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The weather

April 19th 2009 4:29 pm
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What is up with this weather? It had been a nice cool spring. I was really enjoying the cool weather. I could go run and for walks any time of the day. Then all of the sudden someone turned up the temperature here in my neck of the woods. For the past few days the temperatures have been hot.
Yesterday I went for a walk in Elk Grove for Canine Cancer. The walk started at 9:00 and already it was hot, My little tongue was hanging out. When I got to the finish I drank a lot of water and then found a nice shady place to sit. Unfortunately, my family wanted to look at the vendors, and of course I had to go along. I was able to sit in the shade when they stopped at each vendor booth. I did get a lot of free samples, but it was hot.
Today it is the same thing, but hotter. I went for a run with my mom and we had to cut it short as I got hot. It is just to hot for this time of year. The only good thing is that it is suppose to cool of by the end of the week. I hope that is true, but you can never trust the weather people, as they are not often right.


My stupid diet

March 17th 2009 8:49 pm
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My family has notice I really have been putting on the pounds. Since I have Lumbar Stenosis I should not gain much weight. Well it seems like over night I gained a lot of weight. I went to sleep a little chubby and woke up very chubby. I have to admit I could lose a couple of pound. Well as part of my diet I can no longer eat cat food. Eatting cat food was never ever encouraged, but I did eat it. After Lucy and Nikita would get done eating I would sneak into their room and clean up their bowls. The past few days everytime I go into their room to look for the cat food bowls they are gone. It is not nice to take them away from me. It is not like I get a lot of cat food. It is usually a few bits.
Besides having to stop eatting cat food I have been doing a lot more walking. Today my back was a little sore from all the walking I have been doing. I took a rimdyl and it feels better. I do like to walk, but sometimes I would prefer to just go to the park and sit. Mom will not let that happen. She likes me to go for walks. Oh well I am sure I will lose the weight soon


Wonderful day in the park.

March 14th 2009 4:37 pm
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Today I went to the dog park to play and walk with my dog friends. I had to take Gator as his mom is in La doing rescue training, and his little brother was attacked by a Grey Hound and his dad is home taking care of him. He got his jaw broken and other wounds, but he is doing much better.

Gator and I arrived at the park to see there were a lot of cars. We were both very excited as we thought there were a lot of dogs at the park to play and visit with. However, we were wrong. The cars were at the park as it was opening day for little league. There were a lot of kids in uniforms. However, we soon saw our walking group, and we went for walk around the park several times. We usually go four times, but there were too many little leagures that we just went 2 times and then we went into the dog park to play. Both Gator and I had a good time. He was able to wrestle with his friend Rubio, and I wrestled with a new dog Arrow, and ran with my dog friends. Gator played ball with mom, and I chased a squirrel with Kiya and Max. I guess I would say we had a pretty good morning. It sure is fun at the dog park.

Oh tomorrow is Nikita's second birthday. It is here first birthday here with us, and she is very excited. We are having chicken cooked outside. Both Nikita and I like human chicken. Lucy is not into eating human food so I guess there will be more for Nikita and I. We are also making her a cake, and I love cake. I guess you could say tomorrow will be a good eatting day.


Spring is getting close

March 13th 2009 4:19 pm
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I have been doing a lot of walk recently, and I have noticed that spring is in the air. I go early in the morning for my morning walk, and the air always feels like spring. On both my morning and evening walk I noticed all the plants are so green, and everything smells so fresh a good. In fact I have been know to spend several minutes just smelling other peoples grass. I have also noticed more more birds are back. The other day I saw a robin. Everyone knows robins are the first birds to arrive before spring. I am looking forward to spring, but I hope the weather does not get to hot as I hate hot weather. However the spring does allow me to get more walks, hikes, and the nights are light for a longer period of times so I can play outside longer. Oh I amost forgot spring brings barbeques and picnics all things I like. I guess I am pretty excited for spring
Only 1 week until spring.


My diet

March 10th 2009 4:56 pm
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Well it is official the diet started Monday. I think I am doing pretty good. I can no longer sample Lucy and Nikitas food as mom picks it up in the morning and nights. It makes me a little sad as I love their food it taste so good. I recommend all dogs who live with cats to try their cats food. You will find out it taste so much better than our food. Of course that is true with human food too. Anyway I have also cut back on eatting human food except last night I got one piece of chicken. It was so good I could have had more. I am also walking a lot more. In the mornings I go for a long hour walk, and if we walk with our walking group I walk even more. At night I also go for a walk.
I have to play fetch a lot. Mom says it is good to run after toys. I love walks and chasing my toys so that is not to bad. I think I might have lost a good 5 pounds in just 3 days as my dog suit feels loose.


What a weekend

March 8th 2009 4:16 pm
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I had a great weekend. I got to go for a long walk and a wonderful hike. The hike was the best. The weather was not to hot, but hot enough. The temperatures were in the middle 60's so all long hair animals know what I mean when I think the 60's are warm. Anyway the hiking was good. I got to see squirrels, wild turkey, and a ton of other dogs who were out walking with their families. There were also a lot birds flying around and chirping. There were a lot of really nice smells, and it was nice to just smell the fresh air. The trees were in bloom and flowers were getting ready to spring up for spring. The park was real green, and I did sample some of the grass. It was good tasting grass, but my family would not let me sample very much of the grass. There were also a lot of children on the trail, and many thought I was cute. However, one person did insult me by laughing at me as I am fat. It was rude, I do not laugh at fat people. For a short period of time I sat and watched a squirrel run around and up a tree. I would have like to have chased him, but I was on a leash and my human would not let me off my leash to chase him. I know I would have got the squirrel if I was allowed to chase it. I do not know what I would have done once I got the squirrel. I usually see a couple of deer at this hiking area, but not today. I guess the deer were resting.
My long walk was nice too. It was not in a nature area, but in the neighborhood area. It was nice to see all the people and dogs out for their walks. A lot of people were working in their yards getting ready for spring. Well, going to get ready for an evening walk.


My first run in a long time

March 4th 2009 5:45 pm
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Wow, today I got to go running. It had been a long time since I went running. I have going for long walks with my humans. I usually go for 2 hour long walks, and it is fun. I enjoy snooping and meeting other dogs when I can. However, I really love to run. I was made to run. My paws feel so good when I run and run. My human sister took me for a hour long run and we had a good time. I guess the reason we had not run together is that it always starts to rain when we are planning on leaving for a long run. I get to go run again on Saturday so I hope we do not have rain.


The return of the puddle jumping master

March 2nd 2009 5:18 pm
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Wow today I was lucky enough to get to go to the dog park. We went early and it was not raining. However it was cloudy. Many dogs were at the park doing the same as me getting excerise before work. The dog park was full of mud puddles as it just poured yesterday and last night. It was so much fun to jump in the puddles and splash around. I think I must of jumped in all the puddles in the dog park. It was a lot of fun. However, after playing in the puddles I had to get rinsed off. I hate that, but I guess it is the price you pay for having a lot of fun. I sure hope the puddles stay around for awhile.


a little sad

March 1st 2009 3:15 pm
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I am usually a happy dog. My tail is always wagging, and if any one calls me or pets me my tail goes crazy. However, today I am a little sad. You see it is raining and raining. I can not go outside to play, or go for a walk. I was going to go for a walk down the bike trail, but my family said it looked like rain so we did not go. Then I was going to get to go to the dog park and play with my dog friends. Then I hear my family is going to a movie and dinner. I have to stay home with the cats. The cats can be mean to me so I will have stay out of their way or they will attack me. However, when we went to the car the clouds opened up and rained. The only good things that happened today was. I got a hour long walk in the morning before the rain, and I got to go on a bye bye for a long time.
I also got to play inside which is fun, but not as fun as when you are outside. I guess I had an average day, and really should not be sad I guess I will try to be happy again.
trying to be happy



February 28th 2009 4:08 pm
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Today is the last day of February and I can feel spring is just around the corner. The trees are beginning to bloom, the grass is beinging to turn back to its regular green and grow, us animals are beginning to lose our winter coats, flower bushes are beginningto grow, the nights are staying lighter, and mornings are not dark for long. This morning when I went for my morning walk it just seemed like spring as I heard birds chirping and the air smelled like it was spring. I think I may have a bad case of spring fever.
Later in the morning it was cloudy, but I went to the dog park to play. I was able to play with a couple of my friends, and we all agree spring is coming and we are so excited. We are tired of fog and rain. I just hope it does not get to hot this spring.

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