts. HAVE a GREAT DAY!


different day

February 7th 2013 8:36 pm
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Well, it was cloudy this morning, then midday it started to rain for about a couple of hours than it cleared up and was just cloudy. We really did not get enough rain to make much of a difference, but it did snow in the mountains which is good as they can always use snow

Well, I guess I should go for my potty walk see you all tomorrow.



foggy morning

February 6th 2013 4:45 pm
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Boy was today Foggy! very Foggy. I guess we are suppose to get rain! which is godd we need it. Thank you Willa for the flowers , it was nice of you. Nothing else going on just busy looking for work and putting up with the cats and going on bye byes. see ya


busy day

February 5th 2013 7:10 pm
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well today I go to go to the dog park which is always fun to catch up with all my friends. Then I walked with Epona, Bernie and chleo. It was fun, but poor Bernie was sick so I had to drop him off at the vets for his mom. I hope he is doing ok. Nothing else going on. My back is still acting up. Lucy is getting alot spam on her diary page on Catster-poor kitty. Any one else having that problem?

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